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MG ZS EV Long-Term Review


The Chinese automaker SAIC Motor made the subcompact crossover SUV known as the MG ZS under the British MG brand. The MG ZS is the second SUV to be made under the MG name after the MG GS and was introduced at the 2016 Guangzhou Auto Show in China. It is placed above the more compact MG 3 hatchback and below the bigger GS or HS. In international markets, it is now the brand's best-selling model.

MG ZS EV Long-Term Review

The car is notable for bringing back the brand that was originally applied to the MG ZS small family car, which MG Rover produced between 2001 and 2005. MG initially intended to call the car MG XS in the UK to prevent conflict with the earlier MG ZS, but this decision was reversed soon after the vehicle's debut there. In September 2021, it was also released in India with the name "MG Astor."

Detailed Description


The MG ZS EV is an electric SUV that competes with the Hyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV, all of which have become widely recognized choices at the less expensive end of the electric car market. It's comparable to buying a cheap pair of Bluetooth headphones. It could not originate from the most popular companies but claims to do the same function for a lower price.

Despite being a manufacturer of mass-produced vehicles, MG's designs aren't necessarily the most eye-catching. Like the previous ZS EV, the new model now has a revised front end that includes LED headlights and a blanked-out grille. A redesigned rear bumper with modified lights is also included.

Performance and Comfort

Although not the most thrilling electric vehicle to drive, the ZS EV is smooth and comfortable enough for most people.

The driving experience of MG cars hasn't been the most exhilarating since they returned to the market, and it's the same story here. But it's not terrible by any means.

Its focal point is in the city. The suspension absorbs most of the bumps we encounter, and the mild steering makes it easy to maneuver through traffic. On a narrower street, it could feel a little wide, but generally, it feels good.

Battery recovery settings are available for the ZS, allowing users to control how much the vehicle slows down automatically to recharge. We can only use the accelerator while driving around town in the highest setting.

Along the highway

The ZS does begin to feel a little rough when we are on the highway. At greater speeds, the roof rails installed on Trophy versions begin to whistle. Even with music playing, there is a lot of tire noise that can be heard within the cabin.

Having said that, the ZS still manages to provide adequate comfort on extended journeys. All variants have 17-inch wheels that have been dynamically enhanced, which serve to make the car reasonably comfortable on prolonged trips.

On a Curving Road

When we face a turn in Sport mode, the ZS EV feels quite stable and isn't overly top-heavy. The suspension gets a little sharper, and the battery does get depleted very rapidly.

The location of the drive mode choices is one thing that can be irritating. The drive modes, battery recovery, and status toggles are located on either side of the gear selector wheel, which is in the center of the console. For UK vehicles, users must reach to pick between Eco, Normal, and Sport settings since the drive mode selector is on the incorrect side of the vehicle.

The battery size for the ZS EV has increased to 50.3 kWh from 44.5 kWh, an increase of 5.8 kWh. Along with it, there is a boost in power, going from 141 to 174 horsepower. MG currently touts a 461 km range, although this is under test conditions. In the actual world, the range in the Normal drive mode should be somewhere between 320 to 330 kilometers.

Comparatively, this is increasing by roughly 30km. Although it's not much, 30 kilometers could get one to the next charging station. Additionally, it significantly reduces range apprehension. The difference between an indicator reading 80 km of range and 110 km of range is significant.

MG ZS EV Long-Term Review

Boot Area

The MG ZS EV's boot is a good size when compared to others. The 480-liter space is 120 liters better than the Hyundai Kona Electric, but it is five liters smaller than the Kia Niro EV. The adjustable boot floor is also useful because the area underneath protects the charging wire.

One thousand one hundred liters are available for storage after folding down the back seats. It's oddly less than other alternatives, but for most people, it's more than enough. Additionally, the seats don't fold all the way flat.

MG ZS EV Interiors

The ZS EV has more digital real estate than before, seems much more technological, and has a dash that is organized logically. The 7-inch digital instrument cluster is tastefully done, but the 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment display on the center console steals the style. Before this update, the icons on the cluster for the mode and regen settings were too small to be seen.

The three buttons that switch modes, adjust KERS, and display battery statistics on the screen are all still present, along with the rotary wheel for selecting the drive and reverse. The ZS EV has soft-touch materials virtually everywhere on the dashboard, which gives it a very luxurious feel. This is something to note.

The ZS EV's dashboard features soft-touch materials almost everywhere, which gives it a very high-end appearance. There is an electrically adjustable driver's seat, a 360-degree camera, a panoramic sunroof, and a wireless phone charger, among its many other features. MG has fully redesigned the infotainment system with this ZS upgrade. Even if we don't utilize Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, the setup runs easily.

MG ZS EV Long-Term Review

The Trophy Connect model that we tested has the most advanced iSmart system with live services, such as traffic and weather information. The iSmart app allows users to pre-heat the car as well as check battery life and maintenance due dates. Additionally, the models come with a Bluetooth connection, a six-speaker stereo system, and a wireless charging pad.

MG ZS EV Exteriors

The new ZS EV has a redesigned aesthetic that is more in line with other electrified vehicles. In particular, the front of the car has many similarities to the Hyundai Kona Electric. However, because the front grille was removed, not everyone will be happy with its appearance.

