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My School Essay

Going to school is very important for every individual. It is an important place for education. However, choosing the right school is very important as every school has a different system of education and extra activities. I am fortunate enough to have chosen the right school. I love my school so much and every day look forward to attending it. Let me give brief details about my school.

My School Essay


There are numerous classes at my school. Every classroom is unique and remarkable in some way. For instance, we have distinct classrooms for chemistry, physics, biology, history and geography, music, art, and more. In addition to all of this, we also have gyms and a cabinet for research.

My School Essay

The most spacious is the art classroom. It has huge windows to let in more natural light, is open and transparent, and has white walls. We are all seated close to one another on benches that have been placed in a circular pattern. Our classroom work is displayed on the walls. On Saturdays, an art session is held in which different gifts are distributed to children who win.

The music classroom is just next to the art class. There is no dock; instead, there are only chairs with writing surfaces. There are lines drawn on the board, which resembles our sheet music. We also have a grand piano in the classroom, where the teacher sits and plays while the students sing. Our teacher played different compositions using two speakers and a tape recorder. Great artists like Mozart, Beethoven, and Vivaldi are depicted in portraits that hang on the walls. Members of our school's choir rehearse with the teacher either before or after classes.

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology are my favourite subjects, and their classrooms in the school are also my favourite. Although a classroom, it resembles a little laboratory. Some people find it unpopular since they are serious biology, physics, and chemistry teachers, but I found it to be exceptionally intriguing due to what it contains. Small sculptures of dinosaurs and other creatures can be found within a glass cabinet on the left side of the room. Additional attachments include test tubes and vials filled with chemicals, miniature microscopes, and other items used by real chemists in labs. Magnets, pendulums, and balls are examples of physics equipment that can be found in seventh-grade history and geography classrooms.

The classroom of humanities students is also very intriguing. It has many historical and regional maps. There is a gigantic globe as well as a world map. Pictures of the most stunning areas of our nation and the entire world, as well as images of historical locations, museums, and monuments, are shown on the walls. In geography and history, there is always something new to see and learn.

Each class has its own room, but they are all fairly identical. Bright blue curtains that are white and nearly translucent are hanging on each wall. Huge green chalkboard with duster and neon lights, the teacher's chair, and the bench where students sit. Hindi, mathematics, and English are always included in our daily timetable , as well as occasionally other subjects.

Extra Curricular Activities

There is a big ground in my school. It is filled with grasses and some flowers on the edges. We have numerous sports in the school. I love to play badminton. It has a very nice badminton court. Additionally, there is a football, volleyball, and basketball court also. There is also a swimming pool in my school. It has a maximum depth of 6 feet and a minimum of 2 feet. There are trained swimmers who taught us swimming. We have our swimming classes every week. There is also a large canteen with serves various cuisines. The food there is good and hygienic. We have a few food stalls outside of our school which sell unhygienic food. I prefer not to eat from there.

My School Essay

There are many functions and competitions that are held in our school. For example, annual day, convocation day, farewell for seniors, football competition, volleyball competition, etc. There are also many extracurricular activities organised in our school. Our teachers encourage us to take part in activities, competitions, and functions.


There are many people who complain about their school, but I like my school so much. The faculty members are very nice and cooperative here. The principal is also very amazing. She not only encourages the students to study but also to do other activities and sports also. Therefore, my school is ideal for students who not only want to have a great career but also a great personality. There is also a personality development class held on every Friday for my batch of students. It is held on different days for different classes. It is compulsory for every student. The personality development sessions are very interesting.

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