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What is the full form of NFC

NFC: Near Field Communication

NFC stands for Near Field Communication. It refers to short-range communication between compatible electronic devices where one of the devices acts as a transmitting device and another as a receiving device. These devices should be within 10 cm of range. The underlying layers of NFC technology include ISO, ETSI, and ECMA standards.

NFC Full Form

We can say that NFC is a short-range high-frequency wireless communication technology developed to exchange the data between devices. It is an upgrade of the existing proximity card standard. It allows you to share content between digital devices, pay bills wirelessly, or can even use a cell phone as an electronic travelling ticket for public transportations using contactless infrastructure.

NFC applications can be divided into the following four basic categories:

  • Touch and Go: In this method, the user needs to bring the device storing the ticket or access code close to the reader.
  • Touch and Confirm: It occurs in mobile payments, where the user has to confirm the payment by entering a password or just accepting the transaction.
  • Touch and Connect: In this application, two NFC enabled devices are linked to allow peer to peer data transfer, such as downloading music, sharing images, and more.
  • Touch and Explore: The NFC devices can perform more than one function. The user can explore a device's capabilities to find out the available services and functions.

How Does NFC work?

It is a standard for wireless data transistors that sends information over radio waves and is based on older RFID (Radio-frequency identification) ideas, which uses electromagnetic induction to transmit information. Its power consumption is less than Bluetooth, which makes it perfect for passive devices such as inductors, resistors, capacitors, etc., as it can induce electric currents in the inactive components and send data. It means the passive device does not need its power supply as it can be powered by the electromagnetic field of the active NFC component.

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