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Miscellaneous Hackers

We had defined the well-known hackers in the Types of hacker files. In this section, according to the working of hackers, hackers are also divided into different categories. These are as follows:

  1. Red hat hackers
  2. Script Kiddies
  3. Blue hat hackers
  4. Green hat hackers
  5. Elite hackers
  6. State-sponsored hackers
  7. Neophyte hackers
  8. Hacktivist

Red hat hackers

The Red hat hackers are the mixture of the white hat hackers and black hat hackers. Red hat hackers are also called eagle-eyed hackers. They usually hack sensitive information like government agencies' information, information on the top-secret hub, etc. The main purpose of the red hat hacker is to halt the black hat hackers.

Script Kiddies

In hacking, these people are the most dangerous. This type of hacker usually doesn't care about hacking. They are unskilled people. They will never hack anything for themselves. They use the available download tools or script, which is provided by the other hackers for hacking. They copy code and use it as a virus or something else. They normally attack networks and computer systems. To do this, they only want to impress society and their friends. Script kiddies download Metasploit or LOIC, which are the overused software.

Blue hat hackers

Blue hat hacker is much like script kiddies. In the hacking field, blue hat hackers are beginners. The hacker will become the blue hat hacker if the script kiddies want to take revenge. If any people challenge the blue hat hacker and make him angry, he will playback to the people. They have no learning desire, just like the script kiddies.

Green hat hackers

Like the script kiddies, green hat hackers are also amateurs in the hacking world, but green hat hackers care about hacking. They want to learn the hacking and attempts to become full-blown hackers. Green hat hackers are inspired by hackers and ask them many basic questions. When hacker answered their questions, they will listen with intent and curiosity.

Elite hackers

Elite hackers are considered "cutting-edge geniuses" in the computer and network industry. In the field of hacking, elite hackers are experts and innovators. The community identifies elite hackers. They are the individual who is expert in their work.

State-Sponsored Hackers

These types of hackers are appointed by the government. To avoid any danger to the country, they provide Cybersecurity. To say at the top, they gain other countries' confidential information. State-sponsored hackers are highly paid.

Neophyte hackers

Neophyte hackers are new to hacking. In the field of technology and hacking, they have no knowledge or experience.


Hacktivist is a hacker or a group of hackers. They are also known as activist's online versions; They use the technology to announce political, ideological, social and religious messages. They gain access to the network and the government's computer for further political and social ends.

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