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Multiplication Chart

Multiplication chart or multiplication table represents the product or multiplication of two numbers. In other words, multiplication chart is the horizontal and vertical representation of the tables. These charts help students to memorize the multiplication of two numbers.

In the multiplication chart one number is written on the left column and the other number is written on the top of the row. The product of these two numbers are represented in the rectangular array of numbers that is called multiplication chart or table. For example, consider the following multiplication chart:

Multiplication Chart

Note: Throughout this tutorial, the row and column in white color represent the row and column number.

Reading a Multiplication Chart

  • Choose the first number from the left most column.
  • Choose the second number from the top most row.
  • Move towards right of the first number.
  • Move toward down of the second number.

The square where both meet is the product of the first and second number.

Let's choose two numbers. First number is 6 from the left most column, and the second number is 7 from the top most row. The product of 6 and 7 gives 42.

Properties of Multiplication Chart

  • The order of multiplication of two numbers does not affects the product. It is called the commutative property of multiplication. It means that if we multiply 8 * 6 or 6 * 8, we get the same result, i.e., 48. In the following table, consider the 8th column and 6th row, and 6th column and 8th row. The meet point of the row and column denotes the product of the number.
    Multiplication Chart
  • We can find the blocks that are in transpose manner. In the following table, the squares that are in green color represents the transpose of each other.
    Multiplication Chart
  • The multiplication table is the shortcut to the addition of same number group. For example, 5+5+5+5+5=25. We get the same result on adding the numbers that we get on multiplying the number 5*5=25.
  • The product of any number with 1, always gives the number. For example, multiply 8 by 1 will gives 8.
  • The multiplication table has a mirror image.
    Multiplication Chart

How to Memorize Multiplication Chart

  • Any number multiplied by 1, remains the same number.
  • Any number multiplied by 2, becomes the doubled itself. We can also consider it as addition of two same numbers. For example, 9+9=18 and 9*2=18, gives the same result.
  • We can write the table of a numbers by adding the number itself. This method works for each number. For example, if we want to write a table of 7, we will add 7 to that number to get the next number.
    Multiplication Chart
  • To memorize the table of number 9, first write 0 to 9 (top to bottom) and then 0 to 9 (bottom to top).
    Multiplication Chart
  • Ten has the easiest multiplication table to memorize. Write 1 to 10 and put a 0 after each number.
  • For the table of 11, repeat the number. For example, 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, and so on.
  • To memorize the table of 17, write the table of 7 and put the sum of underlined digits. Similarly we can also memorize the table of 12.
    Multiplication Chart
  • To memorize the table of 19, write 9 to 0 (top to bottom) at the unit place and then add 2 at the tens place.
    Multiplication Chart
  • To memorize the table of 20, write the table of 2 and put a zero after each number.
    Multiplication Chart

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