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MathML Overscript

MathML overscript is created with <mover> element. It attaches an accent or a limit over an expression.



To write the following expression:

Mathml overscript 1

Equivalent MathML code:

Attributes of Overscript Element

index Attribute Description
1) accent If it is set true the over-script is an accent, which is drawn closer to the base expression. If false (default value) the over-script is a limit over the base expression.
2) align It is used to specify the alignment of the over-script. Its possible values are: left, center, and right.
3) class, id, style These are used with stylesheets.
4) href It is used to set a hyperlink to a specified URI.
5) mathbackground It is used to specify background color. You can use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.
6) mathcolor It is used to set text color. You can use #rgb, #rrggbb and html color names.

Supporting Browsers:

Elementchrome browser Chromeie browser IEfirefox browser Firefox (Gecko)opera browser Operasafari browser Safari
<mover>Not SupportedNot SupportedSupportedNot SupportedOnly Basic Support

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