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MG Comet EV First Drive Review

Electric cars and scooters are the latest talk in the town and MG Motor India is gearing up with its comet ETV 2 amid the rise in the popularity of battery powered automobiles.

MG Comet EV can either win or lose your interest in just a few seconds depending on the factors you consider while purchasing a car.

MG Comet EV First Drive Review

In this review article, we will explore each and every aspect related to Comet EV car made by MG Motors. There are various questions that arise in our mind when we are looking for the perfect. In this review article, we answer each and every question that is related to the MG Comet EV car:

What is MG Comet EV car?

MG Comet EV car is based on the wheeling air; it is a surprising fact that it has already crossed 1,000,000 in sales. It is a 2-door car which has 4 seats which turned heads wherever the drivers who tested the car took them on a drive.

MG is fitted with a 17.3 kWh battery, and it takes almost 5 hours for an 80% charge with a 3.3 KV charger, and it can go up to 100% for 7 hours. The battery is created as IP 67 and has gone through 16 safety tests, as stated by the company.

The car's power output is around 41 BHP and has a good peak torque, with a range of 230 kilometers claimed by the company. This car comes with 55 connectivity features, clean and premium looking design switches, common norms, and has a stylish layout.

The company claims the car has an urban commute for the millennial age group, and it is offered in 4 colour options with 250 plus combinations of stickers and body graphics. With the help of this feature, customers can customize and personalize their cars and justice like they do with their fun gadgets.

How Spacious is the MG Comet EV car?

The shape and size of the car bring a considerable debate into the field of automobiles. This car is a special car with 2974 mm length. For the reference, we are stating over here the length of Alto car which is 3445 m and the smallest car, which is Nano, has a length of 3164m; Comet is the smallest among all these cars. It has to be specified that Comet is even smaller than the latest models of Reva as well.

The most fascinating factor about Comet is that these dimensions are not very relevant once the driver enters the car. We are stating this as the seating of the car is very much comfortable. The space in the second row is awe-inspiring for short distances and urban usage, and the company already states that this car is meant for urban commutes only.

For 2 average size adults, the leg room and the knee room, and also the head room has enough space to enjoy a comfortable ride, there might be some issues that might be faced by tall passengers as the seats are bit low so you sit with knees higher than the usual and less thigh support, but it is not a deal breaker.

It has been stated by many reviews that the driver's seat, could have a height that could be adjusted as the highest setting setup, it's a bit of headroom.

MG Comet EV First Drive Review

Can You Enjoy A Comfortable Ride In Comet EV?

When you settle in your car and stop focusing on the SUV or the SUV mentality, driving around you on Delhi roads, you could start the comfortable ride offered by Comet EV drive. Small-size entertainers, torque, and agile drive are the virtues you appreciate in a place like Delhi NCR.

Especially if you are on the best urban roads in India, this is the best car to make you navigate small narrow roads easily; enjoy playing, clean, and straight road. The breaking of the car is amazing, and it is recommended to purchase this car if you drive on a rushi road.

On the other side, bad uneven roads bring struggles for Comet EVs, transferring most of the undulation to the driver.

Is MG Comet EV Car Electric the Tripping Point In The Indian Car Market?

The Indian car customer generally goes for small cars that are affordable and provide comfort. Now, this is a tricky expectation for a car like the MG Comet EV car to meet.

MG Comet EV car is a 2-door car and has 4 comfortable seats. It has a long list of connectivity, comfort, and has amazing safety features and is one of the most pure urban commute car that is affordable according to the Indian market.

This mesmerizing car is based on a Chinese Wulin air, and has more than 1,000,000 sales throughout the globe. It is an EV, meaning the pricing will be governed primarily by the battery package.

Looking at all these fantastic features, ?7.98,00,000 could sound quite affordable, and under this pricing, it is very much impossible to find such an impactful, feature full car in India. At this pricing, it could sound like aggressive pricing, as the MG bosses indicate.

According to many writers who write reviews on electronic vehicles, it is expected to be a bit more aggressive as Tata Tiago EV isn't too far with a starting price of 8.6 9 lakh and ranges up to 11.99 LAKH.

Now the question arises what will happen now? Will the Comet be able to compete with Tiago EV? The answer to this question is yes, the MG Comet EV car has the ability to deal with Tiago EV in its own way.

Will Tiago score better as compared to MG? Most of the aspects and critics' views say yes. MG Comet EV car has a very new and fresh vibes, it has a well-structured interior, very cleverly packaged with practical, usable space inside and a compact shape outside.

The car has the ability to attract city dwellers with its slightly higher than expected price, who knows that most of the time that we are driving alone, short and medium distances and constantly struggle with graphic issues in Delhi NCR especially will indeed capture the eye of the people who are stuck in the jam where MG comet is safely driving the whole path.

What All Colors Are Offered in MG Comet EV Car And What Is The Structure Of The Car?

