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My Best Friend Essay

A genuinely good relationship between two people is what we call friendship. We all have friends and are well aware of the value of friendship. We must respect this bond and put in the effort to improve our friendship with our friends. We meet a lot of people in our lifetime, but we have only a few people who we can call friends and most of the time, we have a special friend who is completely unique from the rest, who is incredibly similar to us, and who thoroughly comprehends us. Yes, we all have friends like that. They are called "Best Friends".

My Best Friend Essay

Today I am going to tell you a lot about my best friend. Charu, a classmate of mine, is my best friend. We were in primary school together. We have been friends since childhood and spend much of our time together. When we first met, we both didn't like each other. However, the circumstances like coincidently living in the same society, going from the same bus, and being together in group activities made us friends and then best friends. Only then do we realise that we were wrong about each other. We clearly made wrong assumptions about each other's nature. Now we get together after school to play on the closest playground, or we hang out in the house. We love to spend time with each other so much.

Her Family

Her mother is a Housewife, and her father is a Lawyer. She comes from a really nice family and has good etiquette. She behaves in a very respectful manner with everyone in the school. She values each and every teacher, and she is well-liked by all of them. She is adored by her teacher as well as by the students. She is very Calm, that is what I like about he the most. Even in the most difficult situations, she remains calm and handles everything excellently. She is also very bold and speaks her mind clearly. She isn't afraid of anything. She knows what she likes and what she wants to do. She is the most sorted person at this age that I have seen. She encouraged me to become bold and not be afraid of anything. Whenever I am with her, I feel confident naturally. Therefore, I love spending time with her.

My Best Friend Essay

Her Hobbies

Charu loves gardening. It is her favourite pastime. Her house's front yard has a tiny garden. One of her older cousins encouraged her to start gardening. Now, she has numerous flowering trees around her garden. She is also planning to sow vegetable and fruit seeds. I believe she will be able to expand the garden more so that she can plant more trees and grow organic veggies and fruits.

She is the only child. Therefore, her family is very caring. During every assignment or exam period, her mother is always present in the classroom. Charu has been the smartest kid in this class as a result. I am hoping she will continue to perform like this in the near future.

Her Skills

Charu has an incredibly impressive singing skill. I was completely ignorant of this. However, she had a song in mind to sing at a yearly event. I considered listening to some Bollywood music. But during the day, she sang one of the Bollywood songs, which had a beautiful tune and voice. She was singing, and the whole school was hushed. Really, I was impressed. I admired her talent. She was singing, so I asked her to keep going. I am hoping she will become a well-known singer someday.

Common Traits

We have a lot in common, particularly when it comes to our pastimes and general interests. She has a garden and tends to it as a hobby, as I previously mentioned, and I do the same. In addition, I enjoy gardening. I am considering designing my own garden. Like me, she enjoys reading novels aside from gardening. Her home has a huge library. I spend a lot of time in the library whenever I go to her place. I occasionally take out a few books to read, and then I return them. We both love Bollywood songs. We love to dance. Also, we both want to travel the world. She also has a swimming pool in her home. We love to swim. Whenever I go to her house, we spare 1 hour for swimming.

We have Disparate Views of Careers. In addition to singing, she wants to be a doctor. And she is working really hard to prepare for this. We think very differently about this situation. I have always wanted to work in education. I appreciate being a teacher because I adore it. That is the sole and most significant distinction in our interests.

My Best Friend Essay

But no matter what we do in the future, we will always remain together. We have a full bucket list prepared for us. We cherish our time together. She is incredibly kind and helpful. She enjoys supporting others. She never refuses to assist anyone in need if they have an issue. I have learned so much from her.

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