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Mitosis vs Meiosis

Mitosis vs Meiosis: There are many differences between Mitosis vs Meiosis. A list of differences between Mitosis and Meiosis are given below:

No.Comparison Index MitosisMeiosis
1)DefinitionMitosis is a process of nuclear division in eucaryotic cells.In this process of reproduction, the cell division produces a replica, with the same number of chromosomes in each resulting cell. Meiosis is a modified type of cellular division in sexually reproducing organisms.It takes two rounds of cell division but only one round of DNA replication. In this type of cellular reproduction, the number of chromosomes are reduced by half.
2)Happening area:It takes place in somatic cells of the body.It takes place in the germ cells.
3)What it does:It is responsible for cellular reproduction, general growth and the repair of the body. It is responsible for genetic diversity through sexual reproduction.
4)Type of reproduction:It occurs in both sexually as well as asexually reproducing organisms.
For example: All organisms
It occurs only in sexually reproducing organisms.
For example: animls, humans, plants, fungi etc.
5)Crossing over:Crossing over is not possible.Yes, chromosomes are mixed and crossing over occurs.
6)Number of division:The cell is divided only once.There are two cell divisions occur in meiosis: first and second meiotic divisions.
7)Number of produced cells:It produces two diploid cells.It produces four haploid cells.
8)Number of chromosomes:The number of chromosomes remain the same.The number of chromosomes reduced by half.
9)What it create:It creates everything except sex cells.It creates only sex cells.
For example: Male sperm cells and female egg cells.
10)Replication of DNA:The DNA replicates once for one cell division and the DNA replication takes place during Interphase 1. The DNA replicates once for two cell division.
11)Healing and Repair:It takes part in healing and repair of body cells.It takes part in the formation of gametes and maintenance of the chromosome.
12)Discovered by:It is discovered by Walther Flemming.It is discovered by Oscar Hertwig.

Mitosis and Meiosis

Mitosis and Meiosis are the two ways of cell division and reproduction. In the mitosis cell division process, the cell divides in the two genetically identical daughter cells. On the other hand, in meiosis, the division of germ cell involves two fission of the nucleus and produce four gametes, sex cells.

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