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Masooda Movie Review

Rahul Yadav Nakka is the producer of "Masooda." His two previous projects, "Agent Sai Athreya" and "Malli Raava,"received praise. Despite lacking well-known performers, his most recent movie drew attention among audiences. Let's do a comprehensive analysis of "Masooda".

Members Behind the Movie

Director - Sai Kiran Star Cast - Thiruveer, Sangitha, Kavya Kalyanram, Akhila Ram, Subhalekha Sudhakar and more.

Movie Story

Neelam (Sangitha) works as a teacher in Hyderabad and is a sole parent. She asks her neighbour Gopi (Tiruveer) for help when her daughter Naziya begins acting abnormally. They seek medical advice before speaking to a baba because they think she is possessed by a ghost.

Masooda Movie Review

Baba (Satyam Rajesh), who is now aware that Naziya is definitely possessed, directs them to Rizwan (Subhalekha Sudhakar). Rizwan learns that a ghost named Masooda is haunting the girl. Finding Masooda's tale and resolving the mystery are the main plot points of the remaining scenes of the play.

Movie Review

A straightforward horror thriller is "Masooda." Like many other ghost stories and horror thrillers, the narrative is simple and well-known. The plot focuses on a woman who asks for the support of a neighbour to save her possessed daughter. The identical formula has been used in several horror stories. The unique qualities of "Masooda" are the Muslim culture and ghosts. The ghost, the Ghostbreakers, and the possessed girl are all Muslims.

However, by including actual horror aspects, new director Sai Kiran has achieved the mood required for the horror movie. The narrative begins with a long-ago incident, jumps to the present, and then circles back to the beginning.

Our attention was caught by the opening sequences, which were filmed on a wet night in an agricultural area. They immediately involve us in the plot. The hero's love story at work and Sangitha's dilemma with her daughter rotate throughout the first half of the movie. The first half of the movie hardly touches on the primary plot point despite its dragging flow. It takes place exactly one hour after the interval boom.

The second part of the movie deals with the tale and ghost hunting. However, the last part is awkwardly stretched out. The length of this section is one hour and forty minutes. It's interesting to see the hero visit a village and discover the ghost's history. But the remaining hour of the movie, in particular, drags on and becomes tiresome. There is also a pointless scene that serves just to introduce the sequel.

The movie succeeds because of its paranormal thriller components, as was already said. There are some very frightening instances. Horror thrillers are masterfully able to create a sense of negativity and depression. We remain engaged in the proceedings thanks to the background music. There are numerous cheap techniques and loud noises, but some of them do work.

Star Performances

As a mother who puts forth tremendous efforts to save her daughter, Sangitha plays the part. She fully commits.

Masooda Movie Review

The lead character is Thiruveer. For the part of a helpful software developer, the youthful actor is a terrific match. Although his character is weak, it is clear how he goes from being afraid to face a terrifying ghost.

The Naziya actress is in good shape. Satyam Rajesh and Subhalekha Sudhakar are excellent finalists for the parts.

High Points

  1. Background music for sound design,
  2. A few spooky moments.

Low Points

  1. Standard horror tale,
  2. Long-running time
  3. The last few seconds drag on.

Music and Technical Accomplishments

The finest aspect of the movie is its technological fulfilment. The movie contains a lot of quiet moments. Nevertheless, the background music and sound design keep us engaged throughout the film. The mood that these two departments have produced is a bit disturbing. The sound designer and music director, Prashanth Vihari, did a fantastic job.

The filmmaking is also excellent. The wooded scenes include exceptionally strong camerawork. However, two technical staff members?an editor and a dialogue writer?have affected the movie. The movie drags along at a slow pace and is way too lengthy.


Generally, "Masooda" is a standard horror thriller that makes an effort to adhere to the form and has its share of horrible moments, but it also comes off as a fruitless effort.

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