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Nmap vs. Metasploit

The difference between Nmap and Metasploit are as follows:

Capability set

Both Nmap and Metasploit can be described as highly component pen-testing. A broad range of tasks is carried out by both of them. If we want to launch attacks against our target, Metasploit will be useful for us for mounting nefarious payloads. At the same time, Nmap will be useful in network discovery, inventory tools, and network mapping.

Easy to use

Both Nmap and Metasploit use the command line for their roots. If we want to describe the technical faint of the heart, they will not be useful. The rudimentary of Nmap is best, but it has various GUIs that are usable, while Metasploit offers Rapid7, which will provide an easy to use GUI for their vendors.

Community Support

A strong community support is provided by both the tools. In 2007, Radip7 was acquired the Metasploit, but it is continuously maintained by the public. User community provides the perpetual development for Nmap and its GUI application Zenmap.

Release Rate

The current version of Nmap while writing it is 7.30. If we want to see the release history of versions, we can go to the project's website. Currently, Metasploit has a stable release version, which is 4.12. Rapid7, which is the parent company of Metasploit, provides weekly notes.

Pricing and Support

The configuration error cannot be troubleshooted by the monitoring system. It will only be done by the configuration test script. Both Nmap and Metasploit are freely available on the internet and provide open source downloads. Using the link website, we can download the Nmap and Zenmap. Suppose we want to download other resources of Nmap like reference manual, install guide. In that case, we can use the link "Nmap Network Scanning - The Official Nmap Project Guide to Network Discovery and Security Scanning".

Using the link Rapid7 website, we can download the community editions and framework of Metasploit. For the corporate website, Metasploit freely provides a plethora of community support resources. If we want advanced corporate support and enterprise features, it will not be freely available because it is available at a cost.

API and Extensibility

In order to drive the Metasploit pro and Metasploit framework both, a programmatic execution and triggers are allowed by the Metasploit Remote API. The information about the target hosts, like results of version detection, port states, etc., is provided by the Nmap scripting Engine API. The codebase of Nmap and Metasploit are open source that's why they are fully extensible.

3rd Party Integrations

An array of plugins feature is provided by Metasploit, which allows it to integrate with popular solutions like OpenVAS, Nessus, and Nexpose. The parent company of Nmap use provides the Licensing of technology to generate revenue. That's why we can often see Nmap to integrate with other products.

Companies that use it

Individuals and organizations like IBM, Google use the Nmap across the world. Worldwide companies like BlackLine, Porter Airlines, TriNet, and Rodale are also used the Metasploit.

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