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My Dreams Essay

When we speak about dreams, the first thing that comes to mind is that they must be something that takes place when we sleep. Emotions, mental imagery, and ideals are a dream's components. A dream is something that everyone experiences, and the act of dreaming is something that happens to every single human being. Only a small percentage of them can recall it.

Most of the time, a person will watch a dream and then forget it entirely; however, there are times when they will remember it in fragments. A notion, a picture, or an emotion that arises in our subconscious while in a sleepy state might be interpreted as a dream; nevertheless, dreams have a far broader significance than that. So with that in mind, a look at the essay that was provided below. I hope that this article might be of some use to you.

My Dreams Essay

Essay on My Dreams

"Miracles start to happen when you devote as much attention to your ambitions as you do to your anxieties," said author and motivational speaker Brian Tracy.

People go through their life pursuing various goals and aspirations. Many people have the dream of becoming wealthy or becoming successful business magnates. Some people aspire to climb the political ladder and make significant strides toward societal improvement. Certain people want to become poets, authors, and novelists, whereas most of us normally have the ambition to become engineers, physicians, and scientists of great reputation.

There are yet some who, by their nature, are carefree and happy, and they drift aimlessly through life without any particular destination or objective in mind. In terms of the conventional definition of the trait, I would not describe myself as an overly ambitious person. I have no interest in becoming a factory owner or multi-millionaire, for that matter. My only goal is to live a life that is pure in intention, unselfish in character, and selflessly committed to the welfare of others because most professionals and politicians have a propensity to become parasites in society; I do not believe either of those lines of work would suit me.

I was brought into this world by parents who worked middle-class jobs. I have toiled through life and observed the cutthroat competition with a sense of disappointment. The never-ending circle of corruption and greed prevents any attempts at advancement. There isn't much moral responsibility because people do things that aren't right and are always greedy. The question is, what exactly do I want to accomplish with my life? Indeed, if I could choose anything for the rest of my life, it would be to have a career in education.

The guiding principle behind this way of life, "simple living and higher thinking," motivates me to work in this field. Ancient India's great philosophers and teachers continue to serve as examples and inspiration for me. My goal, just as it was theirs for me, is to motivate my students to grow into responsible people who contribute positively to our global community. There is no source of pride comparable to that of being able to see the achievements of one's students.

The primary reason is that I have a strong fondness for young people. My perspective is that every kid is comparable to a lovely and fragile flower that requires special care and attention to grow to its full potential; because of my position as a teacher, I am in a position to assist my students in broadening their perspectives by providing them with information. I will contribute to the nation's well-being by ensuring the growth of better people.

In addition, being around the youngsters of that age would help me keep my mind and view on life youthful and vibrant. In addition to doing all of these important things, I have a lot of faith in the life of an ideal teacher because, as India's former president Dr S. Radhakrishnan said, "Teachers are the custodians of the highest value."


A dream is something that everyone experiences, but true dreams are the ones that may truly be treasured and cherished. It's simple to have a dream but much more challenging to put in the effort necessary to turn that desire into reality. Everyone ought to put in a lot of effort to realize their ambitions. Daydreaming alone won't get you very far; you'll need to work very hard if you want to accomplish your goals. So don't stop dreaming, always have faith in who you are, and put in as much work as possible to make your goals come true.

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