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11) Erratic behavior is the behavior that is not appropriate, i.e. when an individual acts in a manner that is not regular, consistent or organized. Which of the following situations is the best example of Erratic Behavior?

  1. Rocky can't contain his anger whenever the subject of local politics is discussed.
  2. The supervisor tells Mike that he is being laid off. Before leaving the supervisor's office, he punches a hole in the window.
  3. John has visited the dealer several times, but he still could not decide which car to buy.
  4. In the past few months, Tony, who was a model employee for three years, is behaving differentially, i.e., he forgets important meetings, frequently calls in sick, and is verbally abusive to colleagues.

Answer: D


This option clearly shows that the behaviour of Tony is irregular, inconsistent or unorganized.

12) An infiltration is an act of entering or gaining access to a place secretly, especially the military penetration of enemy positions without detection. Which of the following situations is the best example of an infiltration?

  1. A sample 25-minute circuit workout for military training is performed by completing 15 repetitions of 13 different exercises.
  2. Army developed tactics to break the trench-warfare stalemate on the eastern front.
  3. For some years now, a part of the intellectual and political world has been seduced by the unbelievable idea of a clash of civilizations.
  4. The Department of Census and Statistics starts nationwide exercise to assess the loss of human lives due to the civil war.

Answer: B


The option B clearly shows that military developed tactics to gain access to a place to break the trench-warfare stalemate.

13) Quid pro quo means "a favor for a favor." Which of the following situations is the best example of a Quid pro quo?

  1. Israel used to be India's third-largest supplier, but today it is the fifth-largest.
  2. A relationship that understands the value of healthy give and take balance and thus is likely to be successful because both partners respect, value and understand each other.
  3. It refers to a direct financial flow from a parent company to an overseas firm that it controls.
  4. India needs fighter planes, but France is not ready to sell fighter planes to India.

Answer: B


The option A clearly shows that a healthy give and take or a favor for a favor strengthens a relationship.

14) The diagnostic term "mental retardation" is finally being removed in the international classification of diseases and disorders. Which of the following situations is the best example of a Mental Retardation?

  1. Children may learn to sit up, stand, walk like other children.
  2. Tom's medical report shows both components: metal functioning and functional skills.
  3. Sandy was diagnosed before age 18 with a mental condition in which a child has a below-average intellectual function, and lacks skills necessary for day to day activities.
  4. Peter has visited the electronics store several times, but he still could not decide which phone to buy.

Answer: C


The option C is the example of mental retardation as it shows Sandy lacks the required mental functions and skills for his age.

15) A Cat may look at a king means an inferior is not completely restricted from doing anything in the presence of a superior. Which of the following situations is the best example of this situation?

  1. Peter said," You shouldn't stare at me like that as I am your boss." John said, "There is no such rule."
  2. Sometimes you can't achieve a goal by being polite, careful and hardworking.
  3. Kings do not use to call cats because of their looks and undistinguished boldness.
  4. A few months after the wedding, a fertile rite was performed, where a cat was secured in a cradle.

Answer: A


Option A is the best example of the given situation.

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