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Normal English vs Advanced English

If you speak advanced English, you can impress someone easily. Let's see the various advanced English sentences.


Meet vs catch up:

Normal: " Let's meet today. "
Advanced: " Let's catch up today. "

Hungry vs Starving:

Normal: " I'm very hungry. "
Advanced: " I'm starving. "

Very happy vs Over the Moon:

Normal: " I'm very happy. "
Advanced: " I'm over the moon. "

Very Busy vs Swamped:

Normal: " I'm very busy. "
Advanced: " I'm swamped. "

Angry vs Pissed off:

Normal: " Why are you so angry. "
Advanced: " Why are you so pissed off. "

Very Tired vs Exhausted:

Normal: " I'm very tired. "
Advanced: " I'm exhausted. "

Fell asleep vs Nodded off:

Normal: " Sorry, I fell asleep. "
Advanced: " Sorry, I nodded off. "

Very cold vs Freezing:

Normal: " It's very cold outside. "
Advanced: " It's freezing outside. "

Hurry up vs Chop-chop:

Normal: " Hurry up, we're getting late. "
Advanced: " Chop chop, we're getting late. "

Good luck vs Break a leg:

Normal: " Good luck bro. "
Advanced: " Break a leg bro. "

Wasting time vs Faffing around:

Normal: " Stop wasting time. "
Advanced: " Stop faffing around. "

Lucky vs Jammy:

Normal: " You are so lucky. "
Advanced: " You are so jammy. "

Secret vs Under wraps:

Normal: " Keep it a secret. "
Advanced: " Keep it under wraps. "

Very rarely vs Once in a blue moon:

Normal: " I visit my hometown very rarely. "
Advanced: " I visit my hometown once in a blue moon. "

Get married vs Tie a knot:

Normal: " I'm going to get married tomorrow. "
Advanced: " I'm going to tie a knot tomorrow. "

How are you vs How's it going:

Normal: " How are you? "
Advanced: " How's it going? "

Not Difficult vs Not a Rocket science:

Normal: " It's not so difficult. "
Advanced: " It's not a rocket science. "

Very tired vs Worn out:

Normal: " I'm very tired. "
Advanced: " I'm worn out. "

Come vs Drop in:

Normal: " Can I come tomorrow. "
Advanced: " Can I drop in tomorrow. "

Fit and healthy vs Fit as a fiddle:

Normal: " I'm fit and healthy. "
Advanced: " I'm fit as a fiddle. "

Busy vs Tied up:

Normal: " I'm bit busy. "
Advanced: " I'm bit tied up. "

Mad vs Out of mind:

Normal: " Are you mad? "
Advanced: " Are you out of mind? "

Time to study vs Time to hit the books:

Normal: " It's time to study. "
Advanced: " It's time to hit the books. "

like you vs so into you:

Normal: " I like you a lot. "
Advanced: " I'm so into you. "

Text me vs Hit me up:

Normal: " Text me when you get free. "
Advanced: " Hit me up when you get free. "

Very beautiful vs drop-dead gorgeous:

Normal: " Senorita! You are so beautiful. "
Advanced: " Senorita! You are drop-dead gorgeous. "

Leave me alone vs Give me a break:

Normal: " Leave me alone. "
Advanced: " Give me a break. "

Eat food vs Have a Meal:

Normal: " I'm eating food. "
Advanced: " I'm having a meal. "

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