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My Dear Bootham Review


My Dear Bootham is a 2022 Indian Tamil-language fiction comic movie directed and written by N. Ragavan of Manjapai and Kadamban fame and produced by Ramesh P. Pillai under the brand of Abhishek Films. Prabhu Deva co-stars with Ashwanth Ashokkumar in the title role. D. Imman created the soundtrack for the movie. U. K. Senthil Kumar shot it, and San Lokesh edited it.

After Mercury, the movie is Prabhu Deva and Remya Nambeesan's second collaboration. The King of All Genies, Karkimuki, is released when a little boy named Pannu opens a lantern he finds in a cave as he returns home, as shown in the movie. The little youngster receives assistance from Genie with his day-to-day issues.

My Dear Bootham Review

On July 15, 2022, the movie premiered in theatres. Critics and viewers alike applauded the social message and Prabhu Deva and Ashwanth's acting in the film. ZEE5 purchased the post-theatrical streaming rights to the movie, and Zed Tamil and Zed Thirai purchased the satellite rights.

Cast and Crew


N. Ragavan


N. Ragavan


Ramesh P. Pilai


U.K. Senthil Kumar

Edited By:

San Lokesh

Production Company:

Abhishek Films




Prabhu Deva
Ashwanth Ashokkumar
Remya Nambeesan
Shakthi Rithvik
Master Param Guganesh
Imman Annachi
Suresh Chandra Menon
V. Irai Anbu
Samyuktha Shanmuganathan

The Plot of the Movie

The film begins in a world of genies, where Karkimuki, the King of All, is upset since he hasn't had a kid in years. He gains a son as a result of his prayers to Lord Murugan. He expresses the affection he has been holding back all these years and has an unwavering devotion for him.

One day, Karkimuki's kid requests that he takes him to the planet where Siddhars reside, so he does. A Siddhar's thavam that has been going on for a thousand years is disturbed when his kid accidentally enters a deep hole to hide from his father.

Siddhar awakens in a rage and curses Karkimuki. Karkimuki will be sent to Earth as a statue, he claims, unless someone frees him. The person who frees him must recite a mandaram for Karkimuki to return to the Genie World within 48 days. Otherwise, he will become extinct in the air. Thirunavukarusu (Thiru) is a typical youngster who struggles with stammering due to an accident that claims his father's life.

As a result, he experiences bullying at school from his peers and the instructors, who forbid him from reading aloud because of his stammering issue. Even the merchant urges Thiru to jot down anything he wants since he is excited to hear what he wants to buy. Even though she loves him deeply, his mother does not pay attention. On a school excursion, Thiru is chased by a dog who eventually falls into a ditch, where he discovers a doll and frees Karkimuki.

My Dear Bootham Review

Karkimuki intimidates Thiru by referring to him as Deivam. Thiru follows Karkimuki home before realizing that only he can see Genie. After a while, they start to get along, and Thiru makes fun of everyone who used to tease him. He had the pleasure while asking Karkimuni for all of his wants.

Thiru wants to participate in the interschool speaking competition when the instructor announces it, but he hesitates due to his stutter. Karkimuki grants his request to get rid of his stutter. At the competition, he begins to speak but then stumbles once more. Thiru becomes distraught and sobs on stage that he wets his trousers.

His mother, who feels powerless, consoles him. Thiru decides to stay home for the upcoming few days instead of attending school. Karkimuki apologizes when Thiru accuses him of misleading him and points to him that genies are bound by certain laws, including those against raising the dead, stopping time, and treating mental health issues. Karkimuki claims that Thiru has a mental issue rather than a physical one.

Thiru instructs Karkimuki never to talk to him again. They rekindle their friendship after Karkimuki saves Thiru's mother during a heist. He chooses to attend school since Karkimuki urges him to disregard everyone and do so, but he pledges to his mother that he would never do anything without informing her first. Thiru manages to win the top prize in a different competition at school, startling everyone who underestimates him.

He keeps this a secret from his mother out of concern for her reaction. Karkimuki answers Thiru's question about what he wants by detailing everything that happened, causing Thiru to cry. Karkimuki receives assurance from Thiru that he will reunify him with his son by reciting the mandaram. He struggles while he practices the mandaram every day.

