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MongoDB Session Commands

MongoDB abortTransaction command

The command rolls back any data changes made by the operations within the transaction that terminates the multi-document transaction. i.e., the changes made by the process in the transaction has not been saved.

The abortTransaction command must be run within a session and run against the admin database.

All data changes in the transaction are rejected without ever appearing when the transaction ends.


MongoDB commitTransaction command

The command is used to save the changes made by the operations.

To run commitTransaction command, it must be run within a session and run against the admin database.

You can use instead session.commitTransaction().

At the start of the transaction all data changes made in a transaction are appear and saved out of the transaction.


MongoDB endSessions command

The command is used to end the specified sessions. It overrides the timeout period that sessions wait before expiring.

To identify the user session to end, MongoDB concatenates each of the specified UUIDs.


db.runCommand( { <command> } ) method

The above method is used to run the endSessions.

MongoDB killALLSessions command

The command killAllSession aborts all the running session for the specified users. It takes an array of documents where each document specifies the user and the user's authentication database.


MongoDB killAllSessionByPattern command

The command terminates all the running sessions that match any specified pattern in the argument.

When you kill session, it terminates any ongoing operation in the session and closes any open cursors.


Pattern Detail
{ lsid: { id : <UUID> } } It defines the UUID part of the session id to kill.
{ uid: <BinData> } It defines the hash of the owner of the sessions to be killed.
{ users: [ { user: <user>, db: <dbname> }, ... ] } This defines the owners of the sessions to kill, and requires additional privileges.
{ roles: [ { role: <role>, db: <dbname> }, ... ] } This defines the roles allowed to kill the owners of the sessions.

MongoDB refreshSessions command

The command ss used to update the end-use time for the specified sessions by extending the active state of the session.

The authenticated user credentials is used to refresh the identified user's session.


Use the db.runCommand( { <command> } ) method, this command is used to run refreshSessions.

MongoDB startSession command

The startSession command is used to start a new logical session for a sequence of operations.

You must be authenticated to run the command, if the deployment does not enforce authentication or authorization, a created has no owner and can be used by any user over any connection.


Use the db.runCommand( { <command> } ) method, it is used to run startSession.

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