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What is the full form of NHPC

NHPC: National Hydroelectric Power Corporation

NHPC stands for National Hydroelectric Power Corporation. The Indian government's hydropower board, NHPC Limited (formerly known as the National Hydroelectric Power Corporation), is owned by the Ministry of Power. It was established in 1975 with 2,000,000,000 authorized capital to organize, plan, and promote comprehensive and effective hydroelectric power development.

NHPC Full Form


NHPC Ltd. has been classified as a Mini-Ratna Category-I Enterprise by the Indian government. Regarding hydropower development, the company is among the most prominent power corporation in the nation. The corporation is a hydroelectric power generation company dedicated to planning, constructing, and implementing an integrated and efficient hydroelectric network in India. They work on all stages of the development of hydropower projects, from idea to project commissioning.

NHPC Full Form

On April 2, 1986, they changed the corporation into a public limited company. Later, they broadened their plans to include power development in all conventional and unconventional aspects in India and beyond. During the 1992-1993 fiscal year, the business established a consultant wing to provide various specialized services in the study, planning, building, and operation of hydroelectric projects. They also inaugurated the Tanakpur power station in Uttarakhand, which has a capacity of 120 MW.

The business completed the Chamera I power station in Himachal Pradesh, which has 540 MW. Additionally, the industry received a contract to line the Jawahar Tunnel in Jammu and Kashmir during the year. In 1995-96, they signed an agreement to execute the Kurichhu hydropower project in Bhutan, with a capacity of 45 MW. In 1997-98, the company commissioned the Uri power station in Jammu and Kashmir with a total of 480 MW. In 1999-2000, they commissioned the Rangit power station in Sikkim with a capacity of 60 MW./p> NHPC Full Form

The 45 MW Kurichhu power station in Bhutan was completed by the company during the 2000-2001 fiscal year. They also signed a deal with the government of Jammu and Kashmir to harness the state's power potential. In 2003-2004, the company finished building Himachal Pradesh's Chamera-II power plant, which has 300 MW. NHDC, a joint venture firm, was established the following year. With the commissioning of the Dul Hasti Hydroelectric Project in Jammu and Kashmir in 2006-07, the business gained 390 MW of producing capacity. The company got into a deal with the Government of Bhutan to prepare the DPR for the 672 MW Mangdechhu project in Bhutan. The business commissioned a 510 MW Teesta-V power station in 2007-08. The company has an agreement with the Arunachal Pradesh government to carry out the Dibang multipurpose hydropower project. They also signed a deal with the Manipur government to harness hydroelectric power.

They renamed the business NHPC Ltd. on March 28, 2008, from National Hydro Electric Power Corporation Ltd. The Ministry of Power bestowed Mini-Ratna (Category I) status on the company on April 28, 2008. The company formed a joint venture with the Government of Jammu and Kashmir, JKSPDC, and PTC during the fiscal year 2008-09 to build the Pakal Dul and other hydro projects in the Chenab River Basin. Additionally, the business established National Power Exchange Ltd. with NTPC PFC and Tata Consultancy Services Ltd. The corporation established a collaborative venture firm called National High Power Test Laboratory Pvt Ltd in 2009-2010. The largest hydropower development company in India, NHPC Limited, is equipped to manage all facets of hydropower project development from conception to commissioning. NHPC Limited has also diversified into the wind and solar energy.

With 24 power plants, including two joint venture projects, NHPC Limited now has 7071.2 MW of installed capacity. Given the challenges encountered throughout project execution, such as unfavourable geological conditions, complex law and order issues, and inaccessible and isolated regions, the accomplishment thus far is noteworthy.

Two hydroelectric projects, the 2000 MW Subansiri Lower HEP in Arunachal Pradesh and the 800 MW Parbati-II HEP in Himachal Pradesh, are among the 11 projects totalling 7539 MW of installed capacity that NHPC is currently building, as well as two solar projects, one of 40 MW in Odisha and one of 1000 MW under the CPSUs plan, which is on an ownership basis. Furthermore, six hydro projects and one solar project are being carried out through Subsidiaries / JV Companies, namely the 500 MW Teesta-VI HE Project in Sikkim, the 1000 MW Pakal Dul HE Project in UT of J&K, the 624 MW Kiru HE Project in UT of J&K, the 850 MW Ratle HE Project in UT of J&K, the 120 MW Rangit-IV HE Project in Sikkim In addition, eight projects with a total capacity of 7652 MW are in the approval stage, including five by NHPC and 3 in joint endeavour mode. Furthermore, three hydro projects (1130 MW) and two pump storage projects are among the five projects totalling 2380 MW that are at the S&I area (1250 MW).

