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Nadi Dosh Movie Review


Yash Soni, Raunaq Kamdar, and Janki Bodiwala appear in Krishnadev Yagnik's Gujarati-language movie Naadi Dosh, released in 2022. Distributed by Panorama Studios, the film was made by Harshad Shah, Munna Shukul, and Nilay Chotai.

On May 17, 2022, the official movie trailer debuted on the YouTube channel, and Panorama Studios purchased the soundtrack.

Nadi Dosh Movie Review

According to the plot, the protagonist of this film falls in love with Kevin, a senior-level boy who works in her workplace. The movie's heroine professes her love for the hero, but the hero refuses to even look at her. Similarly, it takes a few days for the hero and heroine's romance to come to light that they are in love.

Colours Gujarati and the project had teamed together for marketing and promotion. The movie's score was composed by Kedar-Bhargav. Lavva Lavvi, performed by Jigardan Gadhavi and Vrattini Ghadge, and Chandaliyo, sung by Aishwarya Majumdar, were the first and second songs, respectively.

The movie was presented in theatres on June 17, 2022. It garnered a favorable response from viewers.

Cast and Crew


Krishnadev Yagnik

Storyline and Screenplay:

Krishnadev Yagnik


Nilay Chotai

Munna Shukul

Harshad Shah

Bhaumik Gondaliya

Edited By:

Nirav Panchal


Prashant Gohel

Haresh Bhanushali

Music By:


Production Companies:

Ananta Businesscorp

Shukul Studios

Big Box Series



Running Time:

131.08 minutes


Rs 5 crore


Yash Soni

Janki Bodiwala

Raunaq Kamdar

Prashant Barot

Dipika Raval

Ashish Kakkad

Ravi Gohil

Maitri Joshi

Ridham Rajyaguru

Karan Dave

Ratilal Parmar

Rahul Goswami

Kalpesh Shukal

Ronak Madgut

Chinmay Parmar

Ditya Mistri

Box Office Collection

Early in 2023, the Gujarati movie "Nadi Dosh" was released, and it immediately became a huge success at the box office because of its gripping plot and brilliant acting. The movie, which a well-known Gujarati director helmed, amassed an amazing 13 crores INR in revenue in only its first week of release.

The film's distinctive fusion of drama, romance, and social critique drew in audiences and struck a deep chord with devotees of Gujarati cinema. The popularity of "Nadi Dosh" cemented its place as a significant contribution to the burgeoning Gujarati cinema industry and established it as a financial success.

The Plot of the Movie

Riddhi and Kevin, two young lovers, deftly deal with the problem of "Naadi Dosh," a mismatch or "dosh" between two astrological charts of people that might lead to problems after marriage. In the movie's opening scene, we see that Riddhi (Janki Bodiwala), a lady, has affection for Kevin (Yash Soni), a male she works with. However, Kevin doesn't shoe much interest in Riddhi, but he finally begins to notice her after sometime, and they both soon begin dating.

After they meet each other's parents and decide to further in their relationship, a process known as naadi dosh, (Astro mis-match) comes up as a problem. The issue comes when the naadis of the bride and the husband match, which is seen as a sign of flaws and is said to cause issues.

The Plot of the Movie

Riddhi and Kevin, two young lovers, deftly deal with the problem of "Naadi Dosh," a mismatch or "dosh" between two astrological charts of people that might lead to problems after marriage. In the movie's opening scene, we see that Riddhi (Janki Bodiwala), a lady, has affection for Kevin (Yash Soni), a male she works with. However, Kevin doesn't shoe much interest in Riddhi, but he finally begins to notice her after sometime, and they both soon begin dating.

After they meet each other's parents and decide to further in their relationship, a process known as naadi dosh, (Astro mis-match) comes up as a problem. The issue comes when the naadis of the bride and the husband match, which is seen as a sign of flaws and is said to cause issues.

Nadi Dosh Movie Review

AsRiddhi and Kevin are forward-thinking people, they do not submit to the requirements of this orthodox faith. They embarked on a daring journey to defy the long-standing traditions that would shape their destiny.

