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Materialize CSS Icons

Materialize CSS contains 932 material design icons from Google. These icons can be downloaded directly from the Material Design specs.

There are three types of icon libraries supported by Materialize CSS:

  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Google Material Icons
  • Bootstrap Icons

How to use Materialize CSS Icons

You have to put the name of the icon in the class of an HTML <i> element to use the icon.

You can use the following classes to control the size of an icon.

Index Class name Description
1) tiny It is used to draw an icon of very small size. 1rem.
2) small It is used to draw an icon of small size. 2rem.
3) medium It is used to draw an icon of medium size. 4rem.
4) large It is used to draw an icon of large size. 6rem.


Let's take an example to demonstrate the icons used in Materialize CSS:

Test it Now


Materialize Icons 1

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