Public Limited Company

The National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange welcomed NHPC on September 1, 2009. States and the Indian government collectively hold 74.51% of the company as promoters, with the remaining 25.49% owned by the general public.There are 191,337 total shareholders and $12,300,742,773 in share capital.

Market Value

With a current authorised share capital of $150 billion and an investment base of over $552 billion, NHPC is a Schedule "A" Enterprise of the Government of India. In 2015-16, NHPC earned a profit after taxes of 24.40 billion, a 15% increase over the 21.24 billion it earned the year before. According to investment, NHPC is one of India's top 10 corporations.

NHPC Full Form

Upon its incorporation, the NHPC first took over the Central Hydroelectric Projects, Control Board's management of the Salal Stage-I, Bairasiul, and Loktak hydroelectric projects. Since then, it has completed 22 hydro projects with a total installed capacity of 6717 MW, including joint venture projects. In addition, they completed a 50 MW wind project in October 2016. NHPC has also completed five turn key projects with a total installed capacity of 89.35 MW. Two of these projects, with capacities of 14.1 and 60 MW, have already been completed in neighbouring Nepal and Bhutan.

Scheduling and Dispatch

All of the National Hydro Power Corporation's producing stations are scheduled and dispatched by the corresponding Regional Load Dispatch Centres, which serve as the primary organisation responsible for ensuring the seamless operation of the power system grid in each region. POSOCO, responsible for these load shedding centres, won the 2015 Dun & Bradstreet-Everest Infra Awards for Power Generation (Renewable Energy) in recognition of its accomplishments in that industry.

Awards and Recognition

  • POSOCO, responsible for these load shedding centres, won the 2015 Dun & Bradstreet-Everest Infra Awards for Power Generation (Renewable Energy) in recognition of its accomplishments in that industry.
  • At a ceremony conducted on June 3, 2015, in Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi, Unit 3 (15 MW) of the Nimoo Bazgo Hydroelectric Project in Jammu and Kashmir received the "Gold Shield" for the years 2013-2014 in the category of "Early Completion of Hydro Power Projects."
  • On August 21, 2014, in New Delhi, the India Today Group PSU Awards presented the "Most Valuable PSU under Mini Ratna Category."
  • The 2015 CBIP Award for "Best Performing Utility in Hydro Power Sector" was given on December 29 in New Delhi.
  • The "Award for Excellence in Cost Management" was presented in New Delhi on May 28, 2016. The Institute of Cost Accountants of India established the award to honour NHPC's achievements in implementing suitable cost management methods.
  • The Hydropower Forum of India presented the "Best Hydropower Enterprise Award" at the 2nd India Hydro Awards 2016 on June 10 in New Delhi, under the sponsorship of the Enertia Foundation and the Renewable Energy Promotion Association.
  • "Best Mini Ratna" at the 2016 Dun & Bradstreet PSU Awards
  • Awarded Second Prize by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India for the 2015-16 academic year under the "Rajbhasha Kirti Puruskar" programme for excellent work in the Rajbhasha implementation among the Public Sector Undertakings situated in Region "A".
  • On February 19, 2020, the CBIP Awards 2020 were given to NHPC for "Outstanding performing utility in the hydropower industry."

Ongoing Projects

NHPC is currently building three projects with a combined capacity of 3130 MW. During the 12th Plan era, NHPC intended to add 1702 MW, of which they had already made 1372 MW. Five projects totaling 4995 MW seek permits and government approval before going into operation, and three projects totaling 1130 MW are given detailed project reports. Additionally, J&K's Pvt. Ltd. is developing three 1230 MW projects there.

The NHPC launched a 50 MW wind energy plant in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, in late 2016.The NHPC has expanded since its founding in 1975 to rank among the nation's most prominent organizations for hydropower development. With its current capabilities, NHPC can handle all project-related tasks for hydroelectric projects, from conceptualization through commissioning. Furthermore, five projects totalling 2380 MW are in the S&I stage, including 3 Hydro Projects (1130 MW) and 2 Pumped Storage Projects (1250 MW).

Chairman & Managing Director

The Chairman and Managing Director of NHPC Ltd. is Shri Abhay Kumar Singh. Additionally, he serves as the chairman of the boards of directors for Loktak Downstream Hydroelectric Corporation Limited and NHDC Limited.

Shri Abhay Kumar Singh, a 1983 graduate of Regional Engineering College in Durgapur (now NIT) who majored in civil engineering, has 36 years of in-depth expertise in the hydro sector. In 1985, Shri Singh. Shri Singh steadily advanced through the ranks due to his drive for success and talent. During this time, he was involved in many high-profile projects that emphasised NHPC's position as the nation's top hydropower developer.


NHPC widened the scope of its goals to embrace alternative energy sources like solar, geothermal, tidal, wind, etc.

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