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What is the full form of NGL

NGL: Not Gonna Lie

NGL stands for NOT GONNA LIE. "NGL" (gonna refers to going to) is a common acronym used in everyday life of people, basically shorthand for not gonna lie is a common acronym used in all platforms of social media and in online chat to express honest way of thinking whether it would be unpopular, unexpected or unfavorable. It basically means they really mean what they said in an easy way of language. A good example to explain it would be as follow:

  1. I'm not gonna lie; she is an epitome of beauty.
  2. Slow down! You're really a terrible writer David; not gonna lie.
  3. Ngl, people in this city are too busy gearing up for their carrier.
  4. I don't really like rude people; I'm not gonna lie.
  5. I'm not gonna lie; those groups of boys are so annoying.
  6. Not gonna lie, but this dish tastes worst.

It's a word when prefixed to a declaration causes additional harm than good. But its main motive is, to tell the truth about something. Synonymous relatable to it are: to inform you the truth, legally, actually, as a situation of truth, truthfully. Sometimes it may sound rude or mean, or it may piss off someone the way it is stated or expressed to someone. Generally used before expressing something obvious or something that nobody would care to lie about.

For some people, it becomes a habit of speech that they say no matter what the nature of their news. It is basically used at the end or at the start of the sentence, and it originated sometime in the last 100 years. In other words, people generally speak, "not gonna lie," before or later opinions that aren't really huge, strong, or vulnerable. So we can say that NGL is a friendly word that doesn't obey any strange grammatical rules, so you can just bounce onto it with your actual-world experience.

These social media platforms have brought popularity to this acronym as people on Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Twitter, etc., prefer short forms to chat or have a conversation. Antonyms for it are tactful, tricky, devious, dishonest, secret, and untruthful. To be honest, the acronym ngl (not gonna lie) has its independent meaning, which directly means a person who is trying to communicate who doesn't wanna lie about the thing he/she is going to say, whether it be positively or negatively, to be easy to understand.

NGL Full Form

NOT GONNA LIE, Often Termed as NGL. Let's know more about the word, which is a pop star for the young generation. Basically, "NGL" come into the world in the urban dictionary online, In 2015. As per the report, there was no such explanation provided about how this acronym began. Talking about its popularity, it has risen due to an increased number of people that use social media such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

Let's experiment with this word in conversation to get to the root of it.

Conversation examples:

Here are some examples of these acronyms:

Example 1

SPEAKER 1: That crowded group of boys is so cringed, ngl

SPEAKER 2: Yes, you are right; look at the way they are speaking though!

SPEAKER 1: People sometimes don't have manners on how to behave also.

SPEAKER 2: Yes, let us leave rather than watch them.

Example 2

PERSON 1: NOT GONNA LIE; that person is charming and handsome, to be honest

PERSON 2: Umm, yes, he is, but you don't know about his character. PERSON 3: Imo, he must be sweet; you never know!

PERSON 1: Yes, tbh, everyone has his personal opinion about the person, whether they like them or not.

NGL Full Form

"NGL" can be used with "TBH" so that it turns out to be "NGLTBH." TBH is also a popular word like NGL, which means "TO BE HONEST." People sometimes find it essential first to speak I'm not going to lie and then follow that, to be honest

According to both words, TBH and NGL have the same meaning, just an, unlike format. There are some other slang words: Slang words might often use in relation to or in place of "NGL".

It is "STW," which defines "SWEAR TO GOD". Or "FR," which is "FOR REAL." It is also used as the word "FRFR" to denote that they are important about something. It means "FOR REAL, FOR REAL." Just a recurrence so that people imagine it makes them sound more real.

More slang words that are popular as NGL:









Every word is used in its way to add spices to the conversation and express it.

So, to use NGL, using your available knowledge is sufficient as there are no unusual grammatical rules to follow.

Several examples to use NGL (NOT GONNA LIE)

  1. Not gonna lie; I'm hungry.
  2. Not gonna lie; I forgot to bring my wallet.
  3. Not gonna lie; this is so tough.
  4. Not gonna lie; that lady is so kind.
  5. Not gonna lie; kids are so adorable.
  6. Not gonna lie; it was so yummy.

Further, NGL can be used to communicate feelings or to soften the effect of a statement. While NGL is commonly used informally, it can also be used in more formal settings.

Accordingly, NGL can't be used for written communication, or if it is used, it is usually in the form of an initialism. As per the report, social media or chatting language can't be used for professional work, so it's a way of communication to save time while typing or talking.

Every word is used in its right way to show how a person's vocabulary is. NGL can be seen as a way to add importance or feeling to a statement. It is also used to create a statement more palatable. There are many words which show the same effect as NGL. This word makes people's life easy and even complicated too. NGL was just one example of how language evolves to meet the needs of users. People use NGL in their way to make the conversation and grasp the idea of what the person is trying to speak. Not gonna lie; it became universal slang in the day-to-day life of people.

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