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Naming Thread and Current Thread

Naming Thread

The Thread class provides methods to change and get the name of a thread. By default, each thread has a name i.e. thread-0, thread-1 and so on. By we can change the name of the thread by using setName() method. The syntax of setName() and getName() methods are given below:

  1. public String getName(): is used to return the name of a thread.
  2. public void setName(String name): is used to change the name of a thread.

Example of naming a thread

Test it Now
Output:Name of t1:Thread-0
       Name of t2:Thread-1
       id of t1:8
       After changeling name of t1:Sonoo Jaiswal

Current Thread

The currentThread() method returns a reference of currently executing thread.

Example of currentThread() method

Test it Now
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