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MS Word Definition


Someone rightly says with technology, we can achieve unimaginably. Technology is one of the most precious gifts for humanity. Technology is something that helps humanity in every possible way. With the use of technology, people effectively perform their work. It helps people to do complex tasks very efficiently.

Today's world is witnessing rapid growth and development, and technology plays a very important role in this changing world. The use of technology is increasing daily; now, machines perform every function that humans only perform. Technology makes complex tasks very easy to do; with the help of technology, anyone can invent anything that benefits humanity. And out of the developing technologies, the most notable that has shaken the world is the invention or development of computers and their related technologies. Technology helps humanity by providing those services easily which are tough to acquire at any point in time.

MS Word Definition

The most notable development in human history is the invention of computers. Computers themselves are the biggest achievement in the technological field. In today's time, everything is directly or indirectly related to the computer. At present, almost all fields require computers to perform their task effectively. Everything needs computers and related technologies, from performing arithmetic operations to developing rockets. When the computer was invented, its primary aim was to perform arithmetic operations very fast and efficiently; with time, it is required to perform every function. The computer is one of many to perform these functions, supported by several other hardware and software devices. To perform the function effectively, the computer required several software operations. In this article, we discuss one of the most notable aspects of computer software: Ms. Word.

Introduction to MS Word:

Microsoft word or Ms. Word is a type of word processor software developed by Microsoft. It was first released to operate in 1983. Ms. Word is regarded as one of the most used word processor software. The primary aim of MS word is to assist users in creating professional-quality documents, letters, reports, resumes, etc. This MS word also helps the users to edit or modify their new or existing documents. Ms. Word has a .docx extension for saving the file. MS word is a component of the Microsoft Office suite, and it is available for Windows and Macintosh. The latest version of Ms. Word that is currently used is 2019. It was initially named as Multi-Tool Word, and it was developed for Xenix systems. Some of the subsequent versions that are developed for other platforms are-

  1. IBM PCs running DOS (1983)
  2. Apple Macintosh running the Classic Mac OS (1985)
  3. AT&T UNIX PC (1985)
  4. Atari ST (1988)
  5. OS/2 (1989)
  6. Microsoft Windows (1989)
  7. SCO Unix (1990)
  8. macOS (2001),
  9. Web browsers (2010),
  10. iOS (2014)
  11. Android (2015).

Features of Microsoft Word:

Microsoft has numerous features that help users to operate effectively. It is one of the most used word-processing software because of its features. Features of Ms word help the user to create comprehensive documents. It supplements the document with visuals, images, tables, etc. Some of the most notable features of Ms. Word are-

1. To Create Text Documents:

Microsoft word is the first and most important software for creating text documents. In Ms word, you can create desirable documents with different font styles, sizes, text, and alignments. When you open Ms word, you will find a blank sheet where you can perform several operations.

2. Insert Images and Clipart:

Microsoft word allows the user to insert images and clipart to supplement the document. This feature of Ms word helps the user supplement the content by adding visuals. These added visuals can be resized, repositioned, and used in the background to increase the document's quality.

3. Insert Charts and Tables:

Ms. Word allows users to insert charts and tables in the document's content. With the help of Ms word, the user can add rows and columns to supplement the document. It helps the user to organize information in a better context. Tables and charts give a good look to the documents.

4. Templates:

Templates are one of the important features of Ms. Word; it offers free templates to the users in pre-set layout form. The users can easily access it. These templates can be used in letters, resumes, memos, reports, faxes, etc. It helps the users to increase the quality of the document by supplementing the document.

5. Typo and Grammatical Error Detection:

Ms word, with the help of the correction function, improves the document quality. While working on Ms word, users sometimes make grammatical errors which decreases the effectiveness of the document. Ms. Word helps users to tackle this issue by creating spotless, well-polished documents. It helps to identify grammatical errors and create proper sentences, increasing the documents' likeability. When you write something on Ms. Word, it marks certain words with red color, and if the word is misspelled, it automatically suggests autocorrect.

6. Saving and Sharing Document Files:

Ms. Word's most important function is saving and sharing documents. After completing the documents, users can save them in device storage or One drive. If users save documents in One drive, they can share them with others. And the shared documents can be edited by other users too.

7. Adding Comments:

Ms. Word's other important feature is the addition of comments. This feature of Ms word helps to increase collaboration with other users. Other users with Edit access can write their remarks about the document and discuss them with peers remotely.

Components of MS Word:

The components of Microsoft word is an important part that helps users to create documents. These are the options Provided by Microsoft word that helps the user in performing some desired tasks. For example, if you want to create or save a document, you need the file option of MS word. Some of the most notable components of Microsoft word are-

1. File:

The file is the most important component of Microsoft word; it offers several options that help the users to perform their tasks fully. File contains some options like New, which is used to create a new document in Ms. Word, Open which helps to open an existing document; and Save- which helps to save documents. Apart from these options, some other options offered by File are history, Print, Share, Export, Info, etc. All these functions help the user perform their task effectively and create likable documents.

2. Home:

Home is considered the default tab of Ms. Word. This component offers users some functions like color, font, emphasis, bullets, and position of your text. Home also contains options like cut, copy, and paste, which helps reduce the complexity of tasks. Home in Microsoft word is divided into five groups, i.e., Clipboard, Paragraph, Font, Style, and Editing.

3. Insert:

Insert is considered the second tab that is present on the menu bar. It has numerous options that you can use while working on Microsoft word. The options contained by Insert are tables, word art, hyperlinks, symbols, charts, signature lines, date and time, shapes, header, footer, text boxes, links, boxes, equations, etc. All these options help the users to create documents with proper editing mechanisms.

4. Draw:

The draw is considered the third tab in the menu bar. The primary aim of these components is to assist the users in freehand drawing while performing tasks on Microsoft word. It offers different types of pen that helps the users to create quality documents.

5. Design:

Design is the fourth tab available on the menu bar. Design can increase the likeability of the document. The design tab contains some useful features that increase the effectiveness of the document. It provides centered titles, offset headings, left-justified text, page borders, watermarks, and color.

6. Layout:

Any document layout is very important; it helps the users arrange the document just the way the user wants. It is the fifth tab available on the menu bar, and it helps users arrange documents properly. Options provided by the layout include set margins, display line numbers, set paragraph indentation, lines apply themes, control page orientation, and size, line breaks, etc. All these options help the users to create a proper document.

7. Mailings:

Mailing is another option provided by Microsoft word; it is the seventh tab in the menu bar. This feature creates labels and prints the document in envelopes, mail merging, etc. This option is the least used option of Microsoft word.

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