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Naandhi Movie Review


'Naandhi' Satish Varma and newcomer Vijay Kanakamedala's 2021 Telugu-language legal drama film Naandhi was produced. In addition to Priyadarshi, Harish Uthaman, Vinay Varma, and Praveen serving as supporting cast members, the film stars Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Allari Naresh as its starring performers.

The soundtrack was composed by Sricharan Pakala, and Sid was in charge of the film's photography. The story revolves around Surya Prakash (Naresh), a prisoner awaiting trial for a murder charge he did not commit.

Naandhi Movie Review

Naandhi, which debuted on February 19, 2021, received overwhelmingly good reviews. The movie is a financial hit with box office receipts of nearly 9.5 crore. Ajay Devgn will lead in a Hindi adaptation that Dil Raju is producing. The Telugu category of the SIIMA 2022 Best Debutant Producer Award went to producer "Naandhi" Satish Varma for Naandhi. Producer "Naandhi" Satish Varma received the Sakshi Excellence Jury Special Recognition Award 2021 for the film Naandhi on October 21, 2022.


  • Allari Naresh as Bandi Surya Prakash
  • Varalaxmi Sarathkumar as Adv. Aadhya Mullapudi, Surya's defense lawyer
  • Praveen as Santosh, Surya's best friend and helper
  • Harish Uthaman as CI Kishore, a corrupt police officer
  • Vinay Varma as Naagender, a corrupt ex-home minister
  • Priyadarshi Pulikonda as Radha Prakash, Aadhya's aid
  • Srikanth Iyengar as Public Prosecutor Satyamurthy
  • Navami Gayak as Meenakshi, Surya's ex-fiancée
  • C. V. L. Narasimha Rao as Adv. Rajagopal, a social activist
  • Rajyalakshmi as, Rajagopal's wife
  • Ananda Chakrapani as Meenakshi's father
  • Devi Prasad as, Surya's father
  • Pramodini as, Surya's mother
  • Mani Chandana as, Meenakshi's mother
  • Krishneswara Rao as Chandraiah


A trustworthy software engineer, Surya Prakash, resides with his parents. His sole objective is to realize his parents' ambitions, which they gave up to provide for his upbringing. Surya soon proposes to Meenakshi. In the meantime, tensions in the state increased with the passing of Rajagopal, a trustworthy and upright lawyer.

There is intense pressure on the police to find and apprehend the perpetrator. Surya gets involved in the case after being wrongly accused of killing Rajagopal by the investigation's lead investigator, CI Kishore. He receives a contract for 10 lakh rupees, which Surya borrowed to purchase a house. Kishore fabricates and places false proof.

Naandhi Movie Review

Surya is shocked that after being threatened by Kishore, everyone who can attest to Surya's innocence becomes hostile. As a prisoner awaiting trial, Surya is tortured by Kishore to get him to confess, but Surya refuses. Surya is devastated when his parents burn themselves to death, committing suicide.

Kishore tells Surya at his parents' funeral home that he had them kill themselves as payment for not tormenting Surya in jail. Kishore gets charged with another crime after Surya beats him out of rage. Meenakshi breaks off her connection with Surya because she is helpless.

Despite being in court for four years, Surya is a damaged man. When they meet, he tells Radha Prakash, a contentious YouTuber, about his history. Later, Adv. Aadhya steps forward and successfully gets Surya released, but as part of Kishore's plot, Surya viciously beats up some criminals who are being held against their will.

Once again, Surya finds himself behind bars. The fact that Radha Prakash is Aadhya's brother is made clear, and he videotaped the scene when the thugs tortured Surya. When the video is posted online, a human rights officer encounters Surya while he is imprisoned. Aadhya represents Surya in his defense when his case is transferred to the Fast Track High Court at his request.

Naandhi Movie Review

Aadhya establishes Surya's innocence, and the charges are dropped against him. Surya plans to use IPC Section 211 to get revenge on Kishore. In the case, Satyamurthy is appointed as Kishore's defense attorney. Chandraiah, Kishore's assistant, is kidnapped by Surya after she provides evidence against him in Rajagopal's homicide case.

Chandraiah claims that Kishore paid two thugs to assassinate Rajagopal but, under pressure from the opposing party, changed his mind and chose to have them arrested instead. When the thugs discovered the truth and fled, Kishore drew Surya into the investigation by using coincidence as proof.

