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What is the full form of MSW

MSW: Master of Social Work

MSW full form

MSW stands for the Master of Social Work. It is a highly specialized postgraduate degree that covers the micro and macro aspects of professional social work in hospitals, communities, schools, as well as other social service environments. MSW is offered in India as a two-year postgraduate degree program. Students can choose to pursue an MSW program after having a bachelor's degree in a related field from an accredited university. They should have a minimum of 50% marks in their graduation. MSW admission in different colleges and universities in 2022 will be determined by either the merit-based list or an entrance exam depending on where you want to get admission.

What is a Master of Social Work?

M.A. Social Work is a postgraduate degree that spanned over two years. This program is not only designed to prepare students to be successful in their profession but also helps society by enabling the students to work to improve the lives of people and society in general. Being a Social worker is indeed the most respectable profession. Social workers contribute to society by enhancing the overall performance of their communities. Candidates should be aware that this career demands a lot of determination, patience, empathy, and generosity. It's a career that involves putting smiles on the faces of those in your life.

A Master's degree in Social Work is not a very expensive one, and the fee ranges from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 60,000 per year. Some of India's top Universities for this course are Delhi School of Social Work (DSSW), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), Jamia Millia Islamia, and Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS). The syllabus of the entrances conducted by these universities includes English, reasoning, and General awareness along with domain-specific assessment followed by a personal interview (which may not be there in some universities). After completing their master's degree in this course, students can work as social workers, interventionists, drug addiction counselors, etc.

Why go for this course?

Social workers are trained to work with society and have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders. They can be highly instrumental in contributing to the welfare of the entire nation. This is the primary reason that pursuing an MSW degree can lead you to a rewarding career, and it enhances your odds of securing a good job. The top job search sites show more than 100 social worker job openings each month. LinkedIn has over 490 job openings for social workers. Social workers can work in the public and private sectors. It's a rapidly expanding field. With more and more people facing global problems, there is a requirement for skilled people who can design interventions to solve individual and community problems.

MSW Course Eligibility Criteria

Each university has its own admissions criteria. The most common are the following:

  • Bachelor of Social Work degree (BSW) or Bachelor's degree in any subject from a recognized university with at least 50% marks.
  • Graduates from fields other than humanities are also eligible for the MSW program, provided they have a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized university. (This criterion may also depend on the university)
  • Candidates must pass entrance tests in some universities for admission.

MSW (Master in Social Work) Courses Admissions Process

The admission process can be either merit-based or entrance test-based. In the former case, the applicant must fill out the application form and enter all the details very carefully, especially their demographics and marks. Based on this, a merit list is prepared by the university with the list of candidates selected. While in the latter case, the applicant, after filling out the application form, has to appear for the entrance test, which can be computer-based or pen-paper-based. The university may or may not organize a personal interview for the candidates who clear the entrance exam. The merit list is prepared based on the marks of the entrance exam and the interview.

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