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MATLAB if...end statement

  • The if is a conditional statement that provides the functionality to choose a block of code to execute at run time.
  • A predefined condition is checked, and the remaining code executes based on the output of the condition.
  • The if statement is defined by the if
  • The control flows within the if block if the condition is found true.
  • Always close the if block with the end
  • The elseif and else are optional, use them if there are more conditions to be checked.
  • The elseif and else are an optional parts of the if statement and don't require additional end
  • Remember not to use space in between else & if of the elseif keyword, because this leads to nested if statement and each if block needs to be close with the end
  • There is no limit to use multiple elseif
  • We can nest the if statement by using it within another if


Flow Diagram of If...end Statement

MATLAB if...end statement



a = 122
   227   183
   134   177
    28   196
   207    72
    85   174
    74   140
   187   100
     3    16
    13   196
   167    85
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