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MSI Raider GE67 HX Review: Best for Gaming, Not for OLED

With a blend of metal and hard plastic, it has a premium build that gives it a solid feel while keeping the weight acceptable. The laptop's matte black finish with discrete gaming elements gives the overall design a hint of class. The design of the GE67 HX is renowned for its low profile and relatively narrow bezels surrounding the display, which enhances the gaming experience. The ergonomically designed and well-spaced keyboard area allows for precise and comfortable gaming and typing sessions. Users can customize their gaming setup with the laptop's RGB lighting options, which are also adjustable.

MSI Raider GE67 HX Review: Best for Gaming, Not for OLED

The MSI Raider GE67 HX performs admirably in terms of durability. The chassis is designed to meet the demands of long gaming sessions and travel. With no flex or creaking, it has a strong, well-built feel. The strong, long-lasting hinge mechanism offers a comfortable opening and closing experience. Additionally, MSI included efficient cooling techniques in the GE67 HX architecture. The laptop has several heat pipes and properly positioned vents to dissipate heat during prolonged gaming sessions. This not only aids in maintaining maximum performance but also lengthens the components' total lifespan.

In conclusion, the MSI Raider GE67 HX combines a stylish modern appearance with sturdy construction. While guaranteeing the laptop can survive gaming demands and continuous use over time, it provides an attractive gaming appearance.


With its beautiful display, the MSI Raider GE67 HX strives to give gamers a lifelike viewing experience. It has a sizable screen size of 15.6 inches and a 2560 x 1440 pixels resolution, providing clear and in-depth pictures. The display is made to let your material come to life, whether you're gaming, streaming movies, or editing multimedia. The rapid refresh rate of the GE67 HX's display is one of its distinguishing qualities. The laptop ensures smooth and fluid movements with a 240Hz refresh rate during fast-paced gaming situations. You'll experience less motion blur and a more responsive gaming environment. As a result, providing you with an advantage in games that call for quick reflexes.

The GE67 HX also includes NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, which synchronizes the display's refresh rate with the GPU's frame rate to prevent screen tearing and reduce input lag. As a result, the gameplay is more immersive overall and is seamless and tear-free. Visuals on display are vivid and lifelike because of its wide colour gamut and superb colour accuracy. The GE67 HX's display produces remarkable results whether you're exploring intricately detailed gaming environments or editing multimedia content that needs correct colour representation.

MSI Raider GE67 HX Review: Best for Gaming, Not for OLED

The display also has a broad viewing angle and exceptional brightness levels, ensuring images look sharp and vibrant even when seen from various angles. Playing multiplayer video games or exchanging content with others is extremely helpful. In conclusion, the MSI Raider GE67 HX display provides an immersive viewing experience. Wide viewing angles, a high refresh rate, NVIDIA G-SYNC technology, and vivid colours produce fluid, detailed, and aesthetically attractive graphics. The GE67 HX's display will dazzle you whether you're playing games, viewing movies, or working on creative endeavours.


The MSI Raider GE67 HX is outfitted with a hardware powerhouse that gives outstanding performance. This laptop is designed to handle anything from gaming to taxing jobs like video editing and 3D graphics. A powerful CPU, often an Intel Core i7 or i9 processor from the most recent generation, powers the GE67 HX. These CPUs have several cores and fast clock rates, which make multitasking easy and responsiveness quick. The GE67 HX's processor can easily handle the strain, whether you're playing resource-intensive games or running several applications at once.

The GE67 HX has a dedicated graphics card from NVIDIA's GeForce RTX series to match the potent processor. These GPUs offer spectacular visual effects and lifelike game lighting thanks to their ray tracing and AI capabilities. They also perform content development tasks like 3D modeling and video editing well. The GE67 HX provides plenty of RAM capacity, often ranging from 16GB to 32 GB. This reduces load times and improves system performance by enabling seamless multitasking and quicker data access.

The GE67 HX's storage options include rapid SSDs (Solid State Drives), which offer quick file access and short boot times. Some models could include additional HDD (Hard Disk Drive) storage for increased capacity. As previously noted, the GE67 HX frequently has a high-refresh-rate display, which improves the gaming experience by delivering smooth and fluid images. Gaming on this laptop is a completely immersive experience with high frame rates and stunning graphics combined with a strong graphics card.

