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MGR Magan Review


When a villager begins to understand that his family has strict restrictions on its members and learns that an individual is attempting to destroy a mountain in the village, his daily life becomes a living hell.

MGR Magan Review

Movie Review

Actor Sasikumar is back with his latest comedy, MGR Magan, following his performance in the poignant drama Udanpirappe. In Tamil cinema, actors often enjoy portraying religious, short-tempered rural characters and modern, fashionable roles. However, Sasikumar is known for his exceptional portrayal of rural characters with intense emotions.

The film features a hardworking father and his carefree child as the main protagonists. Director Ponram and actor Sivakarthikeyan have previously collaborated on three successful projects, and now they are teaming up with Sasikumar for their latest drama. We'll dive into the details in our movie review.

MGR Magan is set in a community near a mountainous area. Anbalippu Ravi (played by Sasikumar) is a cheerful young man who enjoys exploring the town and helping others. His father, MG Ramasamy (also known as MGR and played by Sathyaraj), is a respected naturopathy physician in the community.

Because his kid does not take life seriously, MG Ramasamy feels disappointed in him. But according to what his father thinks, Ravi is somewhat aimless. Undoubtedly, he aspires to make the newspaper's main page. He is determined to make it happen and very persistent about it. Along for the ride is his uncle Agni (Samuthirakani), who says he will wear a vest when his nephew does. The father and son pair eventually have a problematic relationship and stop communicating. Saranya Ponvannan, the mother of Ravi, tries everything in her ability to maintain the family's togetherness.

The lover of Ravi, Anupriya (Mirnalini Ravi), makes ridiculous attempts to reconcile their relationship. However, she constantly runs against difficulties. Meanwhile, a materialistic businessman (Pala. Karuppiah) enters the scene and wants to convert the nearby hill into a quarry. When MG Ramasamy learned that the merchant was collecting essential plants from the hill for his medications, he attacked him. He brings legal action against them. The case is proceeding smoothly initially, but the businessman is suddenly awarded the victory.MG Ramasamy is broken by this.What drives the rest of the movie is whether Ravi will show up to fight his father's war and whether his dream of making a newspaper's front page will come true.

MGR Magan has some excellent moments, but the drama is weak overall. It provides enjoyment in bits. Samuthirakani's portions, for instance, are fully developed yet need to be followed by pointless or boring scenes. MGR Magan suffers the most out of all issues, primarily due to how badly it is written. The story follows a formulaic pattern: the father and son argue, the mother attempts to keep them together, a corporate executive enters, we are given a message, and the end card. Oh, and include some lectures on family issues and historical topics. You're all set. MGR Magan is available to you.

The movies of director Ponram are mostly comedic and lack a meaningful storyline. Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, Rajini Murugan, and Seemaraja, all of which can be found in his filmography, all have this quality. The comedic performance of actor Sivakarthikeyan shines in these lighthearted family plays. And MGR Magan needs to improve in just that. Casting actors with great timing who can make the comedy work for you is crucial when your entire movie is based on comedy. Of course, Sathyaraj and Samuthirakani are two of his frequent artists. But his main character is where the problem resides.

The writing of storyteller Ponram is his first weak point, followed by his choice to use actor Sasikumar, whose terrible comedic timing makes even decent jokes fall flat. MGR Magan might have had an effect if actor Sivakarthikeyan had performed the lead role.

Sasikumar, the actor, should have been able to play the part naturally, given his background in so many films with nearly identical characters. He doesn't, though. He excels in areas much beyond his comfort zone, but he suffers from romance, which is typically his weakest area. He also needs to improve solid comic timing. Sathyaraj, a veteran performer, has little use yet makes an impression.

Actor Samuthirakani takes on a part different from what he typically does and impresses. Mirnalini Ravi, the actress, is just present to fill the gap left by the hero. Saranya Ponvannan, an actress, is outstanding as always. The actor Pala Karuppiah did an excellent job in his role. The rest of the cast has completed their tasks.

The tracks by music director Anthony Daasan need to catch our attention on a technical level. He has a loud and annoying background soundtrack. The frames by the director of photography Vinoth Rathinasamy are sufficient. The finishing touches provided by editor Vivek Harshan may have been improved.

Suppose the movie's script had been better overall. In that case, MGR Magan might have followed the tradition of Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam, but it is not, and even the usual cast of director Ponram could not salvage it.

MGR Magan Review


MGR Magan is for you if you want a funny and dramatic movie.

Star Performance

There is no unique role for any of the stars; they all performed as instructed.

Composition of Music

Anthony Daasan wrote the music and soundtrack. Four songs composed by Yugabharathi, Murugan Manthiram, and Anthony Daasan were included in the soundtrack CD. Sony Music India purchased the audio rights.

Critic's Rating

The rating for MGR Magan Movie is 2 out of 5.


MGR Magan is a Tamil comedy directed by Sasikumar and starring Anbalippu Ravi, a young man with a strong family. The film follows the story of a father and his son, MG Ramasamy, who are determined to make a newspaper's main page. The story follows a formulaic pattern, with the father and son arguing, the mother trying to keep them together, a corporate executive entering, and a message.

The movie suffers from poor writing, poor comedic timing, and a lack of solid comic timing. The film's main character, Ravi, is the main issue, and the movie needs improvement in its script, music, and editing.

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