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What is the Full Form of MPIN

MPIN: Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number

MPIN stands for Mobile Banking Personal Identification Number. It is used as a security code for online transactions, similar to ATM (automated teller machine) PIN, so that any average citizen may save time by using MPIN. With MPIN, secure transactions are possible. How will applicants be able to use the MPIN for online banking transactions, what are the benefits, and how will residents get the MPIN? This article contains all of the pertinent information.

MPIN Full Form

Use of MPIN

This security code consists of four digits. It is also 6 digits in many banks, through which citizens can do money transactions through their mobile for any work. But for this, citizens must first obtain the facility of mobile banking, which citizens can obtain by registering through the bank or through the USSD and UPI app on their mobile. MPIN code is as sensitive as it is necessary to keep it secure.

Applicants can use MPIN to transfer money from their bank accounts. However, the user should keep this code safe as it has been observed that money has been illegally withdrawn from citizens' bank accounts after sharing this code with anyone else (especially with unknowns). Therefore, it is recommended never to share the MPIN with anyone. As this security code is required to process mobile transactions, users can get it through mobile using their bank's debit/credit card. However, users will also have to insert the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card along with the registered mobile number in their respective mobile devices.

In particular, the applicant can utilize the MPIN for the specified transactions like:

  • Mobile banking
  • UPI (Unified Payments Interface) Apps
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  • SMS Banking
  • IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) Services
  • USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) Banking

Importance in Mobile Transactions

As previously stated, MPIN is used for financial transactions over online transactions. To ensure the security of these transactions, the government has implemented mobile banking with two-way authentication, which means that anybody who possesses mobile banking now has an extra layer of security. To utilize it, he must conduct his own transaction using two-way authentication. That is, just as we can withdraw money from our accounts only through our ATM card and our ATM PIN, similarly for online banking transactions, the applicant's registered mobile number is first authenticated, which is attached to his bank account, and then the MPIN. After the successful verification of both, the person may process the respective transaction. In case of an information mismatch, the transaction is declined.


Following are some of the details related to the MPIN benefits or advantages that one will get:

  • An MPIN is a secret code that ensures the security of each individual financial transaction. Users can create this unique code of their choice and remember it easily.
  • MPIN is a 4-digit code that may be generated at the individual's leisure using USSD and the UPI app on the user's mobile device. Sometimes, it can be 6 digits, depending on the respective banks.
  • No transactions will be permitted from residents' accounts until inputting the correct MPIN. Therefore, even if someone's phone is lost, no transaction from his device will be allowed until the right MPIN is provided.
  • One can get the MPIN instantly through his mobile device and his bank-registered mobile number SIM. He can use both components on any authorized UPI-based app and can set the MPIN of his choice.

How to get MPIN?

MPIN may be obtained in two methods, such as:

  • Generally, by registering one's mobile banking, the bank will provide a USER ID and MPIN.
  • Secondly, candidates can generate their own MPIN manually by utilizing the UPI app, USSD, registered mobile number, and debit/credit card details.

Once created, applicants will be allowed to do financial transactions with their MPIN only after 24 hours.

The process to Generate MPIN using USSD

Applicants can learn the MPIN generation process through USSD carefully from the steps given below:

  • To begin, the individual must dial *99# or any other specific number (if there is any provided by the respective vendor) from their cell phone.
  • Once the USSD service is operational, they must follow on-screen instructions to link it to their bank.
  • One must process this by inputting the first four digits of their bank's IFSC code and three letters of the bank's name.
  • The next step is to input debit card details and send them to move into the following menu.
  • To produce the MPIN, choose the respective number and send it to go into the corresponding menu or screen. After that, simply submit the MPIN whenever it is convenient for you. Lastly, confirm it to save.
  • After reading the instructions, you may also opt for changing your PIN. It is helpful to modify one's MPIN.
  • Submit the old MPIN, then input the new MPIN, re-enter it for confirmation, and submit it. Once a new MPIN is generated, the old one becomes invalid.

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