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My Favourite Season

Almost everyone enjoys the rainy season. Since childhood, a specific type of bliss spreads throughout the body once it starts to rain. The smell of the soil, the freshness of the entire natural world, and nearly all agricultural activity begin simultaneously. We must understand the value of rain, how it falls, and when it does so. The entire forest and the farm are covered in vegetation, which complements the rain's drizzling rhythm and the lingering perfume of the soil.

The rain will never quite live up to how wonderful it is portrayed. Occasionally, it seems as though nature will be at its most beautiful only when it rains. In many respects, the poem acts as a rain storage container. The inexplicable, vague feeling begins before it starts to pour down. Fauna, flora, and birds always become conscious. Like a conch shell, the clouds' thunder is audible. Then droplets gently start to fall, bringing them into consciousness. The fact that everything worldwide operates creation-based is the primary reason I enjoy the rainy season. Our lives begin refreshing due to the air, rain, and vegetation. They have tremendous zeal. Because of the pleasant weather and stunning scenery, I enjoy the rain. Every year when it first rains, I enjoy being wet. The birds that flutter when it rains include cuckoos, sparrows, parrots, and peacocks. During the wet season, various farming activities are carried out. The farmer grows all the food grains during the rainy season. The rain satisfies the annual nourishment of both people and animals.

In contrast to the rainy season, which provides water to the ground, winter and summer ensure all circumstances. Due to global warming, summertime water evaporation leads to clouds developing, causing water to recirculate on the earth during the next four months. June through September is considered the rainy season. Rain and the beginning of the school year arrived simultaneously. Both the school's new class and the raindrops are moving simultaneously. Therefore, my connection with the rain is equally creative.

My Favourite Season

Numerous developments are taking place in the twenty-first century. The main factor is a rise in living standards. As a result, even though India is an agricultural nation, there is little interest in rainfall these days. Nonetheless, when it begins to rain in rural and semi-urban areas, it still seems like a fresh start is emerging.

Rainfall has become more irregular today. Nature is mistreating us due to pollution, population growth, and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. Another factor is deforestation. The destruction of forests and trees appears to bring on unseasonable droughts. Urban residents also hate rain since it only serves to preserve water there.

Rainfall has become more irregular today. Nature is mistreating us as a result of pollution, population growth, and indiscriminate exploitation of natural resources. Another factor is deforestation. It appears that the destruction of forests and trees is bringing on droughts that are unseasonable. Rain is also hated by urban residents since it only serves to preserve water there.

Ways To Stay Safe During the Rainy Season

The monsoon does provide comfort from the hot summer sun and the sweltering, dry weather, but it also accompanies a host of illnesses. Numerous infectious illnesses developed among individuals as a result of the frequent rain, the muggy weather, and the high winds.

The following are some recommendations that everyone should go by in order to stay safe and hygienic even during the rainy season:

  • Wear waterproof trousers: During the monsoon season, people should use umbrellas, waterproof boots, and covered raincoats when going outside. Kids should never go outside in the rain without appropriate rain gear since they have weakened immune systems and might become sick.
  • A hot bath: It is recommended that if someone gets wet, they take a warm shower. As a result, their body systems will be able to stabilize and raise their body temperature as a result. Additionally, because the weather is so bad at the time of the rainy season, they should take hot baths.
  • Basic safety: Whether or not it has begun to rain, children and adults participating in recreational activities such as swimming should move inside if they hear loud thunder. If they hear thunder, they should stay away from open spaces like parks and metallic objects like light posts.
  • Still Water: Avoid standing water because mosquitoes that transmit diseases like malaria and dengue thrive in it. People must routinely drain the still water sources around their houses, such as pet water bowls, planter boxes and dishes, and inflated pools, to prevent this issue.
  • Avoid rising waters: children enjoy playing in standing water with only their feet. Children shouldn't play in rainwater because they might contract the bacterial illness leptospirosis. They should also wash any toys affected by this solution before using them.
  • Sanitation: Sanitation is crucial since the common cold is more prevalent during the monsoon season. People must always clean their hands before doing any job or eating. Every time a person returns home, they ought to clean their feet and hands, especially if they have just been in standing water.
  • Avoid eating junk food: Because the monsoon season is accompanied by a number of illnesses, it is advised that no one consumes junk or fatty foods. They ought to consume home-cooked meals because doing so would strengthen their defenses. People can eat food and green vegetables after properly cleaning their bodies.
  • Don't share items with others: viral fever is a contagious illness. In order to prevent spreading the virus to others, patients with viral fever should not exchange their possessions.
My Favourite Season