Gaming Experience

The MSI Raider GE67 HX is a gaming laptop created to provide gamers with the best possible performance, immersion, and visuals. The GE67 HX can easily run the newest AAA titles thanks to its potent processor and dedicated graphics card. High clock rates, several cores, and cutting-edge GPU technology guarantee fluid gameplay and high frame rates to play your favourite games at peak performance.

The high-refresh-rate display provides fluid and responsive images, decreasing motion blur and boosting the gaming experience. It typically has a refresh rate of 240Hz. The GE67 HX's display keeps you engrossed whether you're exploring open-world settings, participating in intense multiplayer conflicts, or watching cinematic storytelling. The GE67 HX also includes features like NVIDIA G-SYNC, which synchronizes the display's refresh rate with the GPU's frame rate. Through the elimination of screen tearing and the reduction of input lag, smooth, tear-free graphics and better responsiveness are produced. Competitive gamers that demand precise and accurate gameplay will especially benefit from this technology.

MSI Raider GE67 HX Review: Best for Gaming, Not for OLED

The keyboard of the GE67 HX, which was made with gamers in mind, is another noteworthy aspect. With per-key RGB illumination and a full-size layout, it often offers configurable lighting effects and improves the gaming environment. The key's responsiveness and superb tactile feedback ensure accurate inputs during lengthy game periods. The GE67 HX also frequently uses potent audio technology to improve the gaming experience. You may fully immerse yourself in the acoustic landscape of the game with good speakers and audio upgrades, whether it's the clear sound of approaching footsteps or the thunderous explosions in an action-packed scene.

The connectivity options on the laptop are also engineered to enable a fluid gaming experience. You can quickly connect additional devices, monitors, and VR headsets for a more extensive gaming setup thanks to various USB connections, including USB-C and USB 3.0, as well as HDMI and DisplayPort outputs. In conclusion, the MSI Raider GE67 HX is designed to elevate your gaming experience. This laptop offers fluid, quick, and aesthetically amazing gameplay thanks to its strong hardware, high refresh rate display, cutting-edge gaming technology, and immersive audio. The GE67 HX is built to exceed your gaming expectations, whether you're a casual gamer or an avid competitor in esports.

Thermal and Cooling Management

The capability of high-performance gaming laptops to efficiently regulate heat and sustain ideal temperatures throughout prolonged gaming sessions is a vital feature. Because of its sophisticated cooling system and thermal management features, the MSI Raider GE67 HX excels in this regard. The laptop has a powerful cooling system, numerous heat pipes, and carefully placed vents and fans. These components effectively dissipate heat from the laptop's strong internal components. Critical components like the CPU and GPU are effectively kept from reaching dangerously high temperatures that could impact performance, and fortunately, the heat pipes, which effectively carry heat away from them.

The effective airflow system is created by the properly positioned vents, which allow heated air to depart while bringing in cool air.

MSI Raider GE67 HX Review: Best for Gaming, Not for OLED

The GE67 HX frequently has programmable fan configurations to help improve cooling. Users can manually change fan speeds or through predefined modes to improve cooling performance based on their unique needs. You may adjust the cooling settings to balance performance and temperature, whether playing intensive games or working on demanding chores. GE67 HX frequently comes with MSI's proprietary software, such as Dragon Center. With the help of this program, users can monitor temperatures, change fan speeds, and even apply overclocking profiles, giving them more control over cooling settings. Users can fine-tune the cooling system to their preferences and maximize performance thanks to this level of control.

Additionally, the GE67 HX's design includes thermal pads and efficient heat-dissipation materials that assist in moving heat away from delicate components and disperse it across a larger surface area for effective cooling. Although the GE67 HX's cooling mechanism is strong and effective, lengthy gaming sessions or demanding workloads may still cause the laptop to become warm. ON THE OTHER HAND, the GE67 HX's cooling system ensures that temperatures stay within safe operating ranges, reducing the possibility of thermal throttling and preserving reliable performance.

In conclusion, the MSI Raider GE67 HX places a high priority on efficient cooling and thermal control. The laptop is made to maintain consistent temperatures even during prolonged periods of intense gaming thanks to its sophisticated cooling system, programmable fan profiles, and heat dissipation materials. This guarantees peak performance and extends the components' lives, giving you confidence in the game.

