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Naane Varuven Review

The mega-blockbusters "Thulluvadho Ilamai," "Kadhal Kondein," and "Pudupettai" by the Dhanush-Selvaraghavan-Yuvan trio revolutionized Tamil film. The team collaborated with Kalaipuli S Thanu after roughly 12 years to create the strange psychological thriller "Naane Varuven." Whether audiences outside the Selva world would enjoy the movie is still being determined.

Naane Varuven Review


A couple and their twin boys, Kathir and Prabhu, who attend school, reside in an unexplored North Indian forest at the beginning of the movie. The former is troublesome and is seen by everyone as an incarnation of evil, while the latter is a typical child. In the hopes that it will heal him, Kathir's father ties him up outside the cemetery gate after he injures a little girl by setting her on fire.

In the present, Prabhu (Dhanush), his wife Indhuja Ravichandran, and their adolescent daughter Sathya (Shelly Kishore) enjoy an upper-middle-class lifestyle. The little girl develops possession characteristics suddenly, and the additional investigation reveals that Prabhu's only way to heal her is to kill someone. "Naane Varuven" focuses on who the devoted father should kill and why to preserve his child.

Dhanush has demonstrated a new depth in acting by playing the hero and the villain with complexity.

If his moments as Prabhu when he adores his daughter are heartwarming, Kathir is the total change when he runs riot against his wife and kids. With only his dancing moves for "Veera Soora," the "Asuran" gathers and displays wickedness beyond forgiveness. Overall, Dhanush is the star of the entire movie. The spouses of Prabhu and Kathir, respectively, are represented by Indhuja Ravichandran and Ell Avram. Both need more scope to stand out, but they are adequate.


Naane Varuven Review

In line with their different roles, Ilayathilagam Prabhu and Yogi Babu converse on why they accompany the main character. As the teenage girl who plays Sathya, Shelly Kishore is captivating. Selva's brief cameo as the psychopath Soomarajan, who influences Kathir, is the most intriguing character in the movie. Casting the twins as the younger versions of Dhanush and Kathir's sons is a good choice.

The first half of "Naane Varuven" is average, but it keeps viewers interested by creating the conflict involving the hero and the evil when they are still young. The development of Sathya's possession, even seen in several contemporary Hollywood films, is fascinating in its Tamil translation. There are a few laughs when the spirit is expelled through rational means.

On the negative side, the screenplay must adequately explore the intriguing central concept. For instance, the ghost component could have been unnecessary if Selvaraghavan and the villainous Dhanush's friendship had been thoroughly developed. No other character, even Kathir, is given any screen time to engage the viewer outside Prabhu and Sathya.

Technical Aspect

Naane Varuven Review

The climax is artificial and has little emotional impact. It makes sense that Yuvan Shankar Raja saves his most excellent work for Selva and Dhanush because his background music is a delight to listen to.

By keeping us at a distance from Sathya and allowing us to get up close to Kathir, Omprakash's lenses highlight the unsettling quality of her prophecy. The runtime was effectively kept to just a little over two hours by Prasanna G.K. The movie was financed by Kalaipuli S Thanu, known for his high-quality production standards.

The story's author, Dhanush, tried to combine the horror and psychological thriller subgenres. When setting up the central conflict of the movie and bringing a novel perspective to the supernatural parts, Selvaraghavan's style is straightforward. But it must be seen whether his most recent effort will provide the same joy to others outside his fanbase.

It's a great movie. Cinema is Ithu romba nalla. Dhanush had excellent acting skills in both roles. Father-daughter scenes, the dramatic finale sequence, and others are all well done and meaningful. In it, a father tries to prevent his daughter from becoming possessed. The screenplay was superb. The acting was superb. All of the songs are fantastic.

Rating: 4.4 stars

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