His mother once saw him practicing and asked him what it was. She asks him while hitting him as he flees. As she observes this, Karkimuki confronts her, and she is startled. Karkimuki chooses to go since Thiru's mother is concerned. Later, Thiru yells at his mother for sending the Genie away, claiming that she was the only one who willingly listened to him and that no one else had, not even the Genie.

When he climbs the rooftop, he sees Karkimuki drifting away. When reciting the mandaram, Thiru sobs and becomes irate. The mandaram is ultimately spoken by him, creating a doorway for Karkimuki to return to the land of genies. A kite thread appears out of nowhere as he is ready to walk away, slitting Thiru's mother's throat and killing her instantly.

Karkimuki sees Thiru grieving over his deceased mother and chooses to revive her, which leads to Karkimuki's death because he broke his rules. In tears, Thiru and his mother embrace as Karkimuki dances merrily away. In the last scenario, Thiru speaks in a competition without stuttering.




Based on Critics

A very lengthy genie-based love story may be found in Tamil films. We have witnessed several booths fulfilling wishes to our selfless and deserving heroes, starting with Pattinathil Bhootham, Allauddinum Albhutha Vilakkum, to Sathan Sollai Thattathe. Even though each of these films was aimed at children, they remembered to add something for adults.

Most of them succeeded in making grownups laugh at their inner kid. This is yet another adaptation of the Aladdin tale. The audience for N Ragavan's version of Alladin and the Genie is identified. It is blatantly cartoonish and only intended for children.

The main character in N Ragavan's My Dear Bootham frees a genie imprisoned in an artifact, who then uses his magical abilities to alleviate the protagonist's problems. In this instance, it is Thirunavukkrasu, portrayed by Master Ashwath, the Super Deluxe child, who trips over a statue and releases Karkimuki, a genie imprisoned inside of it, played by Prabhudeva. Thiru's stutter gets him into all kinds of difficulty at school, including being made fun of by disrespectful instructors like Samyuktha and an overprotective mother like Ramya Nambeesan.

In a broad sense, Thirunavukkarasu, a fatherless kid with a stammering problem and a chatty genie separated from his child, travel together and fill each other's voids. Although the narrative seems ideal for grownups, the filmmaker barely touches on the foster father-son element and instead concentrates on melodrama. Even though My Dear Bootham tries to present Thirunavukkarasu as an object of pity, just a few scenes hit the correct emotional notes.

My Dear Bootham Review

Fortunately, My Dear Bootham isn't a whole sappy tale. We tend to be lenient with the less-than-stellar sections of the movie because the remainder of it is jam-packed with amusing ideas and images. My Dear Bootham soon transforms into a buddy movie as Genie emerges from the statue. It's not simply Thiruna's companion, Genie. He also takes on the roles of his father and mentor.

The opening of the movie also has a gorgeous children's magazine vibe. Although not very excellent, the aesthetics are as inventive as one might hope for. For instance, when the shower doesn't work, Karki squeezes out a little cloud, uses a spear to kill a bee, and transports Thiruna and his buddies to the moon.

The young actor who had a little part in Super Deluxe, Ashwanth Ashok Kumar, is an invaluable asset to the movie. His portrayal of a little child with a stammering issue is excellent. He was equal to Prabhudeva. Ashwanth will undoubtedly have a successful future. Prabhudeva is the ideal choice for the job. His charm, screen presence and dance prowess are top-notch and immensely entertaining.

The relationship between the little child and Prabhudeva is wonderfully shown. The first half is quite entertaining. The first hour establishes the plot and sets the tone for the next hour. There is enough material in this film to interest children. In her capacity as the child's mother, Ramya does okay.

The pace of the second half is slower than the first. Things eventually get monotonous and dull. The plot is something we've seen in many films of this kind. It's like viewing an antiquated movie because of the treatment. Thiruna takes part in an elaborate contest. He tries to talk, but to his profound despair, he cannot.

The youngster thought Karkimuki would help him, but Genie was still a silent observer. In a perfect world, the teachers would have assisted the youngster, but in this case, Thiruna pees in his pants in front of the entire auditorium out of pure terror and shame. The worst part is that Thiruna's mother has no idea where the boy goes, but she is doubtful as the narrative continues.

VFX is a major letdown. Given that the movie is a fantasy, one would anticipate high-quality visual effects. But regrettably, this feature falls short. Adults aren't drawn to the movie. The conclusion is another poorly handled letdown that comes out as ridiculous. The conflict between the child and his mother is not accurately shown.

