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Minnal Murali Review

Basil Joseph is the director, and Sophia Paul is the producer of the superhero movie Minnal Murali, which will be released in 2021 India in the Malayalam language. The movie centers on Jaison, a teenage tailor who is hit by lightning and has superhuman abilities. The movie was finished in July 2021 despite being delayed by the COVID-19 outbreak and church vandalism.

Minnal Murali Review

A few scenes were filmed in Karnataka, while most of the movie was shot in Kerala. Sushin Shyam wrote the soundtrack, and Sushin Shyam and Shaan Rahman wrote the songs. Sameer Thahir handled the photography, and Livingston Mathew handled the editing.

Although the epidemic caused many postponements, the movie was initially scheduled for a late 2020 theatrical release. It was made available on Netflix immediately in September 2021. The cast performances, script, directing, action scenes, visual effects, and soundtrack all won praise from critics.


tiny village in Kerala is the setting for the late 1980s film Minnal Murali. A tailor named Jaison (Tovinno Thomas) is madly in love with Bincy. Tovino feels terrible when she rejects him in favor of a more wealthy man. Shibu (Guru Somasundaram), who works at a tea business, on the other hand, is still in love with Usha, who once left with her lover.

Lighting strikes the village one lovely day, striking Jaison and Shibu. Both of these guys get abilities, but Jaison chooses to use his for the greater good while Shibu gets in the way of Jaison. The plot revolves around how this conflict occurs.

Bonus Points

The way the protagonist and antagonist are given superpowers is Minnal Murali's most vital characteristic. These abilities aren't over the top, and it's uncommon to see a superhero in a lungi run over vehicles, beat up the bad guy, and protect villagers.

Minnal Murali Review

Tovino Thomas, the lead actor, does an excellent job portraying the transition of a regular man into a superhero in a lovely way. Tovino does a great job of conveying what the character Jaison is going through internally. The movie also has some good comedic moments.

This movie is quite logical due to the setting, the script, and the logical way the superhero viewpoint is included. The actor Guru Somasundaram, who portrays the false character Minnal Murali, excels in the part. It seems excellent how he brings out the selfish part of the character.

Negative Points

There are several weak spots in the screenplay. The way Jaison recalls his father and how situations are presented seem created and fail to evoke the right feelings.

The VFX might have been improved in a few places to make a stronger impression. Things start to feel a little predictable by the movie's conclusion. Some of the action scenes should be shorter.

Technical Details

The technical quality of Malayalam movies is well-known, and Minnal Murali is no different. The BGM, various songs, and how they are incorporated into the story are excellent. The beautiful camerawork by Samir Thahir, which introduces the spectator to a new universe, is an outstanding aspect of the movie. Additional noteworthy aspects are editing, production design, and conversation.

Basil Joseph, the filmmaker, deserves all the praise for creating a unique superhero movie and setting it in a tiny town. He does an excellent job of extracting performances and cleanly releasing the hero-villain encounter.

Violence & Scariness

The entire action superhero movie is violent. While residents gathered to see a performance in the heart of town, a firecracker warehouse caught fire, killing the main character's father and injuring the lead character but leaving him with no memory of his father. A man threatens and sexually harasses a woman in a store. A lady and kid die in a home explosion. Children saved from a burning building.

A little girl falls from the cliff but is saved while hanging onto a piece of broken steel left behind from the impact that caused the bus to dangle dangerously. Villagers begin a fire and throw stones. A community is rocked by explosions that set people on fire. The tailor store is set on fire and destroyed. An officer of the law strikes and slaps his spouse. The characters chest-piercing spear slew the character?violence related to martial arts.


Overall, Minnal Murali is a competently produced superhero movie with just the perfect amount of action, drama, and humor. In addition to the arrangement being charming, Tovino Thomas and Guru Somasundaran also provide excellent performances. Aside from the slow speed, this movie is an enjoyable OTT watch with some fascinating moments.

About Film

Minnal Murali Review

The epic superhero film Minnal fuses Bollywood with DC/Marvel while incorporating a unique mix of humor. With a significant tale grounded in superhero history and interesting side storylines, the film keeps audiences entertained for over two and a half hours. The film's lightheartedness contrasts the regular examinations of the unclear borders between good and evil.

Jaison, the main character, is a dreamy misfit with a big head who discovers his purpose in life by using his abilities for good. The movie has a huge budget, but without a compelling plot, the money is useless. Minnal Murali ensures that everything serves the main objective of delivering the tale and never gets lost in extra effects for their purpose. Overall, the superhero origin story of Minnal Murali is one of the better ones to appear in recent memory.

Parents Must Read

Parents should be aware that Minnal Murali is a superhero movie from 2021 in which a tailor struck by lightning during an unusual rainstorm learns he has superpowers. It is regarded as the first epic superhero film to be produced in Malayalam. Expect constant violence throughout the superhero action.

The lightning-struck hero and the lightning-struck villain battle one another and other people. Fighting with kicks, blows, spears, and different huge things. While the villagers are gathering to attend a performance starring the lead character's father, who dies while attempting to rescue the injured, an explosion in a fireworks factory occurs. The main character, a young boy, witnesses this but is hurt and does not remember it until much later.

A mom and her daughter are killed when a home collapses. A man harasses a lady sexually in an aggressive manner. The main character's brother-in-law slaps and hits his wife in the head. Kids are shown being burned alive. The bus that a little girl is traveling on dangles perilously over a cliff, almost sending her over the edge and using cigarettes. A scenario when the main character drowns his sorrows after finding that the love of his life is engaged to another man involves some drinking.

Critic's Rating: 3.5 Stars

Awards and Nomination

  • Jury Award Winner for Best Regional Language Digital Film 2022 (excludes Hindi)
  • Tovino Thomas, a 2022 nominee for Best Male Actor

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