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What is the full form of MICR

MICR: Magnetic Ink Character Recognition

MICR is a technology used in the recognition of originality of the document with the help of special ink and characters. They are printed on the bottom of bank cheques consisting of nine digits. First three digit signifies about the city code, next three about represent bank code, and last three tells about the branch code. This is called MICR code.

Earlier, cheques were processed manually. The clearance of cheques took a lot of time. Day-by-day numbers of cheques were increasing making the processing difficult. During the mid 1950s, Stanford Research Institute and General Electric Computer Laboratory developed first system to process cheques using MICR.

MICR full form

How MICR Works

MICR code is printed on the document using two type of font, one is E-13B and other is CMC-7. The ink used is a magnetic ink. The MICR code is passed from the MICR reader which allows the characters to read efficiently which have been obscured by other marks like stamp and signatures.


  • It is easily readable even if it has some stamp or signature over it.
  • It provides a high level security as it is difficult to follow the precise ink which makes it difficult to forge the document.
  • Error rate is very small.
  • It has a high standard demand. MICR fonts which do not fulfill these demands are rejected.
  • The cartridges used in MICR are very much expensive than the normal cartridges.
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