Trackpad and Keyboard

A comfortable and responsive keyboard and trackpad are included with the MSI Raider GE67 HX, offering a positive user experience during gaming and everyday computer use. A full-size layout with evenly spaced keys is characteristic of laptop keyboards, making typing and gaming sessions more comfortable. The keys frequently have sufficient travel and provide strong tactile feedback, making it simpler to input keystrokes precisely. This is crucial for gamers whose gameplay depends on accurate and speedy inputs.

MSI Raider GE67 HX Review: Best for Gaming, Not for OLED

The keyboard on the GE67 HX also features per-key RGB illumination, enabling you to alter the lighting effects and design a unique gaming environment. The ability to change the colors or lighting patterns of individual keys adds flair and improves the laptop's overall appearance. Several GE67 HX versions also come with extras like N-key rollover and anti-ghosting. Even during lengthy gaming sessions where several keys may be hit simultaneously, anti-ghosting ensures that simultaneous key presses are reliably logged. No keystrokes are missed because of N-key rollover, making identifying each key press possible.

The GE67 HX's trackpad operates smoothly and quickly, giving users precise cursor control. It is practical for operations like zooming, scrolling, and moving through applications and websites because it enables multi-touch motions. The trackpad on the GE67 HX serves as a dependable input device for general use, even if most gamers prefer utilizing an external gaming mouse. It's important to note that some GE67 HX models also come with other features, including programmable macro keys or a separate number pad, giving gamers and productivity users more functionality and customization possibilities.

In conclusion, the MSI Raider GE67 HX's keyboard and trackpad provide a comfortable and responsive user experience. The GE67 HX provides precise and pleasurable inputs for both gaming and daily chores with a full-size layout, adjustable RGB illumination, anti-ghosting, and a smooth trackpad.


To improve the gaming environment and provide an immersive audio experience, the MSI Raider GE67 HX pays careful attention to audio quality. The laptop's audio capabilities are created to wow, whether you're playing games, viewing movies, or listening to music. The GE67 HX often has excellent speakers producing rich, clear sound. These speakers are placed to give an immersive audio experience so that you can fully appreciate the game's sound effects, dialogue, and music. The GE67 HX may use audio technologies like Nahimic, which offers virtual surround sound and upgrades to improve the audio experience further. Thanks to this technology, the audio is given extra depth and dimension, which increases immersion and realism. It aids in determining the direction of sounds, offering players an advantage by enabling them to locate foes in-game or immerse themselves in the cinematic audio of films and videos.

Additionally, audio ports for headphones or external speakers are frequently included with the GE67 HX. These enable you to utilize high-quality audio output and connect your favorite audio devices for a more individualized experience. The software suite from MSI, including Dragon Center, might also include possibilities for audio modification. Users can alter sound settings to suit their preferences, select from predefined audio profiles, and tweak equalizer settings. You can fine-tune the audio output with this degree of control to suit your unique requirements and preferences.

It should be noted that external speakers or headphones are advised for the optimum audio experience because they can provide greater fidelity and more accurate sound reproduction. However, the GE67 HX's integrated audio features offer a strong foundation for immersive audio, guaranteeing a pleasurable gaming and entertainment experience right out of the box.

In conclusion, the MSI Raider GE67 HX's audio features are intended to improve the gaming environment. The laptop provides crystal-clear and immersive sound for gaming, movies, and music thanks to high-quality speakers, audio technologies like Nahimic, and customization choices. The GE67 HX's audio improves the overall experience, whether you're in the middle of fierce combat or taking in dramatic narrative.

Communication and Ports

The MSI Raider GE67 HX enables adaptability and expansion for various devices and peripherals with its numerous ports and connectivity choices. This guarantees that connecting to other devices for increased productivity or expanding your gaming setup will be simple. Several USB ports, including USB-C and USB 3.0 connectors, are commonly present on laptops.

These ports make connecting external storage devices, gaming accessories, and other USB-compatible gadgets simple and quick. Additional flexibility is provided with USB-C ports, which permit compatible display connections and high-speed data transfer.

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