Despite all that is in their way, they are using their brains and unwavering drive to unravel the mysteries of "Naadi Dosh" and find a solution to maintain their love.

As they continue their search, Riddhi and Kevin encounter resistance from their family, who are staunch in their allegiance to astrological beliefs. Unfazed, the couple turns to modern science for assistance to find facts that would refute the myths impeding their pleasure. With the aid of their small group of friends and their unwavering love for one another, Riddhi and Kevin challenge social norms and push the limits imposed by "Naadi Dosh."

Ultimately, their journeys turn into a startling illustration of the victory of individual liberty against mindless religion.




Based on Critics

The Gujarati film Naadi Dosh, directed by Krishnadev Yagnik and released in 2022, tries to show off its progressive credentials by questioning the role of birth charts and astrological predictions in arranged marriages. Still, it instead reinforces the taboo on premarital sex and appears to support the notion that a woman's virginity is linked to the family's honor.

Because no moment is overly drawn out in "Naadi Dosh," it is a simple yet engaging movie. Along with the production value being acceptable, the writing is good. Director Krishnadev Yagnik, who also oversaw Chhello Divas, has received praise for his outstanding job.

A young guy named Kevin, who was portrayed by Yash Soni, and a young woman named Riddhi, whom Janki Bodiwala portrayed, are both drawn to one another on a physical and emotional level. They share the same workplace. She follows him because she wants to talk to him but lacks the guts to do so. She enters the lift with him both before and after work. She puts on makeup to get his attention.

Nadi Dosh Movie Review

She hoped and prayed that he would invite her to lunch with him. When none of this occurs, Riddhi's brother Kunal whom Raunaq Kamdar portrayed, proposes that she puncture the tire on her bicycle to make Kevin feel bad and offers to drive her home. The performers have excellent comedy timing and emotional range, so everything is enjoyable.

A marriage proposal follows a few lifts and coffee dates during the relationship. We find out that Riddhi reports to Kevin's father, Kamlesh, whom Ashish Kakkad portrayed. Before Riddhi's father, Prashant, portrayed by Prashant Barot, contacts an astrologer to compare the astrological patterns of the bride and groom, everything is well when the families first meet.

A significant impediment derails the fast-paced love romance. The astrologer finds naadi dosh, which prevents Kevin from ever being able to have children. Prashant cancels the wedding because he does not want his daughter to be denied the opportunity to become a mother. Kevin finds it incomprehensible that his father-in-law Prashant would thwart the happily-ever-after he and Riddhi had imagined.

He believes that Riddhi's father should back off since nothing awful would happen. He views the birth chart error as only a technical issue that Jugaad can resolve. Kevin is unhappy because the birth chart calls his virility into doubt. Like many individuals in our culture, he thinks a man's sexual aptitude plays a significant role in defining who he is.

Therefore, his inability to have children would prove that he isn't a man enough. Kevin discusses his concerns about being a man in a talk with Kunal. Being so virile that he can impregnate even a stone, let alone a woman, he claims that the birth chart cannot be accurate. This is where there is an issue. To trick Prashant, Kevin fabricates a pregnancy report.

He utilizes the prohibition on premarital sex to convince Prashant that no one would marry Riddhi if her dignity is tarnished to persuade his father-in-law to approve the marriage. Additionally, Kevin would like his father-in-law to think that the pregnancy report proves his virility. The situation worsens because Kevin needs to ask Riddhi if she approves of his idea. Kevin believes that having Kunal's support is sufficient to move on.

When Riddhi's body is the focus of Kevin's planned jugaad, the movie avoids questions about her sexual and reproductive choices. To give the idea that he and Riddhi had sex before marriage, he holds her hostage for the entirety of the night before dropping her off at home in the morning. You are not alone if you find this to be unsettling. Riddhi and Kevin have just brought up the idea of having kids.

Kevin doesn't consider how upset Riddhi would be if she learned about his conversation with her father. When she learns, she is horrified by both Kevin and Prashant. She questions how her father could have relied on a stranger's word and skipped asking Riddi. Her voice is muffled once again. Since Kevin is her spouse, Prashant believes Riddhi had to apologize to him for her outburst.