Naandhi Movie Review

When it is discovered that ex-Home Minister Naagender was the driving force behind Rajagopal's murder, Chandraiah agrees to come clean in court. Still, he is then abducted by Naagender's goons. The judge grants Aadhya's plea for extra time, which she makes. Kishore kills Chandraiah after fabricating a claim that he perished in the rioting.

It is revealed to Aadhya and Surya that Naagender gave Kishore the order to kill Rajagopal. The authorities exposed Naagender's land frauds before Rajagopal's passing five years ago. Naagender assassinated Rajagopal to deflect the media's attention because of his notoriety and respectability in the state.

<Naandhi Movie Review

Naagender was almost exposed by Aadhya and Surya, who also asked permission to record his phone calls to establish his guilt. Surya is taken hostage by Naagender the night before the court hearing, and Naagender then blackmails Aadhya into dropping the lawsuit. However, spurred on by Surya, Aadhya continues to pursue the case. Despite being hurt, Surya frees himself and vanquishes Naagender's goons.


In our nation, police violence is a topic that is seldom taken seriously, especially given how frequently Tollywood celebrates encounters and extrajudicial executions. Naandhi takes the other tack and illustrates what we lose when the government punishes innocent individuals. The film's actors and crew should be commended for tackling a topic not often tackled in the movie business.

Among Allari Naresh's flicks, Naandhi is unquestionably one of his best. Even though Naresh is the comedy king, everyone loves it when he tries new things. With his passionate outbursts, the renowned actor delivers one of the finest performances of his career. He had a challenging job to play, and it's ordinarily difficult to hold the emotions for so long, yet Naresh turned in an award-winning performance. You will undoubtedly be moved by all the moments in jail as he cries.

Naandhi Movie Review

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar has unexpectedly become a sensation in Tollywood and is excelling in each of her roles. Even with her straightforward entrance into Naandhi, she obtains excellent praise. Varalakshmi is sophisticated and emotes in Naandhi with powerful eyes and body language, unlike Jayamma in Krack, who is noisy. She has a strong on-screen presence as the lawyer and the picture benefits from her voice.

As Naresh's buddy, comedian Praveen excels and emotes beautifully in crucial scenes. Priyadarshi and Srikanth Iyengar, who played the lawyer, did well in their roles?furthermore, Harish Uttaman portrayed the lousy officer. One can readily relate to Naresh's suffering due to the film's powerful first-half emotional impact. The setting of the courtroom, the jail, and the narrative are all excellent at this point. Additionally outstanding is the BGM created by Sricharan Pakala.

After the intriguing first half, the pace of the second half slows down a little. The filmmaker takes the film in a completely different direction, emphasizing Section 211 of the Criminal Code. All of this gets off to a good start, but the narrative becomes tired and hurried toward the conclusion.

After the entrance of a lawyer like Srikanth Iyengar, one would anticipate a suspenseful courtroom drama. But since typical political heavyweights get involved and attempt to intimidate the hero, it does not happen. Such issues become prominent, and activities take on a chronic quality.

Because the jail and court scenes look fantastic, Naandhi features excellent camerawork. It's incredible how well the lighting conveys the mood. Both the conversation and the editing are good. As the movie is presented freshly, the production qualities are excellent.

Regarding the film's director, Vijay, he did a respectable job. He kept faithful to the emotions and did not add any commercial aspects to the movie. His narration is outstanding since he tackles the subject with aplomb and skillfully establishes the characters. The movie would have been successful if he had included more suspenseful courtroom sequences in the last act.

Final Verdict

Naandhi is a compelling courtroom drama with a dark tone and a solid plot. With his career-best performance, Allari Naresh astounds everyone and carries the entire movie. This movie boasts excellent performances and is a different viewing for everyone who likes serious dramas, except for a dull second half and a hurried-up conclusion.

Naandhi Movie Review

Playing the comedic figure has yet to be taken seriously has been Allari Naresh's career. However, he makes sure people sit up and pay notice in Naandhi. It is unquestionably one of his most outstanding performances and demonstrates what a talented actor he is despite being underappreciated and underutilized. Varalaxmi, Praveen, and Priyadarshi all ace their roles with ease.

The problem with Naandhi is that it gives the legislative, executive, judicial, and fourth estate a sharp smack in the face. The audience, though, who frequently cheers and whistles while extrajudicial penalties are administered on and off TV, is where the slaps fall hardest. Naandhi is, therefore, unquestionably worth watching.

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