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Mother Essay

Mother is the term full of emotions, care and love. We often get confused whenever someone asks, "what is love?", and come up with different answers. Do you know what the purest form of love is? The answer is the mother's love for her child, and it always remains the same no matter how old her child gets. Mother is our first teacher, first friend and our first love.

Mother Essay

The importance of the role of a mother in anyone's life can be seen by the fact she is the reason for our existence in the world. It is a sad but bitter truth that nowadays, children forget what their parents did for them and what they sacrificed to improve their children's future. Despite all the support and sacrifice, many children do not treat their parents well, especially at an older age.

The only unconditional love you will find is the mother's love for her children. The mother carries a child in her womb for nine months and nurtures him/ her with all her heart and soul, and that is why we say our mother knows or understands us more than anyone else.

Every mother loves her child unconditionally and is devoted to her child throughout her life, and it is our duty to show our endless love in the same way towards our mother her whole life.

Mother is the first person a child seeks upon returning home, and she takes care of her child from birth until her last breath. She never expects anything in return for the love she showers on us as her children.

The bond between a mother and her child is so unique that it is cherished forever by children and their mother. A mother is the most lovable person in the world.

Importance of Mother in our Life

Mothers are next to god, and it is a faithful saying. She is the greatest gift to us by god. She sometimes acts as a healer or medicine in our sickness, a source of inspiration in failure, food in hunger and comfort in pain.

Mother is a person that cannot be described in some words. It is only a mother who gives the first lessons of early education in childhood. In most cases, the first a child learns to speak is the 'mother' itself.

The values that a mother gives to her children remain with the children throughout their whole life. The child's attitude mostly depends on the teachings and morals that they have received from their mother. The future of society, in an indirect way, depends on the teachings of the mother to her child.

The attachment between a mother and a child is unmatchable. The way a mother understands her child is very different and unique; even a father cannot understand his child the way a mother does. A mother can understand her newborn baby without communication, which develops a strong emotional connection between a mother and child throughout life.

Mother is the one who takes care of everyone's feelings in the family, and she is the emotional backbone of any family. You can share your secrets with your mother without any worry. When the child of a mother is in danger or in any problem, the mother will do everything possible to take her child out of the problem. Mother is the one whom you can trust blindly. If you feel that you have done something that is not right, then you should also share it with your mother; maybe she will become angry with you at first but not for long. A mother is the only person who can forgive us for any wrong thing done by us and guide us to correct it.

You might wonder what you can do for your mother to make her feel good. The answer is that you don't need to do anything big for this. As we discussed earlier, a mother never expects anything in return for her love, but still, if you want to make her feel good, there are some things you can do. You can help her with some work; this will not only make her happy but also reduce the burden of work. You can admire the food she makes or cooks for you and express your love for her with words.

About Mother's Day

We also celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May each year, and it is a day to celebrate mothership and honour mothers. Celebrating this day has become a prevalent culture in the past few years.

On this day, we try to show our respect, love, gratitude, and honour for our mother. We completely dedicate this day to her to show her how important she is in our life.

Mother's Day first originated in the USA. When Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother in a church in Virginia, her mother was an activist who used to take care of wounded soldiers. She also started health clubs to address health issues. However, this day is commemorated in different countries on different dates.

Each and every mother is honourable and special. The mother makes many sacrifices to raise her child and make him/her a better person.


Mother is the most valuable gift from god. In many religious books, the mother is even described as a god. A mother's heart is so pure that she forgives her children every time unconditionally. In today's world, many of us are not treating our parents well; children grow up and start misbehaving with their parents and forget how many sacrifices they made to make their future good.

The most painful thing we see nowadays is that when the parents grow old, the children leave them in old-age homes. They do not realize that this is when their parents need support from their children the most; this is when children can do a little bit in return for what their parents have done for them. It is also said that one who respects and treats the parents well achieves everything in life due to the blessings. A mother takes care of her child till her last breath, and we must do the same for her.

There is no match for the love of a mother. We cannot find examples of her love in this world. They are the most hardworking and an excellent homemaker too. We all should be proud of our mother. We should not forget that whatever we achieve or become in life is because of our mother's values, blessings and teachings, which she gave us in our childhood.

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