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National Integration Essay

National Integration refers to the connection and unity between individuals irrespective of caste, creed, religion, or gender. It's the feeling of brotherhood, unity and social cohesion within the society and communities of the country. National Integration is a way to keep the country united and strong from within, despite the diversity. Therefore, the significance of national integration can be best explained by the phrase 'Unity in Diversity. Such a country will always be on the path of development and prosperity.

National Integration Essay

What Is The Importance Of National Integration?

National integration plays a vital part in bringing the nation together as one. It is achieved by bringing together all sections of society. It offers equal opportunities for every citizen. It also provides the same platform for cultural, social and economic growth.

National integration helps unify minorities and also provides them with the freedom to live their lives in their manner without having to be influenced. Therefore, national integration is crucial to the growth of the nation. Since a country that has unification will always prosper and grow.

National Integration Essay

Aims Of National Integration

National integration is primarily aimed at creating more favourable conditions for people living in the nation. This allows them to develop their own capabilities in all aspects. It also helps to unite the multi-racial and multilingual population of India, having individuals with diverse cultural backgrounds. It also increases the bond of brotherhood between communities, societies, and people.

National integration is also helpful in maintaining an equilibrium in the nation and contributes to its overall development. It promotes the spirit of community and helps fight regionalism, casteism, and the linguism of today, for instance. National Integration increases the sense of fraternity and loyalty to the nation. It helps unite the citizens in the event of a crisis.

How To Promote National Integration?

National Integration Essay

Since national integration plays an important role in the growth of a nation, and it is essential to build a sense of national pride within the people who live there, it is important to focus on all segments of society. Making them financially dependent will encourage the integration of the nation.

This will aid in the promotion of the integrity of the Economy. This is among the main factors in the promotion of national integration. Respect for and tolerance of other religious or caste-based groups also helps to ensure the integrity of the country. Education, as well as cultural and social unity among the population, help to instil a sense of national unity.

Advantages of National Integration

National integration plays an extremely crucial role in the cultural, economic, and social aspects of a nation. It can benefit a nation in the following manners:

1. Promotes Social Harmony

National integration allows the citizens of a nation to be at peace. It is achieved through strengthening the social bonds between them. It promotes brotherhood, peace and understanding between them.

2. Unites the Nation

National integration is a way to bring together individuals of various races, creeds, or castes and helps to make the country into a single entity. It strengthens the nation and helps put forth a powerful front on the international stage.

3. Increases Economic Growth

It is well-known that a country which is free of internal problems and issues will always be prosperous and on the path toward growth. A united country will have fewer problems than those that are socially unstable.

4. Promotes Loyalty for the Nation

National integration fosters an individual's loyalty to the nation. It helps people unite and stand for the progress of the country without focusing on their concerns.

How Does National Integration Promote Stability and Growth In The Economy?

People of many faiths, cultures and communities form India's diverse population. Indians come from a broad array of religious and cultural backgrounds. Though there are many people from different backgrounds living in India, there exists certain unity binding them in peace and harmony. It is evident from India's huge national integration that each Indian citizen considers their country as their homeland. However, there are some who are still standing against the nation's integration. In recent times it has seen a downfall in the level of national integration.

Following Independence in 1947, Dr Jawaharlal Nehru-led government took various initiatives to increase the level of integration in the nation which had been formulated. The Indian constitution created the National Integration Council (NIC) in the year 1961. The Indian population consists of individuals who live together; however, they have different beliefs or opinions and practices that are not compatible with each other. In such circumstances, integration into a national society is not common, and the discord grows in a way that causes greater damage to the society as these issues are likely to cause harm to stability, peace and even the image of the nation. Individuals from different groups might be affronted and feel a lack of trust in these circumstances.

The disintegration of the nation can lead to division and a national crisis like the one that occurred during the time that India was split into Pakistan and India in 1947. We need to work as a unit to avoid another repeat of this tragedy and to ensure that the nation remains united. Disunity among people has always led to immense suffering and invasion by foreign powers. Mughal rule was a result of disharmony between various Rajput Kingdoms, while the Britishers took advantage of the tension between various sects of the society.

The after-effects of these attacks are still visible. In present-day India, as an independent nation, more unity among the citizens is needed to succeed as a nation. It is essential for the citizens to recognise how they are all part of one nation, which can never be separated for any reason and how they should always remain united in order to build a stronger and independent nation. Political integration is present in modern India. Emotional integration, on the contrary, could be enhanced. India must also work towards national unity and emotional harmony for further advancement and development feasible for the nation.

What Is The Role Of Education In National Integration?

Education is crucial because it influences our opinions and ideas. The good news is that India has had some excellent teachers prior to and following Independence. Teachers play an essential part in the development of the brains of young children that make up the future of any nation. In the course of history, many famous people like Rani Laxmi Bai and Lal Bahadur Shastri, along with their iconic words like 'Jai Jawaan Jai Kisaan', have entered the collective psyche.

The curriculum developed by NCERT, along with renowned academicians, also played a crucial role in the creation of the idea of India. Additionally, students often move to different parts of the state to continue their education in various colleges. This has enabled the students to think beyond the barriers of caste, creed and religion. Unfortunately, student enrolments in higher-education institutions are quite low, with only 12-13 per cent of our population being able to access higher education. While for the United States, it is around 87 per cent, in Europe, there is greater than 50, and in China, the figure is around 25.

Therefore, it is possible to expect that in the near future, due to the creation of private institutions and initiatives by the government which will allow higher education to be more accessible, the number of students enrolled in these institutions is likely to increase. People of various ethnic groups, as well as marginalised groups, such as women, minority tribes, and others, who have previously been marginalised, are now gradually integrating with the majority of the population, due in large part because of the inclusive educational system. "Right education available to everybody is arguably the primary solution for most of our maladies," stated Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Significance Of National Integration In The Modern Era

National Integration Essay

National integration plays an important role in the present. It has various challenges like regionalism, communalism and linguism etc. Global terrorism is one of the main challenges to national integration. A few individuals who have radical ideas influence the masses and brainwash them. They transform them into being an enemy of their homeland.

In the age of technological advancements where social media is easily accessible, it's very easy to fall for a false impression. National integration can help to avoid these kinds of situations. It makes people more intellectually mature and more tolerant.


National integration is a crucial factor in the progress of a nation. National integration is important for any country since it has been proven numerous times throughout the history of humanity that a nation whose population was divided tends to collapse. India was able to win against the Britishers only because the leaders of India were successful in uniting all the Indians. Mahatma Gandhi has rightly said- "Unity, to be real, must stand the severest strain without breaking."

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