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What is the full form of MC

MC: Menstrual Cycle

MC stands for Menstrual Cycle. It refers to the regular natural changes that occur in the female reproductive system. The first cycle in females usually starts between twelve and fifteen years of age and continues until age 45. The average length of this cycle is 28 days which are divided into four different phases;

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1) Menstrual phase: In this phase, the broken-down lining of the uterus comes out of the vagina in the form of blood. This bleeding usually lasts for 3-4 days.

2) Follicular phase: It is the first phase of menstrual cycle. It begins after the menstrual phase when bleeding stops. In this phase, the follicle prepares to release the egg, usually only one follicle develops into an egg.

3) Ovulatory phase: This phase starts around 14th day of the cycle. In this phase, the egg is released from the ovary and guided into the fallopian tube. If sperm is not present in the fallopian tube the fertilization does not occur and the egg disintegrates within 24 hours.

4) Luteal phase: In this phase, the remnants of the follicle which is called corpus luteum break down if the fertilization did not occur in the previous phase. It leads to the disintegration of inner lining of uterus that causes bleeding or the onset of menstrual phase.

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