Mg comment have a cube shaped body. It has a bond electric skateboard platform which eventually leads to the allowance 2 ditch, a conventional 2-box hatchback shape for a mono-volume one. You can easily imagine the structure of the car by simply chopping off the Indian bay and boot to make a car as compact as possible, and this is the virtual reality given by the MG company in the form of MG Comet EV car.

Due to its cube-like structure, it is a smallest car in India that is just of 2.9 metre long, 1.5 metre wide, and 1.6 metre tall, and with tiny 12-inch wheels that are placed at the corners reaching outside of the vehicle.

It has a wheelbase of 2010m, giving it a small compact full size that could be efficiently run on Delhi NCR traffic full roads as compared to other born EV cars; this is a slap-faced hatch that clearly is not concerned with aerodynamics and is a flow full car.

The proportion will remind you of Tata nano which is also a compact car, which makes sense, as 82 levels it's rare in engine layout to keep dimensions small in the password of being a better urban run-out car.

MG Comet EV First Drive Review

The design of Comet is quite premium, and all the credit goes to the generous use of Chrome and the contrasting colors that are used with lots of LED lights like land lamps, tail lamps, wing mirror indicators, and distinctive light bars at the front and rare. In fact, the lighting looks especially premium, and all the credit goes to is high-quality elements with each projector unit.

Even the MG logo that is placed on the car lights up. The other feature that acts as a design to the car is that it has only 2 doors with another bold departure from convention, and unopenable porthole windows from the back seat that adds to its own design and makes the clarified fish and grab the eye of the audience who is travelling on road.

This car has amazing features like a charging pot that is at the nose of the car, there is no front boot, and MG now is providing you vicious Internet inside bench which is the first EV car Internet that is quite affordable. It has to be noted that this is the first MG in India that is not of an SUV department.

This car comes in only one color, which is apple green.

MG Comet EV Car Battery, Range, Charging, and Motor

The MG Comet EV car uses a mordacity size of 17.3 KWH Prismatic lithium-ion battery that is sourced from Tata auto, which eventually gives it a high range of 230 kilometers on the mid-cycle during a short ride.

Many reviews found out at their city centric drive, that it held onto its charge bell and Extrapolated worked out to arrange of close to almost 200 kilometers.

They reserved their final judgment until they can do a Full Auto car India range test as far as the charging of this empty compact size car is concerned, it claimed to get from 10 to 80% in just 5 hours and it goes to almost 100% in 7 hours which entirely is convenient for people who travel for long hours. As a matter of fact all EV batteries lower their charge rate for the last 20%.

Mg Comet Ride and Handling

For the drivers who are tall, it must be noted that Comet is not a conventional proportion car due to which you might face some discomfort and you may not enjoy the drive.

The car is very narrow, the front ends are pretty much where your feet are, your view backward is hindered by the close the web C and the thick C pillar that is placed, and the vertical does make you think you have no room left for either of the sides, but this is not actually true you have plenty of space at the sites.

While driving on the road, this car is much larger than the auto rickshaw that are seen on the road, taking up half a regulation size lane and you have to remind yourself to drive accordingly.

The Steering of the vehicle is excellent and light in weight, which eventually allows the driver to have easy movability around the town, and the ride becomes quite comfortable and enjoyable.

The vehicle has a turning circle of as small as 8.4 meters, which is quite down to its tiny size than the amount of wheel turns. This steering is quite overly sharp and quick as well but according to the reviewers it is quite a good thing because shorter length, top heavy height and tiny wheels means it does not take politely to hasty changes in direction.

In fact, as the driver go faster MG Comet EV car starts to feel jerky/ wobbly, and steering inputs should be kept to a minimum only to enjoy a safe ride.

Now let us look at how the car will react when it comes to speed Breakers. The vehicle has small wheels and tires do not have the compliance you would find from a bigger car or one with longer travel suspension. The ride in this car is quite convenient and firm, and you will definitely feel every road imperfection as the vehicle tires rolls over there.

The same goes in the case of potholes and even speed Breakers really thought through. Again, it has to be stated that by simply slowing down here vehicle will eventually help you prevent from drastic jumps, and the Comets suspension also does its best work at low speeds only, it is not comfortable at higher speeds.

Even though the vehicle doesn't have composition Engine, but still the refinement is very good, but it also has to be noted that the small tires actually help here in minimizing the "Road Noise". There is almost little wind noise that you might face while driving the car, despite the boxy shape and the large mirror that the vehicle is made up of.

MG Comet EV First Drive Review

Now the most important question that arises is what is the price and verdict of this beautiful car? As it is stated in the start itself that this is not an easy car to wrap your head around, but the company MG logic is sound; The company states that why not do away with what people don't need, and focus harder on what they actually do require to fulfill their day-to-day regular needs.

This car has amazing design, not a Jack of all trades but it has a master of a focused few with a pricing of Rs 7- 8 Lakh only, and for the range, it has strict urban usage that could work with these limitations for most people who actually want to buy a car for their need.

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