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Naai Sekar Returns Review


In South Indian films, Vadivelu is a well-known actor, comedian, and playback singer. He is a Kollywood veteran with tremendous stardom, and is affectionately referred to by the public and the film industry as "Vaigai Puyal". The Imsai Arasan actor is back on the big screen after a break with the comedy 'Naai Sekar Returns'. Vaigai Puyal was re-introduced to Tamil cinema by Sooraj and Subhaskaran's Lyca Productions. Let's see if the new Shekhar Returns is a worthy picture for the comeback of the veteran.


Dog kidnapper Naai Sekar finds his long-lost beloved dog that was taken from him when he was a child. Will he be able to save his dog, his lucky charm? This is the narrative on which the whole movie proceeds.


The careers of comedians came to an end with the demise of the "comedy track", an unusual and bizarre scripting device that was used in Indian films. Established faces like Vadivelu and Santhanam, who are too "big" for supporting roles, are looking to become lead heroes as small-caps and are eventually disappearing from the industry. 'Naai Sekar Returns' is one of Vadivelu's many failed attempts in this regard.

Naai Sekar Returns Review

Nevertheless, the 'Naai Sekar Returns' is just a sketch testament to the fact that a comedy or a skit can never become a comedy film and that an actor as talented as Vadivelu can play a leading role in a film. The movie is actually a lazy comedic sketch that has been stretched to look like a movie, as opposed to expertly written topical satire. Vadivelu's comeback is full of imaginative and unconventional concepts.

The protagonist of the tale is the canine kidnapper Naai Sekar (Vadivelu). He gets into serious difficulties with Don Das (Anandaraj) because of his dog kidnapping stories. He finds out about his family's lucky pet dog, which was taken by Max (Rao Ramesh), while searching for a place to hide. Das and his men pursue him as he flees and embarks on a trip with his buddies to find his long-lost pet. Despite all the hurdles, did he manage to get his little friend back?

Only Vadivelu's persona goes throughout the picture. Vaigai Puyal manages to carry the movie on his shoulders despite the fact that his character wasn't particularly well-written or delivered the lines. He has also performed successfully as a playback vocalist. The writing for the other characters was subpar. Finding anything to complement the supporting cast is challenging.

Naai Sekar Returns Review

The popularity of Vadivelu's humor has long transcended generational boundaries. Despite the actor's long absence from acting, the younger generation preserved his memory through memes. It's admirable that the movie opens with a thank-you note to the meme makers. Also entertaining was the team's tribute to Vadivelu's iconic characters before his entrance sequence. But 'Naai Sekar Returns' is not the right movie to celebrate the legend's comeback.

'Naai Sekar Returns' is deficient in necessary components for a comedy movie?or any movie, for that matter. The writer's sluggish writing and direction are obvious, and all that is present is the overuse of the nostalgic aspect. The comedy in the first half of the movie comes from the classic jokes and historical allusions made by the characters. There were sincere comical moments in the second half. However, we must acknowledge that the film's screenplay continues to be dull.

Nevertheless, Vadivelu's charisma will, as usual, entertain his target audience to some amount in this family-friendly movie. Santhosh Narayanan's groovy soundtrack and upbeat songs support 'Naai Sekar Returns'. The editing by Selva RK and Vignesh Vasu was well done. In Vadivelu's hiding area, notable artwork was produced by Umesh J Kumar.


Santhosh Narayanan collaborated for the first time with Vadivelu and Sooraj to create the soundtrack for the movie. On November 14, 2022, the debut single "Appatha" was made available. On November 26, 2022, the second single "Panakkaran" was made available. On December 6, 2022, the third single, "Decent Aana Aalu," was made available.


Despite the mixed to negative reviews that the movie has received due to its lazy script and absence of comedy, it feels good to see such a legend back on the big screen so if someone is a fan of Vadivelu and wants to experience the actor show off his brilliant acting skills, this movie is not to miss.

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