Without any unexpected turns, the movie falls flat. It becomes entirely predictable.

My Dear Bootham has a good first half and a mediocre second half. The director performed admirably in the beginning but fell apart afterward. This fantasy drama has just enough components to entertain children, but it is acceptable viewing for adults. If you enjoy fantasy drama, try this.

Based on Viewers

Viewers' reactions to the movie "My Dear Bootham" have been conflicting. While some people enjoyed it and thought it was amusing, complementing the interesting plot and colorful performances, others were disappointed. Some viewers said the movie lacked depth and creativity, had predictable story twists, and had stereotypical characters. With its humorous and nostalgic features, it nonetheless attracted some viewers.

The film earned a lot of positive reviews from the audience. It is a Good Fantasy Drama for Kids, one of them said. All children should be able to relate to the movie's realistic style. Both in comedic and dramatic sequences, Ashwanth excelled as an actor. He added that he liked seeing Prabhu Deva Sir in his new light, where he excelled as Boodham by having fun and showing passion. The work of other artists was excellent.

He continued by saying that the film's first half was slow-paced and included funny comedy songs. The second half had a strong emotional, inspirational, and didactic message. The cinematography, sound effects, and editing were good. VFX was successful in certain situations while falling short in others. The movie should have turned out even better if it had scripted even more intriguing situations and comedic tracks.

My Dear Bootham Review

According to another commenter, the plot, the screenplay, and the images are superb. One of the movies that young people may see and really like is this one. The narrative may have some flaws, but the topic is pertinent. We require more films with powerful social messages and entertaining plots.

The work put into the movie is evident with excellence in the sequences, according to another comment praising the film. These films demonstrate that we can produce work on par with Hollywood. Everyone should see this fantastic film the crew created by combining emotional qualities, motivational components, humor, sound effects, animation, editing, and many other elements.

Addressing the negative feedback the film received. One observer said, "The movie is for kids, yet it's very infantile, and the societal message in the movie is also extremely wrongly presented." The huge disappointment and lost chance. Prabhu Deva's casting as Bootham is excellent, and he fits the part perfectly.

Everyone else is poorly cast and overacts cliched, except him. The drawbacks are discussed in an uninteresting way, and the suggested solutions could be more effective. The personalities of the instructor, mother, and friends are all so manufactured, and their realization scenes are so pitiful.

My Dear Bootham Review

Many criticized the movie for having a poor, predictable narrative without shocks or innovation. For adult viewers, the picture proved challenging to relate to because of the immature and repetitious humor. Some observers thought the performances were mediocre, with some cast members doing shoddy acting. The production quality and special effects were also considered below par, which hurt the film's overall aesthetic appeal.

"My Dear Bootham" is a subjective choice for people looking for a mix of humor and nostalgia in their movie-watching experience because it appears to have divided opinions overall. The cast's performances, especially those of the major actors, were praised, enhancing the whole thing's appeal. Some observers thought the film might have gone deeper into its possibilities and provided more depth.

Despite its flaws, the movie appealed to a certain demographic looking for lighthearted and pleasurable family entertainment. As a result, "My Dear Bootham" balances humor and flaws, making it an acceptable choice for certain viewers.


Both viewers and critics have exhibited conflicting opinions on the movie "My Dear Bootham." Others felt it needed more innovation and content. However, some enjoyed its fun and family-friendly appeal. The lacklustre plot followed a predictable and conventional premise that was criticized.

Although aimed at a younger audience, the humor was frequently criticized for being stilted and monotonous. These opinions were shared by viewers, who lamented the film's shallowness and lack of originality. Although generally good, many people thought the performances could have been more noteworthy. Some people applauded the cast's chemistry and comic timing, while others thought the performance was subpar and ordinary.

My Dear Bootham Review

Many people felt that the movie lacked in terms of production value. The special effects were seen as poor since they failed to produce an engaging visual experience. Some found this to be underwhelming, especially when combined with the mediocre cinematography. Despite its flaws, "My Dear Bootham" attracted viewers who appreciated its humorous and light-hearted tone.

The film appealed to families searching for a straightforward and upbeat cinematic experience, especially given its emphasis on humor.

In conclusion, critics and spectators had conflicting opinions about "My Dear Bootham." Despite some amusing and charming moments, the movie's poor narrative, predictable humor, and mediocre production value left much to be desired for those looking for a more interesting and creative cinematic experience.

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