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Difference between Northern Inuit and Husky

Northern Inuit and husky are two different breeds of dog that are closely related. People often confuse these dog breeds as they look alike. Let us study these breeds more closely to better understand how they differ from each other!

Northern Inuit:

Northern Inuit is a crossbred dog. This breed is developed by Inuit people of North America, Canada and Greenland by mating dogs and wolves in order to obtain a dog breed able to work for long hours, live as a family pet and resembling the wolf. It is characterized by erect ears, oval eyes, gently tapered muzzle, and slightly domed skull. Furthermore, this dog breed has a thick double coat and a straight, bushy tail.

The height of an average northern inuit ranges from 23 to 32 inches, weighs from 27 to 45kg and lifespan is around 12 to 14 years. Despite their wolf-like appearance, they are very friendly and are less likely to show aggression. They are very intelligent so they respond well to training and develop strong bonds with their owners when treated well.


Husky is a breed of dog that is first seen in Siberia in the 19th century. So, they are known as Siberian Huskies. It is also believed that the Chukchi people in northeastern Asia developed this breed for the first time. In 1930, this breed was registered in American Kennel Club.

They are commonly used as sled dogs as they can easily tolerate cold climatic conditions and can run longer with a minimal food intake. They are gentle, intelligent and friendly dogs so they can be trained easily and easily develop close relationships with humans.

The height of an average adult husky is around 20 to 24 inches, weighs around 16 to 27 kg and life span is around 11 to 13 years. It has a dense double coat, the chest and legs are generally white in colour. Its eyes are almond-shaped and the tail is bushy that becomes sickle-shaped when erect.

Based on the above information, some of the key differences between northern inuit and husky are as follows:

Northern Inuit Husky
It is believed that they first appeared in the Arctic regions. They are believed to have first appeared in Siberia.
They are comparatively larger than huskies. They are comparatively smaller than northern inuit.
An average adult northern inuit weighs around 27 to 45 kg. An average adult husky weighs around 16 to 27 kg.
Their height ranges from 23 to 32 inches. Their height ranges from 20 to 24 inches.
They can be used as sled dogs, hunters and family companions. They are mostly used as sled dogs and family companions.
Their eyes are dark and almond-shaped. They have blue, brown or particoloured oval-shaped eyes.
Their tail is straight and bushy. Their tail is bushy and sickle-shaped when erect.
They need a hard training. They are easy to train.
They closely resemble the wolves. They look less similar to wolves.
They are not registered with American Kennel Club. They are registered with American Kennel Club.
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