MG ZS EV Long-Term Review

It has a sharper edge thanks to the 17" alloy wheels that are standard on all trim levels, and a contemporary appearance is provided by the unified boot design and fashionable taillights. The automaker still hasn't offered body-colored wheel arches or side skirts, which is a minor complaint given that rival manufacturers are equally at fault.

Security and Safety

Euro NCAP hasn't put the upgraded ZS EV through the motions, but the previous model passed its safety evaluations with five stars, performing best in the occupant metrics. The ZS EV received a decent rating despite its pedestrian and safety assist test results not being as strong as they could have been.

It includes adaptive cruise control as standard equipment, as well as lane-keeping assistance, traffic congestion assistance, and intelligent high beams. The Trophy model adds blind spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

Additionally, it includes an immobilizer, emergency braking assist, mounting points for Isofix in the back, and all-around airbags.


There are two variations of the MG ZS EV. The Excite edition, which goes on sale in July 2022 for Rs 21.99 lakh, is the more inexpensive one. Despite not being especially economical as a result, the MG ZS EV is nonetheless a potent package.

The Excite does appear quite alluring in its pricing range, even though the Exclusive is outfitted with all the bells and whistles. Although it lacks several features, the drivetrain package, which includes a huge battery and increased performance, is still present.


Since the MG ZS EV is an all-electric vehicle, it generally handles well, accelerates quickly, and has respectable refinement. The ZS is lighter than many EVs at 1620 kg, which adds to its fun-to-drive factor.

Because the battery is situated on the floor, the vast majority of EVs, although heavier than fuel cars due to the weight of their battery, go through corners with little roll. Although the ride is rather bouncy on various road conditions, the MG ZS EV showed more roll when cornering than other EVs do.

Three levels of regenerative braking and three driving modes-Eco, Normal, and Sport-can be selected using the KERS switch on the central panel.

The infotainment system presented us with some difficulties. Sometimes the car might get stop working, and we have to turn it back on. Additionally, the touchscreen's controls for changing the cabin's temperature don't seem to function very effectively.

We receive 470 liters with an adjustable boot floor as standard. This is 140 liters greater than the Hyundai Kona Electric's offering while being on par with the Kia Niro EV's 475 liters. Although the seats don't quite fold flat, they do provide a 1,100-liter area when folded down. Despite its lack of enhancement and overall quality, the ZS EV is more than capable of being a viable option.


  • One of India's best-kept electric vehicles with good interiors.
  • The environmental-friendly people are attracted by green appearance and zero tailpipe emissions.
  • Excellent mid-range and quick performance. A nice 0-100 km/h time is 8.5 seconds.
  • Users can choose between different regenerative braking and driving modes to get the best performance or efficiency.
  • The range is sufficient for road trips to surrounding places as well as urban commuting.
  • Low ongoing costs and less expensive long-term upkeep (as with all EVs).
  • A top-notch city car. Having a pleasant driving experience and being very chuckable.
  • Warranty terms: 5 years/unlimited miles, 5 labor-free services, and 8 years/150,000 miles on the battery.
  • The international model received a 5-star rating from Euro NCAP. The safety kit consists of six airbags, blind spot detection, ESP, HSA, TPMS, and other features.


  • Expensive! Even with aid, EVs still cost significantly more than ICE vehicles.
  • The MG Astor, which is quite comparable and possibly more useful, costs 8 to 12 lakhs less.
  • Lack of charging facilities and range limits of 350 km Usability across long distances/on highways.
  • The interior has very little area. It's more akin to a hatchback like an i20 than a CSUV.
  • The sunroof is somewhat modest and not comprehensive.


Driving the MG ZS EV is enjoyable. Additionally, it is useful. The fact that it is one of the more economical electric cars-which is maybe the most significant factor-is essential to drivers. The electronics system, however, lags well behind most competitors, but overall, MG ZS EV with adjustable reach would become a helpful advancement.


Q. What makes the MG ZS EV so great?

A. The ZS EV unquestionably delivers a lot of utility, simplicity, respectable performance, and range for a very alluring price. Although competitors sometimes seem a little more polished, it is still appreciable.

Q. Where is the MG ZS EV manufactured?

A. When the Chinese company SAIC purchased MG some 15 years ago, a few models were constructed and developed at MG Rover's old Longbridge plant. However, all MG models, including the ZS EV, are now manufactured in China.

Q. What is the MG ZS EV's range?

A. With a 72kWh battery pack, the ZS EV Long Range is said to have a 273-mile range. According to our research, a more accurate daily estimate is 200 miles during the winter and roughly 240 miles overall.

Q. Is it possible to tow with a ZS EV?

A. Yes, you can tow with this new model. However, keep in mind that the capacity is a weedy 500kg, and the tow ball weight is a maximum of 50kg. This means you'll only be able to use small trailers and lightweight bike racks.

Q. What vehicles compete with the MG ZS EV?

A. The Hyundai Kona Electric, Kia e-Niro, and Kia Soul are the ZS EV's natural rivals in terms of size and SUV styling. The Nissan Leaf is also priced similarly.

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