Rainy Season is the Most Amazing Season of the Year

The most crucial and unquestionably enjoyable time of year is during the monsoon season. Additionally, it is significantly more crucial than any other material good for nations where agriculture is seen as the foundation of the economy. The season also contributes to the replenishment of freshwater, which is essential to the renewal of life on Earth.

In addition, whether large or tiny, it is crucial for all life on Earth. Because of this, rain provides a lot of clean water. Many eco-friendly places of varied demographics would transform into arid and desolate terrain if there was no rainfall.

Significance Of Rain

A human requires clean water to sustain his immune function and digestive system. Freshwater accessibility contributes to the survival of human beings. Human body toxins are expelled through perspiration and urine.

  • Water is necessary for the life and growth of all plants, including shrubs, trees, and flowers. Freshwater collected during the monsoon season is kept in the soil and utilized by seedlings for nutrient uptake and development.
  • Seasonal rainfall alters the environment's weather. Lower temperatures and a chilly atmosphere are present. Rainfall raises the quantity of water in lakes and streams so that wildlife may drink from them. Plants utilize the soil to absorb the groundwater, which they then use to turn the sun's radiation into nutrients.
  • People may retain the rainfall by employing the method of rainwater harvesting. Water is gathered in the containers, or cisterns, after traveling through a pipeline from the roof of the building. Hydroelectricity is the term for the process of producing electricity using rainwater.
  • The river's and reservoir's water levels increase as a result of precipitation. Additionally, people build little reservoirs to catch the rainfall and use it to create power.
  • Different cultures have different perspectives on rainfall. In temperate areas, unpredictable or overcast weather tends to make individuals feel more worried, with males more affected than women. Rain may also make people happy since some people find it calming or beautiful. Rain brightens people's spirits in arid regions like India or during times of drought. Due to its arid climate, Botswana uses the Setswana word for rainfall, pula, as the symbol of its currency as a nod to the necessity of the monsoon for its economy. In order to deal with rain, many civilizations have created a variety of protective gear, including umbrellas and raincoats, as well as rain-diversion tools, including gutters and flood drains that channel rainwater into sewers. Many individuals discover the smell during and soon after showering to be lovely or unique. Petrichor, an oil created by the flora and subsequently accumulated by rocks and soil before being released into the environment after rain, is the origin of this odor.
My Favourite Season


In sum, rain is essential to existence. Nature provides for our basic needs of consuming food and beverages on its own. Therefore, it may be claimed that people are extremely appreciative of rain. The landscape as a whole is filled with greenery and appears pristine and lovely. Every living creature on Earth is given new life by obtaining rainwater. Going outside in the rain, getting soaked by the water, and having fun are all enjoyable. As a result, I like the monsoon season for its fresh and scented vitality.


1. Which is your favourite season?

My favourite season is the rainy season. The rainy season is the most unique and beautiful time of the year.

2. What's the duration of this season?

The rainy season starts in June and lasts in September in India.

3. What is the climate condition during your favourite season?

During the rainy season, the atmosphere temperature is high, with high humidity, extensive clouding and several spells of moderate to heavy rain with strong surface winds.

4. What is the condition of the soil during your favourite season?

Rainy season reduces water infiltration, increases water runoff, and increases soil erosion.

5. Which are the unique animals found during this season?

It's common to see earthworms, frogs, snakes, mosquitos, bulbuls, cuckoos, robins, barbets, sparrows, etc., during the rainy season.

6. Which kind of food do you like to have during your favourite season?

Food items like pakoras, samosas, idli sambhar, tea, corn, etc., are commonly consumed during the rainy season.

7. What kind of clothes do you wear during your favourite season?

Cotton clothes are best during the rainy season. We can feel the rain and enjoy its beauty.

8. Where do you like to go during the time your favourite season?

I wish to go out in the rain and admire its beauty and the relief it gives to all the creatures on the earth.

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