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Muskan Sharma

Muskan Sharma

The 23-year-old model and actress were born on November 22, 1998, in New Delhi, India. She was raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Muskan Sharma will be 24 years old in 2022. She did her schooling in Delhi and went to Mumbai for her future education. After completing her education at the Mumbai City Private School, she began her career in modelling. On Instagram, she often posts lip-synch videos of herself modelling and auditioning for movies and television shows. More than 7.3 million followers are now on her Instagram account, and the account is growing rapidly.

Personal Life

Muskan is close to her mother and frequently posts images of the two of them on her social media accounts. On the other hand, Sharma never made her mother's name public. Sharma belongs to the Brahmin caste and is a follower of Hinduism. Simran Sharma, her older sister, is her only sibling. Simran and Muskan collaborated to create videos for their YouTube account. Muskan is a young, talented, and charming actress and model. She was in a love connection with Shadab Khan, according to sources. In the year 2020, they both separated ways. She has also posted several short videos on their Tik Tok accounts.


Throughout her college years, she began working on modelling projects. She rose to fame on Tik Tok after collaborating on most of her videos with her partner Shadab Khan. The couple became a tremendous hit in very less time. During her best days on Tik Tok, she got the Ace Tik Tok Comedian Badge. She had more than 4 million Tik Tok followers at the time, and her videos had accumulated more than 100 million likes. This big accomplishment cemented her status as a well-known social media influencer.

Muskan Sharma is a well-known TikTok star; on her TikTok channel, she has millions of followers. After the government in India banned TikTok, she decided to move on to other video-making sites. She has shared several videos on MX TakaTak, Instagram clips, and other platforms.

1. As an actress

Sharma is a well-known actress. She has been in several music videos. In February 2021, she starred alongside Naaz Aulakh and Danish in the hit song Pawri (Party) Ho Rai Hai. She has also appeared in a song named Dil Tune Toda Hai, released in March 2021 and sung by Priyanshi Srivastav.

2. As a Youtuber

Muskan launched her YouTube channel on August 29, 2020. As of September 2021, she had 1.84 million subscribers and 313 million views. She usually appears alongside her sister and pals. 'Thums-Up & Bananas Eating Without Using Hand Challenge |Muskan Sharma|' was her first video, which she released on September 5, 2020. At the time of writing, she had 436k views on her video. Sharma's most popular video, titled Lut Gaye song look recreated| vlog, has gone viral. Until June 2022, the video has gained 10 million views and 363k likes.

Physical Appearance

Muskan Sharma is undeniably one of this generation's most charming celebrities. She has the right personality for television dramas and has the appearance of a heroine. Her dazzling charm is strong, and due to this, she has lakhs of Instagram followers. She has black hair that she dyes to suit the shoot's needs.

She stands about 5 feet and 5 inches tall (165 cm). Her dark hair is lengthy, and she frequently wears contact lenses. She favours having healthy meals. Sharma weighs 56 kg overall (in pounds: 123 lbs).

Muskan Sharma Songs

1. Rafta - Rafta

Muskan Sharma

The song 'Rafta Rafta' was premiered during a spectacular event in Sin City, where Danish Alfaaz and Muskan Sharma's pals were among a host of social media celebrities and TV stars who shouted and hailed the duo for such a heartfelt and passionate song. Desi Junction released the song.

It's no secret that social media celebrities Danish Alfaaz and Muskan Sharma have collaborated on several songs that have gone viral instantly. This duo's latest heartfelt song, 'Rafta Rafta,' has also racked up many lakh views since its digital release on Desi Junction's official YouTube page.

2. Dil Mera Tut Jayega

Muskan Sharma

Aamir Arab ft. Muskan sings the Dil Mera Tut Jayega Song Lyrics, which Music Man Rahul pens. The music is provided by Five Years Form Now, and Aamir Arab ft. Muskan performs the Dil Mera Tut Jayega Song Lyrics. DK Chawla directed the video for this Hindi song.

3. Juttiyan

Muskan Sharma

'Juttiyan,' another heartfelt song from Snow Records, has astonished the crowd. Snow Records, dedicated to providing exceptional entertainment to the public, has featured Rehaan Roy and Muskan Sharma.

'Juttiyan' is a cheerful love song, and singer Ady's voice brilliantly expresses the love and sorrow of the pair in this music video. The song's lovers wow the audience with their wonderful emotions, and their romance is magnificent. TJ Bainsla founded the label, including Atmika Tiwari and Sanjog Tiwari.

4. Alfaazo Ki Jarurat Hi Nahi

Muskan Sharma

Bhanu Pandit created the music and wrote the words for the song Alfaazo Ki Jarurat Hi Nahi Lyrics, sung by Javed Ali and Anita Bhatt and features Rehaan Roy, Muskan Sharma, and Atif Malik.

Net worth

Even though she hasn't been in any major films or web series, she has a large social media following and charges a lot of money for product and service advertisements on her page. She also makes money via YouTube. She is also a fashion model who has been in various music videos.

Muskan can have an opulent lifestyle due to her earnings. She also drives a high-end automobile and lives in a beautiful Mumbai home. Her social media accounts and marketing would get her roughly INR 35-40k (approximately). Her net worth is somewhere between INR 3 and 4 crores.

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