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My Home Essay

Many know that giving thousands of impoverished people a comfortable place to stay is a gift. The blessing of having a secure place to call home is something we must value highly. We sometimes also regret that we don't have any luxuries, despite whether we deserve them.

My Home Essay

Homes are places where people may peacefully sleep, eat, and maintain a healthy and happy life. Therefore, those who are homeless or expected to live in overcrowded shelters, for people like them, find it hard to fulfil these basic requirements for protection.

We would have found it remarkable that we were shielded by four protective walls everywhere we wanted to enter. We have this blessing since our parents worked so hard. Today's society is complete, with people still complaining about what they lack. The man who has a home wants a castle and desires the bungalow.

Unrecognized Blessing

Getting a house is the peak of happiness. We should ask someone without a home if you haven't realized about it. Only then will you be able to appreciate how fortunate you are to see a house. Not every home needs to be beautifully decorated with the most modern amenities, and the home is complete if you are lucky enough to have a roof over your head.

There are no finer blessings than having your loved ones around you. Before it's too late, you must be aware of the value of your home. Before a particular occurrence transformed our perspective, we had no idea how precious our house had been.

We could comprehend how we took our home for granted after several incidents. We need to appreciate our homes. We love our home, and I can't live much more time anywhere without a house.

My Home Essay

My grandmother, my parents, and my siblings' ancestral house is where We currently reside. We appreciate their efforts, especially those of my grandparents who created this house. It contains a kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms, and a balcony. The age of our building is around 40 years.

My Home Essay

We adore how lovely my house is! It is much more striking because of the retro reflections. A little garden owned by my grandparents adds greenery to our house, and it just has two plants in contrast. Pomegranate trees make up one of them, while henna trees make up the other. They provide us with shade and delicious fruits.

My Home Essay

The large windows in my bedroom, though, are undoubtedly my favourite feature of an apartment. My home primarily consists of windows, which let the sun's rays in and provide me with a lovely view of the morning and sunset.

My Home Essay

I enjoy my home's balcony, which is close to the kitchen and filled with various plants and beautiful flowers. It's lovely to stand on the balcony of a tall building and watch the sun set deep below the water. When someone moves several times in a few years, creating a genuine attachment to a place to call home might be challenging.

We have classic switchboards, which give it a unique appearance. The location of my house is not close to any other but in the middle of four pathways. There are four entrances from each side of my home. Every time visitors to my home arrive, they take numerous photos.

My Home Essay

Even my family like the home's design, which combines modern and traditional architecture. In our area, my house stands out because it is designed in a brown or light colour. After a particularly demanding day at work, I believe my house is the ideal place to unwind and refresh.

I enjoy the beautiful times my dad, and I have together since I spend much time with him. Stunning views may be seen from my balcony, and I find it quite motivational as I continue to compose poems.

Everyone's Dream Home

My Home Essay

All around the world, people reside in various home styles and various villages, towns, and cities. Most homes, either apartments or flats, also seem shaped like buildings. Under the construction environment, they can be made of wood, stone, and a few other materials.

The services to which the platform has access have the most significant impact on the home. However, not all dwellings are safe, and many houses are movable and may be moved about to meet the requirements of the people living in them.

Locals' most common modes of transportation are small dwellings, houseboats, tents, and campers. Mobility is advantageous for those who don't want to dwell in one place and enjoy a more affordable option to move about and get to work.

For financial and legal reasons, a small number of people may not own their own homes and may instead reside in more significant dwellings with other people who share their circumstances. Nursing homes, orphanages, convents, and childcare facilities are just a few.

Similarly, those whose incomes are insufficient to buy a home for themselves and their family choose to live in the wooden huts that, when gathered together, create slums.

On the other hand, some individuals decide to live in unclean locations, such as the streets. Their narratives have also been highlighted in the media, appearing in films like Parasite (a 2019 South Korean black comedy thriller film) that explore the gap between the rich and the poor or how eager these people are for even the most necessities, like a place to call home.

But because of media attention and activities to help the homeless, the number of such individuals and families for help is increasing.


Between the rich, the poor, and our society, owning a home is a blessing. We will always help those homeless and in need, and offering them something to eat or even drinking water is one of the simplest things we can do to help if you can assist them to live in better conditions.

A home is where a person feels comfortable and can spend time with the people they genuinely enjoy.

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