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MATLAB switch

The switch is another type of conditional statement and executes one of the group of several statements.

  • If we want to test the equality against a pre-defined set of rules, then the switch statement can be an alternative of the if statement.


Flowchart of Switch statement

MATLAB switch

Following are the points while using switch in MATLAB:

Similar to if block, the switch block tests each case until one of the case_expression is true. It is evaluated as:

  • case & switch must be equal for numbers as- case_expression == switch_expression.
  • For character vectors, the result returned by the strcmp function must be equal to 1 as - strcmp(case_expression, switch_expression) == 1.
  • For object, case_expression == switch_expression.
  • For a cell array, at least one of the elements of the cell array in case_expression must match switch_expression.
  • switch statement doesn't test for inequality, so a case_expression cannot include relational operators such as < or > for comparison against the switch_expression.



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