He was doing foolishly. It is not a major issue. Going against her father's wishes is not an option for Riddhi since she respects him. Although Kevin and Riddhi find happiness, the movie never raises the issue of premarital sex's taboo and the obligations it sets on women. Nobody cares if Kevin is a virgin since. Boys will be boys. Our culture is rife with hypocrisy.

"Naadi Dosh" has a decent music selection, which includes the songs "Chandaliyo Ugyo Re" and "Lavva Lavvi." The major performers, Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala, perform excellently. They seem to be the "ideal pair" and have wonderful chemistry. Overall, "Naadi Dosh" is a fun movie with funny, touching, and romantic moments. Watching it with your family is worthwhile.

Based on Viewers

The movie in Gujarati Nadi Dosh received positive and negative feedback from the audience. Some spectators applauded the performers and director and said they liked the movie's plot.

Others claimed that the film lacked coherent ideas. However, several viewers thought the plot could have been better, despite how skillfully the performers performed their roles.

One of the moviegoers who praised Naadi Dosh said it seemed like a more than ideal blending of drama and romance, a wonderful inculcation of vivid emotions, from the first moment to give you chuckles to the last ones of warm, joyful tears!

The remark continued, "Everything from the photography, soundtrack, and directing to the actors' choices, characters' speech, and narrative helps to make this movie a categorical must-watch!"

Nadi Dosh Movie Review

Another compliment to Nadi Dosh said, "Movie has good laughter points, especially from brother-sister duo Janki's acting in the movie needs appreciation." The viewer praised Raunak Kamdar, saying, "What should i tell you about Raunak Kamdar's acting? He flat-batted the main character by acting as a supporting actor." He aspires Raunak to be the main character in the future.

A father, daughter, brother, and sister were part of the film's wonderful Gujarati family connection.

Yash Soni has to put more effort into his actions because it wasn't up to par. Given how many comedic moments and little emotional ties in families he has directed, the director is undoubtedly maturing, the user commented further.

One of the spectators said the film's screenplay, directing, soundtrack, and characters were all amazing. Each performer fervently defended their unique position.

A delight to watch such a fantastic movie. Another person said the film is a feel-good romance without excessive drama. The soundtrack and songs, on the other hand, are quite enjoyable. Each performer did a great job with their specific role. After watching this film, it will be indelible in your memory for at least a few days.

One of the other reviews for the film stated that Yash Soni and Janki Bodiwala had created a masterpiece with their superb acting. Additionally, Ronauq Kamdaar's persona depicts what a perfect brother ought to be like. Yes, some situations suit teens and older, but the conclusion is fantastic, and the plot stays on track.

Additionally, the movie's audience gave it some mediocre reviews. Starting the movie was nice, one of the viewers who gave it an average rating said. Every character does a great job of behaving naturally. In terms of appearance, Kunal is more attractive than Kevin. Sense of humor, spontaneous dialogue, and use of everyday language.

Although it's a decent film, the lesson it seeks to express might be presented more effectively. The movie loses its moral value since the director overly prolonged the romance sequences and overused harsh phrases and double meanings that are often avoided in family films or perhaps even utilized in nonfamily films. It wasn't necessary to depict the two primary protagonists smoking.

Without smoking, friends may bond even more effectively. Therefore it needs to be clarified what message the producer intends to convey by including smoking in this product. The movie's final lesson is to not believe in horoscopes, but you may still get the point over by upholding Gujarati moral standards. While the director and writer may employ this tactic to appeal to young people, filmmakers must create work that will appeal to this generation while discouraging some avoidable behaviors.

If the elements mentioned above were depicted far better or a few unnecessary scenes, lines, languages, etc., were removed, this film might become a blockbuster. That's why this film merely had a brief runtime. It's terrible to appeal to adolescents in that manner, but it will take little time. Full points for humor, movement, and pace, and the user commented.

Another typical response from a spectator was that the theme was fantastic and addressed a real problem with janmakshar that many people may encounter and how some superstitions might ruin the situation. It could have been done much more effectively. The subject persisted throughout the play with just about 10 minutes of rest, giving the impression that the acting and acting chemistry were about average.

