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Memcached Stats Sizes

Memcached stats sizes command is used to get the information about the sizes and number of items of each size within the cache. It is a special command that shows you how items would be distributed if slabs were broken into 32 byte buckets instead of your current number of slabs. Stats sizes command is very useful for determining how efficient your slab sizing is.

Hence, Stats sizes command returns the information in two columns. The first column is the size of the item which is rounded up to the 32 byte boundary and the second column is the count of the number of items of that size within the cache.



The item size statistics are useful only for determining the sizes of the objects we have stored. Since the actual memory allocation is relevant only in terms of the chunk size and page size, the information is only useful during a careful debugging or diagnostics session.

This command is a development command. It is still the only command which will lock our Memcached instance for some time. If we have millions of stored items, it can become unresponsive for several minutes.

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