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Natchathiram Nagargiradhu Review

The most recent film by Pa Ranjith, "Natchathiram Nagargiradhu," is a gorgeous display of artistic talent that perfectly captures the essence of love. The three-hour musical epic explores significant social issues like caste, gender, sexual orientation, and religion while fusing insightful commentary with stunning filmmaking.

Strong political beliefs are something that Pa Ranjith is well known for, and he frequently incorporates them into his films, even those with well-known actors. In "Natchathiram Nagargirathu," he carries on this pattern and astonishes the audience by putting his distinctive spin on a love story and exceeding their expectations. This exemplifies his capacity to handle controversial political themes in romantic comedies alike.

In addition to Charles Vinoth and Sindhuja Viji, the film also stars Kalidas Jayaram as Iniyan, Dushara Vijayan as Rene, Kalaiyarasan as Arjun, Shabeer Kallarakkal as Sagas Ratchagan, and others in supporting roles.

Natchathiram Nagargiradhu Review

Natchathiram Nagargiradhu Review

In order to join a theatre group and receive training, Arjun, an aspiring film actor played by Kaliyarasan, travels to Puducherry. There, he meets a variety of people, such as Rene (Dushara), a self-sufficient woman, her ex-boyfriend Inian (Kalidas Jayaram), a gay couple, a lesbian couple, a transgender person in love with a heterosexual man, and a middle-aged man pining for the love of a much younger French woman. The play is about love and the politics surrounding it is the focus of the narrative, and it is directed by someone who is involved in an interfaith relationship. "Natchathiram Nagargirathu" discusses various forms of oppression, such as limitations on free speech, while emphasising how the play's rehearsals affect and change the main characters.

The main actress in the film, Dushara Vijayan, does a fantastic job playing Rene, who describes herself as a contemporary and occasionally unpredictable girl. She makes Rene come to life by skillfully delivering her haughty lines and projecting a confident demeanour, revealing both her strengths and weaknesses.

Kalaiyarasan, who is renowned for his superb acting abilities, dazzles once more as the flawed young man in the movie. He gives three standout performances, including a fight while intoxicated, the moment he proposes to Dushara, and a scene involving his mother. These scenes demonstrate his talent and give the film more substance.

Kalidas Jayaram deserves praise for his performance, despite the fact that he didn't play as many prominent roles as the other actors. He effortlessly portrays a regular guy who has his own reservations and uncertainties about love and his partner. The theater's director, Regin, keeps a low profile but does a good job performing his duties. Madras Hari makes a statement with her fashionable outfit, and the actress who plays Kalaiyarasan's mother completely dominates the scene. It is obvious that Shabheer Kallarakkal, also known as Dancing Rose, plays a threatening figure near the end. Overall, every member of the cast gives consistently excellent performances throughout the film.

The fact that "Natchathiram Nagargirathu" doesn't overly romanticise or dramatise the theme of love is among its most impressive features. The main couple, Rene and Dushara, experience a special and unusual kind of love, and same-gender relationships are portrayed in a straightforward and natural way. The impact of caste on a person's entire life is powerfully highlighted by Dushara's character in the movie.

In the film, Ilayaraja's songs are used for more than just aesthetic appeal; they also serve to convey significant ideas and feelings. The dialogue in the movie specifically mentions caste politics today. Real honour killing victims speaking about their personal experiences and the suffering they have endured is moving and gives the film more authenticity.

It might not be the best idea to appeal to a larger audience by using a theatre setting and professional actors. Although it can be argued that actors tend to exaggerate their body language and speech, some of the actors' behaviours may come across as artificial. The play's portrayal of honour killings lacks impact because it seems overly familiar and isn't particularly impactful. No love story leaves a lasting impression on the audience because the director, not the script, decides how well the characters get along.

Tenma's background music has a nostalgic vibe, and the way he presents his songs adds depth to the film. The audience was completely engrossed in the action thanks to the excellent camera work of director of photography Kishor Kumar. The director's vision is supported by all other filmmaking elements.

Usually, Pa Ranjith makes films that appeal to a wide audience, but for some reason, he has chosen to focus this film on an intellectual niche. This in no way lessens his ability to be a fearless director in "Natchathiram Nagargirathu." In the song's crescendo, one of the performers confronts and symbolically represents the oppressive force that limits free speech, which is one of his masterful moves. This instance demonstrates how important they are in today's society?more so than at any other time in history.

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