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What is the Full Form of NCVT

NCVT: National Council for Vocational Training

NCVT stands for National Council for Vocational Training. It is the advisory body that was introduced by the government of India in 1956. The primary duties of NCVT typically include recognizing and regulating granting authorities, evaluating organizations & expertise of associated data providers, approving skills and experience, maintaining and supervising recognized enterprises and resolving grievances.

NCVT Full Form


This should increase the effectiveness and marketplace applicability of skill training programs, lend legitimacy to vocational education and training, and provide better capital enterprise and business engagement in the abilities area.

This is additionally supposed to make conducting business easier by supplying a consistent chain of trained labour for the exports of goods and manufacturing. Moreover, institutional change can boost the industry's legitimacy and stimulate more capital enterprises.

NCVT requires companies, in particular, to hire students with recognized skills. Therefore, it focuses on providing industrial work experience in enterprise to recent graduates and ITI clear students through pieces of training.


Previously, the majority of the nation's learning skills requirements had been fulfilled by programs provided by ITI and the Flexible Hireable Plan, which the National Council would govern for Vocational Training, founded in 1956.

Because this network was insufficient to fulfil the nation's expanding skill levels and the multi-skilled demands of a growing team, the administration launched various programs to ramp up trade skills activities.

Currently, 20 Provincial are undertaking skill enhancement initiatives, with the majority relying on private market education institutes.

A National Skill Development Authority (NSDA) was founded in 2013 to manage and synchronize the administration's and commercial firm's upskilling activities. The NSDA's principal responsibility consists of establishing and implementing the Creative Economy Educational Reforms in order to guarantee the excellence and regulations that match enterprise needs. Consequently, there was a perceived requirement for a further institutional supervisory agency to oversee all parts of long-term and short-term competence education.

Mostly with the proliferation of ability institutions throughout India, performance measurement has emerged as a continual concern in the vocational training industry.

Further, in the absence of proper federal control, opportunities have been provided to people having different educational criteria with a diversity of assessment as well as certification processes which are neither uniform, resulting in a serious impact on the skill development scheme. Besides, as a consequence, the employment prospects for the youth of our country differ.


The NCVT seems to have been a lengthy vocational educational supervisor and evaluation agency. In contrast, the NSDA had been a national planning organization of such technical training department, assisting it in developing learning and corporate engagement policies for a 'Make in India' scheme's goal. The Board would've been led by a committee chairperson and comprised of many administrative Members.

Because NCVT is intended to be formed through the merging of 2 different entities, it should use the additional capacity and capability to the greatest extent possible.

NCVT MIS (Management Information System)

NCVT built this managerial accounting tool to support learners, enabling ITI teenagers to obtain many types of vital data linked with ITI programs.


National Council for Vocational Training consists of many courses IN DIFFERENT FIELDS. For example, in the engineering sector, it offers courses such as ITI Electrician, Surveyor, Civil Draftsman, Motor Mechanic of Vehicle, or Automobile, Welder, Fitter, Turner, Diesel Mechanic, AC & Refrigerator Mechanic, Pump Operator, and Tool & Die Maker. These are some notable courses; however, there is still an extensive list of supported programs.

Non-engineering sectors where courses are offered by NCVT include dressmaking skills, food and beverages, insurance brokers, transcriptionists, footwear and apparel manufacturers, manual framebuffers and laboratory staff.

NCVT Approved Colleges

Colleges approved by NCVT are mainly ITIs. The list of NCVT-approved colleges includes the ITI institute in Agra, ITI institute in Aligarh, ITI institute in Allahabad, ITI institute in Ambedkar Nagar, ITI institute in Amethi, ITI institute in Amroha, ITI institute in Azamgarh, ITI institute in Andaman and Nicobar, ITI institute in Andhra Pradesh, ITI institute in Assam, ITI institute in Bihar, ITI institute in Chhattisgarh, ITI institute in Dadra and Nagar Haveli, ITI institute in Daman and Diu, ITI institute in Delhi, ITI institute in Goa, ITI institute in Gujrat, ITI institute in Haryana, ITI institute in Jharkhand, ITI institute in Karnataka, ITI institute in Madhya Pradesh, ITI institute in Maharashtra, ITI institute in Himachal Pradesh, ITI institute in Manipur, ITI institute in Rajasthan, ITI institute in Tripura, ITI institute in Bijnor, ITI institute in Etah, ITI institute in Etawah, ITI institute in Firozpur, ITI institute in Deoria, ITI institute in Chitrakoot and many more.

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