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Microservices Monitoring

Monitoring is the control system of the microservices. As the microservices are more complex and harder to understand its performance and troubleshoot the problems. Given the vivid changes to software delivery, it is required to monitor the service. There are five principles of monitoring microservices, as follows:

  • Monitor container and what's inside them.
  • Alert on service performance.
  • Monitor services that are elastic and multi-location.
  • Monitor APIs.
  • Monitor the organizational structure.

These principles allow us to address technological changes associated with the microservices and organizational changes related to them.

Microservices Monitoring Tool

There are three monitoring tools are as follows:

  • Hystrix dashboard
  • Eureka admin dashboard
  • Spring boot admin dashboard

Microservice Virtualization

Microservices virtualization is the method to simulate the behavior of specific components in various component-based application like cloud-based application, SOA, and API driven architecture. Service virtualization also reduces cost and save time. By combining service virtualization, an organization can develop the application which can be delivered from various locations and dissimilar environments.

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