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Muddy Movie Review

A sports action drama movie in Malayalam titled "Muddy" was released in 2021. Dr. Pragabhal is the director, and PK7 Creations is the producer. The film, which is the first in India to explore this theme, is about off-road mud racing (4x4). Yuvan Krishna, Ridhaan Krishna, Anusha Suresh, and Amit Sivadas Nair each play a leading role. IM Vijayan, Renji Panicker, and Hareesh Peradi all play supporting characters.

Soon after its release, the movie experienced massive popularity and went viral. The dramatic and exciting plot enthralled the audience. Indian viewers were given a one-of-a-kind experience when they watched this film, which introduced them to the world of 4x4 mud racing. Additionally, the movie did a good job of incorporating the racers' language.

Karthi, the movie's protagonist, triumphs in the opening mud race against Tony after a difficult race. These opening scenes' cinematography, editing, and background scenery ratcheted up the tension and established the story's framework. Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, and English were the five languages in which "Muddy" was released in theatres on December 10, 2021.

Muddy Movie Review

Two men at first have a tense relationship at the centre of "Muddy"'s plot, but they eventually unite to face a shared threat. It is interesting to note that these two men are portrayed as being brothers with different mothers. Yuvaan Krishna and Ridhaan Krishna, the actors who take on these roles, are actual brothers. They are well suited to play characters from the epic Mahabharata like Karnan and Duryodhana due to their on-screen chemistry and presence. Particularly Yuvaan resembles actors from Sergio Leone films. His portrayal of Muthu, the jeep driver, is characterised by piercing eyes and a commanding presence akin to Charles Bronson.

Muddy, directed by up-and-coming Dr Pragabhal, belongs to the genre of films that place a higher priority on thrilling action sequences than in-depth plot development. The movie caters to viewers looking for high-intensity experiences and is action-packed.

Directed By Dr. Pragabhal
Produced By Prema Krishnadas
Starring Yuvan Krishna, Ridhaan Krishna, Renji Panicker
Cinematography K. G. Ratheesh
Edited By San Lokesh
Music By Ravi Basrur
Production Company PK7 Creations
Release Date 10 December, 2021
Country India
Language Malayalam

Muddy Movie Review

Dr. Pragabhal's film Muddy takes viewers on an adrenaline-pumping off-road racing adventure. The film primarily focuses on showcasing the exciting race footage, giving viewers a distinctive and thrilling experience. The script does a good job of capturing the spirit of the racing world even though it may not go very far into complex storytelling.

Even the most well-known story lines have a pleasant element thanks to the actors' charm. Fresh faces Yuvan Krishna and Ridhaan Krishna take on the roles of the movie's heroes in this instance, radiating charisma and confidence. The overall narrative gains an appealing dynamic from their presence on screen. With its action-packed scenes, Muddy enthrals viewers and demonstrates the characters' tenacity in the face of trying circumstances. Off-road racing is the main focus of the movie, so viewers can expect a visually stunning experience that keeps them interested and entertained throughout.

Muthu lives in a forested area and makes a living by driving his jeep, Garudan, over treacherous terrain to transport logs. With his talented off-road racer cousin-brother Karthi, he has a tumultuous relationship. In Muddy, Muthu chooses to stand by Karthi's side and cheer him on during a crucial time in his racing career.

A film's post-production stage involves various aspects being improved to improve the overall viewing experience. However, it is clear that the director, Dr. Pragabhal, has taken the viewpoint of the audience into account. Tony, the antagonist in the film, is similar to Kalakeyan from the well-known Baahubali movie in many ways. However, Tony's mannerisms being portrayed as a villain may come off as comically exaggerated. Additionally, some viewers might have found it difficult to follow his dialogue delivery in the intricate Malayalam dialogues with a particular accent. It is unexpected that these issues, like rewriting the dialogue or giving the actor a dubbing option, were not addressed during the post-production phase.

Despite these criticisms, it's important to emphasise the film's strong points. The characters' struggles and tenacity are highlighted in Muddy's original plot, which is set against a forested backdrop. The movie emphasises the value of family support during trying times by showcasing the relationship between Muthu and Karthi. Additionally, the movie captures the exhilaration and thrill of off-road racing, providing viewers with an engaging and visually stunning experience.

Instead of having a strong plot, Muddy's script reads more like a formality. The protagonist is shown to be a multi-talented hero who fights against criminals, looks after his mother, picks up kids from school, and even brushes off the girl who has a crush on him. He is depicted as a more hardy version of the character Annaatthe. But this hero is most worried about his partially insane brother, Karthi.

The movie makes an effort to explore the origins of Tony's and Karthi's rivalry. Characters' emotional intensity seems overstated, and they deliver dialogue in an unconvincing manner. There is a disconnect caused by the background score's lack of context. Positively, the editor deserves praise for preserving continuity throughout the racing sequences.

In his portrayal of Muthu, Yuvan Krishna makes an effort to project elegance and simplicity. His dialogue delivery, however, is lacking, and his repetitive character comes off as boring. Karthi is portrayed by Ridhaan Krishna, who has few facial expressions and gives the impression of being a man-child. While Amit Shivadas Nair's portrayal of the villain character stood out and provided some comedic moments, Renji Panicker makes sporadic appearances as Muthu's godfather-like figure.

The script is shallow overall and fails to hold the audience's attention. Nevertheless, some of the character performances and editing choices made during the racing sequences do add some entertainment value. The successful Hollywood cinematographer KG Ratheesh, skilled film editor San Lokesh, and acclaimed music composer Ravi Basrur from the hit movie KGF make up Muddy's technical crew. It is important to note that the movie uses pricey modified cars to give the audience a genuine sense of what mud racing is like. Notably, no stuntmen or doubles were used to carry out the risky stunts. Instead, the mud racing scenes are immersive and realistically filmed in the film.

With the help of the cast's skills and the technical team's knowledge, Muddy promises to be an exciting and visually stunning experience. The film is made even more thrilling and realistic by the commitment to accuracy in portraying mud racing and stunts. An exciting ride that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats is what audiences can expect.


Muddy brings to the big screen a special brand of accidental humour. The film was advertised as the first mud racing-focused film made in India, showcasing an exciting and unusual idea. However, it's fair to say that the script as a whole is a little hazy, lacking in sophistication and clarity. Despite this, Muddy has its own charm and offers a fun and enjoyable experience.

The movie features a standout cast of actors who infuse their performances with humour and fun, leading to some genuinely funny moments. Audiences can enjoy the movie's quirky appeal even though the overall production may not have been perfect. Muddy might fall short of your expectations if you enjoy adventure and off-road racing. But it's crucial to recognise that the comedy-based entertainment offered by the movie offers a unique perspective on the genre. It would be beneficial to investigate actual events in that field for a more realistic off-road rally experience.

In conclusion, Muddy is an entertaining and lighthearted watch even though it isn't a conventional masterpiece. For those looking for a comedic take on mud racing, the blend of humour, poor acting, and unconventional film making produces a distinctive and enjoyable experience.

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