Nadi Dosh Movie Review

Overall could be better; however, some sequences will make you blush and smile.
Speaking about the negative reactions the film received, some viewers were let down by the movie's provocative scenes and discourse. One user stated that not seeing the movie with family is imperative in this context. He continued by saying that someone from a Sanskari Gujarati household shouldn't watch this film since it contains too much nudity and sex.

There was another comment regarding the proactive scenes in the movie. The person stated that This Gujarati movie is rated third grade. Therefore, it is not appropriate for children under 18.

This is completely pointless and adult film. This sends the wrong messages to children about persuading their parents that they shouldn't deceive them if their father thinks something is wrong.

They ought to persuade by elaborating on our Vedic Sastra. Shows the individual who made the incorrect predictions that he is incorrect; more forecasts from the same person must be obtained to refute them. Father had no choice but to accept the cheating that had been done to him. There was too much sexual content; the film title should be "How to Do the Sex" or "How to Cheat Father."

Another film viewer observed, "They have worked very hard to present the narrative as authentic, yet it seems out of context." They overly pressurize Jyotish, then wish to send a message to ignore it, but utterly disregard the actress since she is a woman. Because illogical emotions and repetitious acting surround comedy, it sounds like a relationship between two male performers, the viewer added to his comment.

Another criticism stated that the story's plot could have been stronger, the acting could have been better, and there was no ideal timing. An unbalanced plot and poor dialogue delivery. The story is moving quite quickly. A commenter agreed that the film had a straightforward plot but felt it could have done without the double-meaning jokes, smokes, and other extraneous items.

If you don't believe in horoscopes and want to wed your spouse, there won't be any issues, but why are smoke, alcohol, and words with double meaning presented in a cool way to break the taboo? He questioned.

The conflicting reactions from spectators suggest that "Nadi Dosh" has both positive and negative aspects. Although the film's original idea and great performances are well received, the pacing problems, clumsy production, and variable technical elements keep it from winning general critical praise.


A Gujarati film called "Nadi Dosh" has drawn mixed reviews from audiences and reviewers. The movie has received positive and negative reviews for various areas of its content. Let's start with the positives. Audiences and reviewers have praised the movie for its original plot and attempt to address a societal issue. The film's theme is "Nadi Dosh," which refers to the astrological notion that some people are cursed because of their horoscopes.

The movie promotes rationalism and increases awareness of the pervasive superstitions in society. The cast's performances have also received praise from a wide audience. The actors were true to their parts and gave the characters dimension. The effect of the movie as a whole has been influenced by the superb ensemble cast's believable performances.

However, "Nadi Dosh" falls short in a few key areas. The film's tempo, according to critics, might have been improved. Some sequences drudge on too long, losing viewers' interest and energy. The experience may have been improved with more focused storytelling and better editing.

Additionally, how the film's message was conveyed has drawn criticism for, at times, being overbearing. Superstitions as a social problem are handled in a fairly didactic and unsubtle way. This strategy could have made it more difficult for the movie to engage a larger audience and led to a less potent storytelling experience.

The film's technical components have got conflicting reviews, in addition to the pace and execution. While the cinematography and images in certain parts were aesthetically stunning, there were other times when the production qualities could have been more consistent. Several spectators and critics believe that a more polished and well-coordinated aesthetic would have enhanced the movie.

Nadi Dosh Movie Review

The soundtrack and background score of "Nadi Dosh" were well-received and significantly increased the emotional impact of several passages. Some viewers thought the songs and music placement should have been better incorporated into the tale because they occasionally interfered with it.

Overall, "Nadi Dosh" delivers a distinctive premise with impressive performances, but due to its pacing flaws and heavy-handed execution, it cannot live up to its full promise.

The conflicting opinions of critics and spectators suggest that, despite the film's strengths, not everyone will find it worth watching. Despite its flaws, "Nadi Dosh" merits praise for trying to address a pressing societal issue. It prompts discussions on superstitions and the necessity of logical reasoning in society.

Even while it might not be a perfect cinematic experience, it nonetheless manages to make an impact on viewers who value thought-provoking narratives.

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