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There are many different commands that return counters and settings of Memcached server. These can be inspected through a large array of tools or simply by telnet or netcat.

These commands are:

Memcached - Stats

Memcached stats (Statistics) is a command that is used to return server statistics such as PID, version, connections, etc.


Example in Ubuntu

Memcached - Stats

Example in Windows

Memcached Server:

Memcached - Stats

Memcached Client

Memcached - Stats

Stats using Java Application

To get the stats from the Memcached server, we have to use the Memcached stats() method.



Connection to server successful
Stats:[/[delete_hits:0, bytes:71, total_items:4,
rusage_system:0.220013, touch_misses:0, cmd_touch:0, listen_disabled_num:0,
auth_errors:0, evictions:0, version:1.4.14, pointer_size:64, time:1417279366,
incr_hits:1, threads:4, expired_unfetched:0, limit_maxbytes:67108864,
hash_is_expanding:0, bytes_read:170, curr_connections:8, get_misses:1,
reclaimed:0, bytes_written:225, hash_power_level:16, connection_structures:9,
cas_hits:0, delete_misses:0, total_connections:11, rusage_user:0.356022,
cmd_flush:0, libevent:2.0.19-stable, uptime:12015, reserved_fds:20,
touch_hits:0, cas_badval:0, pid:1138, get_hits:2, curr_items:1, cas_misses:0,
accepting_conns:1, evicted_unfetched:0, cmd_get:3, cmd_set:2, auth_cmds:0,
incr_misses:1, hash_bytes:524288, decr_misses:1, decr_hits:1, conn_yields:0]]

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