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MathML Algebra Symbols

Following is a list of MathML Algebra symbols. It includes the regular mathematical signs like "+", "-" etc.

Symbol Entity Hex Description
- − − It is used to specify subtraction
× × × It is used to specify multiplication
÷ ÷ ÷ It is used to specify division
≠ ≠ Not equal
≈ ≈ Approximately equal
< &lt; &#x003c; It specifies less than
&le; &#x2264; It specifies less than or equal
> &gt; &#x003e; It specifies greater than
&ge; &#x2265; It specifies greater than or equal
± &plusmn; &#x00b1; It specifies plus or minus
&prop; &#x221d; It specifies proportional
&sum; &#x2211; It specifies summation
&prod; &#x220f; It specifies product
&lfloor; &#x230a; It specifies left floor
&rfloor; &#x230b; It specifies right floor
&lceil; &#x2308; It specifies left ceiling
&rceil; &#x2309; It specifies right ceiling

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