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Music player for Android

Android smartphones comes with a default music player to play music. Then what is the requirement of an alternate music player? This may be because the default Android music player doesn't offer the rich feature, or it may not provide a satisfactory equalizer, or its user-interface may not be agreeable. Now a day, most of the Android devices include Google Play Music, which has common functionality and cloud streaming.

In this article, you will know about some best music player apps for Android devices.

Best music player for Android device

Here is the list of some best music player apps for Android devices; you may definitely want to use them. The order of below mentioned music players list is only compliance, not on the basis of their performance. You can choose according to your requirement.

  1. AIMP
  2. Musicolet
  3. BlackPlayer EX
  4. MediaMonkey
  5. Phonograph
  6. Musixmatch
  7. Poweramp
  8. n7player Music Player
  9. Pulsar Music Player
  10. Pi Music Player


Music player for Android

AIMP is obviously a good music app for Android devices. It is known for its simplicity and offers all the required features that you want in a music player. The app provides features like playback speed control, sleep timer, equalizer, speaker control, HTTP live streaming, volume normalization, etc. Its setting option is hidden in the hamburger menu, which contains many advances and important options for nice music experience.

This app supports music files such as MP3, MP4, FLAC, and others. It looks simple, with an excellent Material Design interface.

Download the AIMP app from Google Play Store.


Music player for Android

Musicolet is a lightweight, offline Android music player containing lots of features. The app contains tag editor, an equalizer, widgets, folder browsing, support for embedded lyrics, and lots more. This app is excellent for those who only want to play music without any other activities. It is absolutely free to download and doesn't contain ads due to its offline execution.

Musicolet provides the facility to control your music player via your earphone button. A single click performs play/pause, double click activates the next song, and triple-click brings you to previous song. You can also fast-forward your music with four or more continuously clicks.

Download the Musicolet app from Google Play Store.

BlackPlayer EX

Music player for Android

BlackPlayer is definitely one of the best music player app for Android devices that offers various functionality. The app gives features like ID3 tag editor, sleep timer, gapless playback, no ads, equalizer, changeable themes, and many more. It supports music files like MP3, WAV, OGG. Its free version provides some fewer features, but its paid version gives more.

Download the BlackPlayer app from Google Play Store.


Music player for Android

MediaMonkey music player app contains various features in it. It offers to browse music based on albums, artists, genres, podcasts, audiobooks, and even composers. Its search functionality works fast and displays both tracks and artists. It allows you to sync your Android media player with MediaMonkey for Windows. The app gives additional features like sleep timer, home-screen widgets, and tag editor. MediaMonkey sorts the songs based on the artist or its composer. It is quite complicated to set-up; however it offers the kind feature.

Download the MediaMonkey app from Google Play Store.


Music player for Android

The Phonograph is an open-source and attractive music player app for Android devices with neat and clean material design user-interface. Its user interface changes automatically to match the color according to the content displayed on the screen. The app contains various features in it. It includes playlist features, a sleep timer, a tag editor, a home screen widget, gapless playback, and other navigation features. It allows you to change its theme if you want, but its theme editor is not much powerful. This music app is simple and suitable for those users who want to listen their songs without any disturbance.

Download the Phonograph app from Google Play Store.


Music player for Android

Musixmatch provides the fundamentals playback controls with 5-band equalizer. It allows you to search for music by artist, title, or a single line of songs. The app includes all the required features and allows us to browse media by genre, folders, album, and artist. More other top features include Android Wear support, Chromecast, and lots more. The Musixmatch also works well with other music players like Play Music, Spotify, using a feature known as FloatingLyrics.

Download the Musixmatch app from Google Play Store.


Music player for Android

Poweramp music player is one of the attractive choices for most of the Android users. This app is fast, powerful, and efficient. There are other themes available in it, you may change it if you want. The app provides features like playback, gapless playback, and it also supports Android auto.

Poweramp comes with a variety of audio formats, lyrics for songs, graphic equalizer, various playlist formats. It offers a fast library search, a tag editor, home, and lock screen widgets. Due to this, the app becomes an excellent choice as an Android music player for users.

Download the poweramp app from Google Play Store.

n7player Music Player

Music player for Android

n7player Music Player has a unique search surface and an attractive user-interface. It sorts the songs by artist or by genre. This app allows you to see any song within the various views. The app has a pinch-to-zoom control scheme that offers to zoom in to a particular artist or album for which you are looking. The n7player comes with excellent playback options, which include smart playlists, 10-band equalizer, device streaming, and lots more.

Download the n7playerMusic Player app from Google Play Store.

Pulsar Music Player

Music player for Android

Pulsar Music Player is one of the best and popular music player apps for Android devices now a day. It has a beautiful design and attractive user interface due to Material Design. It offers features such as tag editing, smart playlists, gapless playback, 5-band equalizer, a sleep timer, and more. It also supports Android Auto and Chromecast. This app is for those users who want a lightweight, minimal, and good looking music player. It allows customizing its interface using various color themes. This music player sorts its library by artist, album, genre, or folders.

Download the Pulsar Music Player app from Google Play Store.

Pi Music Player

Music player for Android

Pi Music Player has a good design and created beautifully. It comes with features that support YouTube videos, a ringtone cutter, podcasts, and Pi Powershare for music sharing directly to your contacts and friends. When you launch the application, it will ask you to choose a theme from available varieties. You can change this theme later if you want. The app is easy to access, and you can play music from its several library views such as artists, genres, albums, tracks, folders, playlists. Its free version contains ads; however, you can also purchase it for an ad-free experience.

Download the Pi Music Player app from Google Play Store.

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