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What is the full form of NIC?

NIC: National Informatics Centre

NIC stands for National Informatics Centre. It is a reputed scientific & technical govt. institution. It was established in 1976 to create the infrastructure to support the delivery of govt. IT services and the initiatives of Digital India. It works under the aegis of the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology in the Indian government. The director-general of NIC as of Nov. 2020 is Neeta Verma.

NIC Full Form

It has been successfully providing e-Governance support to the govt. of India for the last four decades and supporting the digital India movement. It has played a great role in promoting digital opportunities for sustainable development.

Major functions:

  • It has led 'Informatics-Led-Development' by using ICT applications in social and public administration.
  • It facilitates electronic delivery of services from government to government, from the government to business, employees, citizens, etc.
  • It is linked through its ICT network with Ministries and Departments of the Central Government, State Governments, and Union Territories and over 700 district administrations of India.
  • It offers various digital solutions to support the government in making last-mile delivery of government services to the people a reality.

The major activities of NIC are as follows:

  • To create ICT infrastructure
  • To implement e-Governance Projects
  • To provide consultation to the Govt. Departments
  • Research & Development and capacity building

NIC services are listed below:

  • Government Local Area Networks (LANs) that connects government
  • Video Conferencing that saves time, money and increases overall coordination
  • National Knowledge Network (NKN) is a pan India network that connects knowledge institutions
  • GIS & Remote Sensing allows location-based electronic delivery of services for planning & Governance
  • Webcast services to organize national, international and local events
  • Domain registration that gives digital identity to the government
  • National Cloud to accelerate delivery of e-services by optimizing the use of infrastructure
  • Command and Control Centre for all nation-wide critical govt. services
  • NICNET to offer Pan India communication network for government
  • Data Centre that contains the data of all e-Governance Infrastructure
  • NIC-CERT division to ensure safer and secure cyberspace for its users

A large number of govt. initiatives such as Swachh Bharat Mission, e-Hospital, e-Courts, e-Transport, e-Counselling, Jeevan Pramaan (Digital Life Certificate), National Scholarships Portal, NREGASoft, etc., are managed by using the digital platforms developed by NIC.

Furthermore, NIC makes use of emerging technologies. It studies new technology and experiments and their use in their work. It has established Centres of Excellence for Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics.

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