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What is the full form of MHA?

MHA : Ministry of Home Affairs

MHA stands for Ministry of Home Affairs. It is a ministry of the govt. of India, which is headed by Home Minister of India. The current Home minster of India is Amit Shah as of Dec. 2020. The administrative head of the MHA holds the designation of Home Secretary. The current Home Secretary of MHA as of Dec 2020 is Ajay Kumar Bhalla.

MHA Full Form

It is responsible for internal security, centre-state relations, border management, disaster management, administration of Union Territories, and management of Central Armed Police Forces, and more. It also serves as the cadre controlling authority for the Indian Police Service (IPS).

As per the Indian Constitution, MHA is also responsible for maintaining public and police order in the state and providing financial help to states for upgrading state police forces, weaponry, training, communication gadgets, police infrastructure, and more.

The major functions and responsibilities of the MHA or home minister include:

  • Law and Order: It involves the tasks related to the policing, upgradation of law and order and weaponry and training of IPS officers, etc. It is the sole responsibility of the home ministry to maintain law and order in sensitive states like J&K.
  • Intelligence Bureau: Home Minister supervises and controls the work of Intelligent Bureau. He also evaluates the inputs received from different intelligence agencies like RAW, ATS, etc. NSG, which is a special anti-terror force is also a part of the home ministry.
  • Overseeing Policing: The home ministry is responsible for overseeing the policing of the states and develop policies that have strategic importance.
  • Paramilitary Forces: The paramilitary forces in India such as CRPF, ITBP, CISF, SSB come under the jurisdiction of MHA.
  • Border's Security: Apart from the efforts of the army, the security of the border and adjoining area is planned under the home ministry.
  • Authority over CBI: The home minister also has authority over the agencies like the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). The recruitment of CBI officers is done under the supervision of the Home Ministry.
  • Governor's Appointment: The home ministry also plays an important role in the appointment of governors of different states.
  • Handling Maoist Movement: The home ministry can post paramilitary forces in Naxal affected areas to ensure security to people and important govt. installations.

Departments of MHA:

MHA has various Departments to perform different functions such as:

  • Department of Border Management: It deals with borders' management like their security, creating infrastructure, etc.
  • Department of Internal Security: It deals with Police Services, Internal Security, terrorism, insurgency, law and order, the grant of visa, Naxalism, terrorism financing, etc.
  • Department of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh Affairs: This department deals with the UTs of Jammu & Kashmir & Ladakh including Counter-terrorism in these regions and various other matters like coordination with Ministry of Defence in sensitive matters like managing the line of control between India and Pakistan.
  • Department of Home: It deals with the notification about the appointments of the President and Vice-President including the notification of appointment and resignation of the Prime Minister, Governors, and nomination of Rajya Sabha or Lok Sabha and census of birth, and more.
  • Department of Official Language: It implements the provisions of the Constitution related to official language and the provisions of the Official Language Act, 1963.
  • Department of States: It takes care of the relation between Centre and State, inter-state relations, human rights, police reforms, prison reforms, administration of Union Territories, and more.

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